Five drama recommendations… with unique professions


5 drama recommendations… with distinctive professions

Dramaland loves to use a character’s profession as a way to give heroes their mountains to climb and battles to win. Admittedly, dramas are not constantly inventive with their decision of workplaces and professions, although, and there are an inordinate quantity of dramas about lawyers, prosecutors, physicians, chefs, detectives, news anchors, executives, and athletes. But each and every now and then there comes a drama that throws a a lot more uncommon profession into the mix, and we can appreciate how the drama utilizes it to build a distinctive setting, layer, or backdrop to the story. Right here are some of our favorites.


Oh Hae-young Once more (2016)

This drama is not a favored of mine, but its greatest standout for me is the male lead’s profession. Eric played a film sound director and I spent many episodes wowed by how sound directors function. My favored scenes – aside from the explosive wall kiss, of course – had been these exactly where he went with his group to record sounds from a variety of locations and objects, and it was so fascinating to see how these sounds are blended with each other and inserted into the final item we watch on screen.

His job wasn’t actually integral to the plot, and could have been replaced with any other a single, but for after, it was actually good to see a character function in a niche profession in dramaland as these professions will need representation also! Sound plays such a very important part in films and on Television, and as a fan of superior sounds, it left me with a deeper sense of respect to the guys behind the scenes placing all these with each other to appeal to our auditory senses. –@unit


I’m Not a Robot (2017)

When Jia (Chae Soo-bin), the major lady of I’m Not a Robot, may possibly have a aspect-time gig pretending to be a robot — which is undeniably a distinctive profession — I’m a lot more interested in her accurate passion: inventing whimsical solutions created to spark joy. Like most compact-scale inventors who are not aspect of a group of scientists and engineers becoming bankrolled by a massive name corporation, Jia’s function is fairly unknown and below-appreciated by the masses. See, she does not build solutions with consumerism and profitability in thoughts. Rather, she thinks of the people who may a single day use her inventions, and she dreams up creations that will bring them happiness. Who wouldn’t be charmed by a set of heart-shaped lamps that are programmed to light up simultaneously anytime somebody touches a single of the lamps? Or a seemingly magical umbrella that goes from opaque to clear at the push of a button?

I admire Jia’s creativity, but even a lot more, I like the truth that — as far as drama heroines go — her artistry is expressed by way of a nontraditional medium that has a bonus practicality to it. –@daebakgrits


Run On (2020)

Run On is an underrated gem with some of the finest dialogue, a second female lead with a killer style sense, and a walking green flag of a male lead. But my spotlight right here is on the female lead, Mi-joo (played by Shin Se-kyung) who translates films into Korean. As somebody who relies on subtitles to watch non-English content material, I have the greatest appreciation for translators who place in all the work to pull out the nuances of foreign languages so they can be enjoyed by a neighborhood audience. And for us as international K-drama fans, we have to admit that these guys are the unsung heroes of our neighborhood.

In terms of how our heroine’s profession worked into the plot, Mi-joo’s expertise got her a translating gig with the male lead and that was pivotal to the start off of their appreciate story. But what I especially liked was her dedication to her job, and how satisfied she is to see her name in the finish credits of the films she translates. It is one thing I can relate to, simply because I also appear out for drama translators as the finish credits roll (and I actually like the fancy names of some of the subbing teams). Their names may possibly not be written in massive fonts like the “major” players, but there is practically nothing minor about the function that they do, and we thank them for their service! –@unit


Enterprise Proposal (2022)

Would Enterprise Proposal even be Enterprise Proposal with out the white kimchi ravioli, cabbage tossing, and endless toil in the test kitchen? I would argue that it would be a extremely distinct drama — immediately after all, it was their properly-tuned palates, likemindedness about meals, and deep function ethic, that made popular ground involving GoFood CEO Tae-mu (Ahn Hyo-seop) and recipe-creator Hari (Kim Se-jung). Properly, that and a case of mistaken identity, cosplay dress-up, undeniable attraction, and a complete lot of other hijinks.

Rom-coms with a workplace setting are popular in dramaland, but it is uncommon that they grow to be such an integral — and exciting — aspect of the drama’s plot. Enterprise Proposal was capable to take the yawn-aspect (properly, largely) out of the age-old archetype of the young and seemingly cold chaebol CEO/heir who’s in conflict with his chairman. And how did they do that? With a sheet mask-wearing and drama-watching chairman, and adequate of a behind-the-scenes appear at our characters’ function to make us care regardless of whether their most recent frozen meals venture was a good results. Enterprise Proposal became proof that high quality meals — just like a high quality drama — can get straight to our hearts. –@missvictrix


Kiss Sixth Sense (2022)

Workplace romances are a dime a dozen in dramaland, but most of the time our cubical-operating characters shuffle about papers and go over function applying vague company lingo, which gives extremely small insight to the actual ins-and-outs of their professions. Kiss Sixth Sense, on the other hand, is a single of the handful of dramas that really follows the characters’ most recent assignment from start off to finish, and when Ye-sool (Seo Ji-hye) and her promoting group are tasked with generating a tv industrial for a motor car corporation, I was as emotionally invested in the outcome of the project as I was the romance involving our major characters.

The visual nature of promoting — and all the behind-the-scenes preparing and storyboarding — naturally translates properly to tv, but the drama also does a superior job of integrating the ups and downs of generating an advertisement into the plot of the drama. So as the Zeu.Ad workers are attempting to impress their client and sell a vehicle, the drama itself is promoting the industrial — and the story behind it — to the audience. –@daebakgrits

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