News bites: July 5, 2022

July five, 2022July five, 2022

News bites: July five, 2022
by stroopwafel

Lee Je-hoon

A new film starring Lee Je-hoon (Move to Heaven) titled One more Record: Lee Je-hoon will premiere subsequent month on the streaming platform Seezn. Dubbed a “cinematic documentary,” it is a new, experimental genre that blends truth and fiction. So, not really a mockumentary but also not an actual documentary. The narrative will delve into the actor’s true life and the life he could have led if he hadn’t turn into an actor. With a concentrate on the road not traveled and dreams forgotten, the film is set to show facets of the actor that haven’t been shown on screen just before. Various of Lee’s actual good friends will also make appearances and although no one’s been named, I hope we see a couple of familiar faces. Perhaps a small Park Jung-min (Hellbound) and Sohn Seok-gu (My Liberation Notes)? The cinematic documentary will be directed by rookie Yoon Dan-bi (Moving On), who won the 2021 Baeksang for Finest New Director. [Asia Kyungje, Munhwa News]

The squad is back, and The Fantastic Detective is gearing up for its second season. The show is at present in post-production, and we’re acquiring a steady stream of promos lately, like stills from the initially script reading. The original lead duo Sohn Hyun-joo (Tracer) and Jang Seung-jo (Snowdrop) will as soon as once more face off against villains whose thirst for poor cannot be quenched. This year, we’re in for a new set of antagonists, with Kim Hyo-jin (Human Disqualification) and Jung Moon-sung (The Veil) placing on their Undesirable Guy hats. Fantastic Detective two will will premiere July 30 on JTBC. [XportsNews]
Director Bong Joon-ho is going international once more for his initially post-Parasite project. His subsequent film, Mickey7 is a venture into sci-fi and human clones. Substantially like his 2012 film Snowpiercer, the cast functions a host of Hollywood names. Tilda Swinton, a bona fide Bong Joon-ho normal, will costar with Robert Pattinson, and Mark Ruffalo, Toni Collette, and Naomi Ackie round out the cast. Although Mickey7 is an adaptation of a novel by the similar name, the film’s origin story really dates back to when the novel was nevertheless in the manuscript stage. Author Edward Ashton gifted Bong a copy of his manuscript and he enjoyed the story so a lot that he started organizing the film version. Filming will commence in London subsequent month and a tentative release date has been set for 2023. [Sports Chosun]

Jang Hyuk (Red Heart) is back on the major screen in The Killer: A Girl Who Deserves To Die (what a heavy title). The action-thriller follows a former contract killer who’s forced out of retirement when inadvertently tasked with defending a young girl. Jang Hyuk wore a lot of hats for this part in addition to taking on the lead part, he personally recruited Cha Tae-hyun (Police University) and Sohn Hyun-jo (Tracer) to make cameos. On prime of that, he also took on the part of fight choreographer and worked closely with the martial arts director to develop an action style that focused on extended, single-requires rather than rapidly, choppy cuts. Jang Hyuk is such perfection in sageuks, but I’d be lying if I mentioned I hadn’t missed seeing him in a contemporary part. I half want it was one thing a small much less violent, but beggars cannot be choosers and the trailer has piqued my interest. The Killer: A Girl Who Deserves To Die will premiere simultaneously in South Korea and the U.S. on July 13. [Newsen, Ilgan Sports]
Coupang’s Anna could have currently premiered, but there’s no rest for major lady Suzy (Commence-Up). She lately sat for an interview and discussed the challenges of her most current part and her ambitions as an actor. Anna revolves about a lady who modifications her complete life with a single lie. There’s a Talented Mr. Ripley-esque flavor to the drama and Suzy tacked the titular Anna, who begins life as an typical lady from humble beginnings. The prospect of playing a character with two pretty various facets to her didn’t faze Suzy — in truth, it was one particular that she was specifically eager to take on. “I chose this drama simply because I was eager to show a new side of myself. I believe the project will stay valuable to me as it permitted me to show a different side of my acting. When I get a different superior script that calls for a bold transform, I will continue to take that challenge on devoid of hesitation.” [Star News]


Seriously star-studded and seriously tense, Emergency Declaration has new character posters and a trailer out in advance of its August premiere. Song Kang-ho (Parasite, Broker), Lee Byung-heon (Our Blues), Jeon Do-yeon (Human Disqualification), Kim Nam-gil (By means of the Darkness), and Im Shi-wan (Tracer) come with each other in this thriller film. What begins out as a normal passenger flight rapidly devolves into chaos when a terrorist threat on the plane is reported out into the globe. With airports refusing the plane’s ideal to land, the film will stick to attempts each in the air and on the ground to stave off disaster. All indicators point to Im Shi-wan becoming the supply of the flight’s danger and chaos and I am right here for it. I like swoony Im Shi-wan (see: Run On) but dark, creepy Im Shi-wan can be magnetic (see: Hell Is Other Folks). If my nerves can manage it, I’ll be watching this anytime it becomes offered (no word on international screening rights ye, even so). [Hankook Kyungje, News1]

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