News bites: July 4, 2022

July four, 2022July four, 2022

News bites: July four, 2022
by stroopwafel

Cha Eun-woo

An American debut for Cha Eun-woo (Correct Beauty) could be in the operates, with his agency confirming that he received an give to play an idol group member for the upcoming film K-pop: Lost in America. The plot follows a fictional Korean idol group on the cusp of their international debut, but disaster hits just days just before their debut efficiency in New York City — they finish up stranded in rural Texas and hijinks ensue as they hit the road in try to make it to the major city. Reports out of the U.S. have Korean-American actor Charles Melton attached to star, along with Rebel Wilson. This strikes me as an uncommon mixture, and the decision of director, Yoon Je-kyun (Haeundae, Ode to My Father), upped the strangeness aspect for me. It all sounds like pure fluff with a twist of Korean flavor, and I’m intrigued sufficient to want to see much more. The film’s release date hasn’t been set but, but production will commence this fall. [Herald Pop, Deadline]

Jeon Hye-jin, Sooyoung
Jeon Hye-jin (Uncle) and Sooyoung (Run On) are getting courted to play mother and daughter in a new drama known as Strangers. Adapted from a preferred webtoon by the very same name, the primary characters have a extremely atypical mom-daughter partnership and lead extremely separate lives in spite of living collectively. The character Jeon is taking into consideration was as soon as a teen mom and is now a flighty adult, whereas Sooyoung’s possible character has composure to spare and a cool temperament. I’m a fan of each of them and would really like to get them in the very same drama collectively, so here’s hoping they each say yes. [SpoTV News]
There’s a new maknae in SBS’s wide variety Master in the Home: Doyoung of NCT. In the previous year, there have been a handful of casting alterations, with Shin Sung-rok (Medical doctor Lawyer) and Cha Eun-woo (Correct Beauty) saying goodbye final June in order to concentrate on their acting careers. Yoo Soo-bin (Human Disqualification) joined the cast shortly following, but announced his departure in April to also concentrate on his acting profession. As he left, Eun Ji-won (New Globe) joined Lee Seung-gi (Mouse), comedian Yang Se-hyung, and retired MMA fighter Kim Dong-hyun as a fixed cast member. With Doyoung now rounding out the group, I’m excited to see how their chemistry develops as they get to know each and every other. [SBS, News1]

Moon Geun-young (Catch the Ghost) has been spending time behind the camera for a alter. This year, 3 of her quick films have been chosen for the Bucheon International Amazing Film Festival, a.k.a BIFAN (and yes, the “Fantastic” is element of the official name). BIFAN will take location this month, and a trailer has been released for all 3 films. Moon started perform on the films final year with the Bachi Inventive Collective and she stars in Abyss, which tells a story of despair, and the struggle to overcome and uncover hope. The second film, The Stage, depicts the inner life of an actor who desires to step out of the spotlight but struggles to give up the stage. The final film, Be In My Dream, explores themes of really like, loss, and longing. [Star News, Donga Ilbo]

Gu Kyo-hwan (Monstrous) is set to make a guest look on Extraordinary Lawyer Woo. Information on who he will playing will not be released just before the episode airs, but he’s such a sturdy character actor that he’s certain to make an impression. [Star Today]
It is a Gu Kyo-hwan two-fer nowadays! He is at present in talks to potentially star in The Gray (operating title). Directed by Yeon Sang-ho (Train to Busan, Hellbound), The Gray is a continuation of the story Yeon is at present operating on for his Netflix film, Jung_E. In the planet exactly where Jung_E requires location, it is the 22nd century and earth has been ravaged by climate alter and rendered largely unlivable. Not a great deal is know about The Gray but, but it is most likely to have a dark, post-apocalyptic mood. If Gu confirm, it will be the third time he and Yeon perform collectively (attempt Peninsula and Monstrous if you want to watch much more of either man’s oeuvre). [SpoTV News, Sports Kyunghyang]

Gu Kyo-hwan

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