Doctor Lawyer: Episodes 9-10


Medical professional Lawyer: Episodes 9-ten

It is one particular step forward, one particular step back — our protagonists finds themselves thwarted but once again. Nevertheless, the cracks in the enemy’s armor are starting to show, and that may possibly just be the opening our heroes need to have to tear their meticulously-crafted charade apart.



When Yi-han operates on Hyuk-chul and Jung-hyun’s son, Seok-young manages to convince the judge into calling for an hour-extended recess. Due to Yi-han’s shaking hand, Yo-seob presents to take more than the surgery — but a flashback reveals that Chairman Gu in fact encouraged him to do the surgery, rather than avoid him from going.

Eun-shil presents to defend Hyuk-chul in Yi-han’s absence, and she hands a file to Hyuk-chul. Nevertheless, he turns her provide down — and ideal on cue, Yi-han rushes into the courtroom. Phew, he created it!

The trial proceeds as planned, and Seok-young calls in Chairman Gu as a witness. Predictably, Chairman Gu denies ordering Hyuk-chul to commit murder on his behalf. It is up to Hyuk-chul to fulfill his finish of the deal and reveal the truth, due to the fact Yi-han saved his son.

Hyuk-chul admits that yes, he was instigated to kill… by the devil. He functions himself up into a frenzy, yelling that the devil kept whispering into his ears, till the bailiffs finish up possessing to drag him out of the courtroom. Effectively, there goes his credibility.

Chairman Gu has his males transfer Hyuk-chul’s son away from Yi-han’s clinic, smugly declaring that it is not kidnapping — ah, Eun-shil’s file contained a consent type. She’d threatened Hyuk-chul, warning him that Banseok would rather kill off his son if he’s not in their hands.

In an work to win back Yi-han’s trust, Jung-hyun reveals a extended-kept secret — Yi-han’s father had been forced to take his personal life. Chairman Gu had deliberately assembled an inexperienced group for the surgery that Yi-han’s father helmed, therefore murdering his father-in-law in order to retain his personal position in Banseok.

Hyuk-chul confesses the similar to Seok-young, admitting that he framed Yi-han’s father for bribery beneath Chairman Gu’s orders. Coupled with the falsified surgery records that Chairman Gu had pressured Jung-hyun into forging, Yi-han’s father had noticed no other way out.

Due to the fact Yi-han’s program has been jeopardized, Jayden switches tack to concentrate on Yoo-na alternatively. Leveraging on Assemblyman Im’s falling approval ratings, Jayden presents his U.S. connections — wouldn’t a meeting among the two countries’ presidential candidates earn him the public’s favor?

That does the trick, and Assemblyman Im is won more than. Upon mastering that Hyun-sung was secretly organizing on possessing a ghost medical doctor operate on him alternatively, Assemblyman Im is a lot more than prepared to assistance Yi-han, as well.

Jayden introduces the two to every other, and Yi-han promises to operate on Assemblyman Im. Behind closed doors, even though, Yi-han and Seok-young inform Jayden about Seok-joo — his heart may well incredibly properly be beating inside Assemblyman Im.

Upon hearing the complete story, Jayden appears appropriately appalled. He promises that if Assemblyman Im certainly turns out to be an accomplice to murder, he’ll jump ship and side with Yi-han alternatively. (Irrespective of whether he’ll in fact comply with via is one more matter totally, of course…)

As usual, there are a lot more layers to Jayden’s program. The subsequent one particular includes Chairman Gu’s brothers-in-law, who are prospective chairman candidates (assuming Chairman Gu is effectively appointed as the Minister of Wellness and Welfare). Jayden effortlessly charms them more than with an high-priced present of uncommon whiskey, producing clear his intention to assistance them.

Yi-han and his group do some sleuthing, and they surface some thing suspicious about Assemblywoman Yoon. Her daughter YANG SUN-AE (Jung Bo-min) is privately warded in Banseokwon, but the guardian listed is a person referred to as DO JIN-WOO (Kim Dae-gun).

On a trip to investigate Sun-ae’s apartment, Yi-han ends up rescuing Jin-woo from Assemblywoman Yoon’s thugs. They return to Yi-han’s clinic, exactly where Jin-woo tells his story — Assemblywoman Yoon desires him silenced, due to the fact he knows her dirty secret. She’s been forcing Sun-ae to undergo cosmetic surgery ever due to the fact she was a youngster, merely to craft the facade of a great daughter.

That is why Sun-ae is presently in Banseokwon the aftereffects of her limb-lengthening surgery triggered her immense discomfort, necessitating a comply with-up operation. Factor is, Jin-woo hasn’t heard from her ever due to the fact she was hospitalized.

Assemblywoman Yoon is determined to safeguard her image at the expense of her daughter, and she agrees when Chairman Gu suggests injecting a drug into Sun-ae to preserve her in suspended animation and avoid her from regaining consciousness just but. Chairman Gu frames it as guiding a youngster away from a negative influence and onto the ideal path, which is definitely sickening to hear.

Fortunately, Seok-young arrives to nip their hypocrisy in the bud. Banseok has been sued by Sun-ae’s legal guardian, who is no longer Assemblywoman Yoon — it is now Jin-woo, backed up by a marriage certificate.

Yi-han shows up alongside Assemblyman Im, who calls Chairman Gu out for double-crossing him and aligning with Assemblywoman Yoon. Introducing himself as Jin-woo’s lawyer, Yi-han requests for Sun-ae to be transferred to his clinic, helpful straight away.

I do not know if it is just impatience rearing its head, but I’m beginning to get a tiny worn out by how predictable the plot developments are. It requires so extended for something to come about, as well! Possibly it is just since I get squeamish in the course of the operation scenes (I believed this show would have a lot more lawyering and significantly less doctoring, oops), but I really feel like the drama draws particular scenes out for far as well extended.

I’m assuming the production group intended to make up the tension, but it ironically has the opposite impact I’ve identified myself wanting to rapidly-forward, and that is in no way a great issue. I want the execution was greater, since I’m nonetheless rooting for our idealistic protagonists — it is just actually tough to get invested when the drama keeps meandering about and trudging along.

In any case, even though, I’m nonetheless curious as to who the recipient of Seok-joo’s heart was. The drama’s been dropping so quite a few red herrings that at this point, it feels like a game of Who’s The Husband: Heart Edition!

Correct now it appears like it is Assemblyman Im’s turn to be in the suspicion spotlight, but a compact component of me desires it to be Jayden just so I can watch the sheer chaos that is positive to unfold. (And of course, so we can get a lot more Jayden screen time — significantly less baddie politicking, a lot more chessmaster manipulating, please!)

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