Lee Jong-seok accepts his mistaken identity in MBC

July six, 2022

Lee Jong-seok accepts his mistaken identity in MBC’s Large Mouth
by tccolb

A new teaser has dropped for MBC’s upcoming Large Mouth, featuring leads Lee Jong-seok (Romance Is a Bonus Book) and Yoon-ah (Hush), as nicely as some of the supporting cast.

Lee Jong-seok stars as the middling lawyer Park Chang-ho, who is nicknamed “Big Mouth” for usually speaking large but possessing poor outcomes. When he requires on a new murder case, although, Park gets embroiled in a conspiracy and he’s mistaken for the legendary con artist “Big Mouse.” In order to guard his household from the danger that transpires, he decides to take on the alias and impersonate “Big Mouse.”
Yoon-ah plays lawyer Park’s wife, Nurse Go Mi-ho. On the brink of wanting divorce soon after years of aggravation, the Large Mouse debacle virtually sends her more than the edge. While her trust in Park has been shaken, she eventually decides that she will be the a single to save their household and embarks on a mission of her personal in order to prove her husband’s innocence.

The new teaser starts with our lawyer’s back-lit hero shot, just before jumping to his bumbling day-to-day reality. While Park reassures his wife not to be concerned and that he’ll take care of every thing, he is quickly manhandled out of the courtroom by the angry crowd. The captions clarify that he is: “Big Mouth, the chatterbox lawyer with a ten% case good results price.”
We then reduce to lawyer Park’s imprisonment, exactly where he receives a extremely scary welcome. We see that he was in a automobile crash prior and a man asks, “Did anything go incorrect?” Park replies, “A stroke of definitely poor luck at the essential moment.” Back at the prison, mayhem unleashes in between the prisoners and guards, and we get a swift glimpse of Large Mouse’s fanboy Kwak Dong-yeon (Monstrous). The appearing text screens reveal our lawyer’s fateful choice: “A want to develop into the genuine point, in order to survive.”
In voiceover, we hear a man questioning who Park definitely is, regardless of whether he’s Large Mouse, and how far he’s prepared to go. But our lawyer does not back down: “If you touch me, everybody will die. Such as all your households.” With a swift cutaway to Yang Kyung-won (A single Ordinary Day), Park continues, “I’m going to kill that jerk.” Meanwhile, Nurse Go starts investigating on her personal and the teaser closes on Park’s vow, “I’m beginning the hunt. It’ll be accomplished my way, following Large Mouse guidelines. From now on, I’m the genuine Large Mouse.”
Written by Kim Ha-ram and co-directed by PD Oh Choong-hwan (Begin-Up, Hotel Del Luna) and PD Bae Hyun-jin, MBC’s Large Mouth premieres later this month on July 29.

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