Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 5-6


Alchemy of Souls: Episodes five-six

This week on Alchemy of Souls, our hero faces disillusionment and doubt — and his assassin mentor’s difficult-adore attitude could not be sufficient to pull him out of the doldrums. Nonetheless, as backstories collide and jealousies abound, it is not extended prior to they’re each thrown back into the action.



We start by revisiting the worst day of Mu-deok’s life. As a youngster, she hid while her village burned. Now, we find out why: her father, a constellation recorder of Songrim, seemingly went berserk, and was reduce down remorselessly by the 4 households. Why, remains to be noticed. One particular thing’s clear: the man who presented energy to the grieving toddler was our villain, Jin Mu.

In the present, our heroes arrive at Danhyanggok, only to come across that it is not pretty the desolate wasteland Mu-deok knows and mourns. There’s a wood cabin and a nicely-stocked campsite, permitting Wook to indulge in cottagecore fantasies, rhapsodizing more than the bath, the food… the truth that Mu-deok clearly brought him right here to reside a cozy domestic life with lots of kids. (Cue murderglare.)

Later, while they sleep — Wook chivalrously roughing it on the floor — they get a guest. It is the humbly-clad man from the final episode and Gwigu in its new doggy host, bent on dispatching the soul-shifter inside. Looming more than Mu-deok, the man summons a deadly spike of power. However, he alterations his tune upon finding out a wonderful soul inhabits this physique, noting that by all rights, she really should be petrified and operating rampant. A thing tends to make her unique.

No time to dwell: behind him stands Wook, sword aloft, defending his master! He’s absurdly outmatched the stranger leaves him battered and mud-streaked — just when the poor guy got the likelihood to bathe, as well.

Back at the cabin, our heroine dreams. In a magical haze, she comes face to face with the original Mu-deok. In the morning, she discovers Wook and the hitherto-belligerent stranger cheerfully sharing breakfast. Turns out she’s lost time: final evening, she interrupted their fight, but has no recollection of seeing either of them.

The stranger waves this off — as well blithely — and introduces himself as MASTER LEE (Im Chul-soo), a traveling herbalist. Master Lee lives up to his title: as he casually makes use of his vast powers to dry laundry, it is clear he commands all 3 magical arts.

Wook, abruptly conscious he could have been killed, sips his tea in mild horror — to Lee’s alarm. You’d have believed previous knowledge would have cured him of drinking suspicious concoctions, but alas, no: he’s accidentally downed a pot of libido-lowering potion. Honestly, that one’s on Wook. There’s objective to this: Lee’s instruction includes absolute chastity, and he’s prepared to teach Wook. Mu-deok’s glee falls on deaf ears Wook will do something for magical mastery, but he will not do that.

In Cheonbugwan, Jin checks the records for a unique star chart: a fake, replacing the 1 cast on Wook’s birthday, concealing how he was born below the King’s Star. He’s interrupted by Mu, who’s right here to gloat about Songrim taking duty for Wook’s duel. Nonetheless, Jin has the upper hand the infiltrator in Songrim worked as a constellation-recorder, and his mages wait outdoors to investigate.

This would be fine by Mu, if not for the mouldering corpse in Cheonbugwan’s secret space. An occupational hazard of employing soul-shifters. He smuggles it away in a carriage, but not without having pursuit from Yul and Dang-gu, who arrive just in time to learn an empty coffin and a piece of planted proof: Wook’s lost spirit plaque. Nothing at all for it the two ought to interrogate Wook in Danhyanggok — exactly where there’s problems in paradise.

Wook’s possessing a wonderful time fishing with his new buddy Master Lee. Mu-deok sees this for what it is: avoidance. Her answer leaves a small to be preferred, becoming as it is to go complete murder-mode and brandish a chopping knife in his face, calling him useless. Wook’s possessing none of it. He’s pleased with his life right here. If she’s not, she can leave. With a single, parting insult – coward – she requires him at his word and exits.

Meanwhile, the Jin family members strategy Wook’s housekeeper with an unexpected proposal of marriage to Cho-yeon. The Jins have a ridiculously strong plaque at their disposal, permitting them to countermand the King’s orders. Wook’s would-be in-laws could save him from the upcoming duel.

Mu-deok has other issues: spreading rumors of Wook’s mastery of Ryusu to psyche out Won. She quickly encounters problems, as Mu’s henchmen try to abduct her. It is only by throwing herself on the mercy of the passing Prince — who recognises her as “Filthy Mu-deok” — that she escapes. Later, as Mu-deok doles out insincere flattery, Won is amused. Charmed, even. Playfully, he plies her with cup right after cup of the cinnamon wine she clearly hates.

Outdoors, there’s considerable kerfuffle about a corpse. Wook and Master Lee, possessing returned in search of Mu-deok, witness the physique from Cheonbugwan washed ashore. Wook flees to keep away from the authorities, but Master Lee has other procedures: summoning a rainbow as distraction, he absconds with the physique. Like a cat dropping a dead bird on its owner’s doorstep, he greets his former student, Yeom, with a wheelbarrow complete of corpse.

Wook, meanwhile, bundles a drunk Mu-deok back to Danhyanggok. They arrive in time to greet Dang-gu and Yul — the latter of whom has vivid memories of frolicking there with Naksu. The distinction in between the ruthless assassin and the present disheveled Mu-deok couldn’t be higher, but as she drunkenly slumps into his arms, Yul cannot take his eyes off her.

The subsequent morning, Wook finds a sober Mu-deok staring up at a enormous tree. It is the tree in the story she told Wook — the 1 exactly where she’s a bird’s egg, protected by him. As Naksu, she could climb it. But, to stand at the leading with no foothold, 1 ought to master Chisu. Wook, nicely conscious of what he’s promising, says that while he’s an unmotivated pupil, he is at least prepared to take her to the leading of this tree. They trade appears. It is not considerably, but it is sufficient.

If Episode five stars Wook’s dwindling motivation, Episode six is all about relationships, and we start with insight into Yul and Mu-deok’s. As kids, Yul was smitten, whereas Naksu had a family members feud to contemplate, rejecting him utterly when she discovered he was a Seo. Now, they bicker more than breakfast, till Yul gives his — inept — aid with the cooking, resulting in a snappish lesson in vegetable-chopping from Mu-deok. The final results are surprisingly edible, and Dang-gu is fast to comment on how nicely they’re having on. Pretty much like teacher and student…

This ignites burning jealousy in Wook, who berates his master for cheating on him — by teaching yet another pupil, that is! His blustered declaration that Mu-deok ought to be with – that is, uh, teach – only him is met with squinty-eyed disdain, despite the fact that not outright rejection. Nonetheless, Wook’s patience is stretched to its limit when Yul, recalling Naksu’s fondness for the tallest tree in Danhyanggok, gives to aid Mu-deok climb it. That is their issue! Mu-deok wisely refuses Wook cannot handle his grin.

When Wook’s good friends leave, his instruction starts. Mu-deok prioritizes survival: the only spell that’ll aid him stand a likelihood against Won is Tansu: the capability to flick a water droplet with a blade as it explodes into power. Nonetheless, Mu-deok’s abrasive pedagogical procedures (she largely trains by way of insults) fail to inspire her insecurity-prone pupil. Plus, she’s distracted. She contemplates throwing Yul’s bird whistle into the fire. Does not.

As for Wook, he’s struggling to the point of exhaustion with his uncontrollable arm. There’s a nerve-wracking close to miss when he accidentally lashes out at Mu-deok, sword outstretched. Like Jin final time, she stands stock nevertheless in contrast to final time, he diverts the blow. But the work’s taking its toll. Wook’s arm is red and infected from forcing his power, and the rot could kill him.

Mu-deok tends to his injury, but Wook’s bitter — his master, he decides, does not care regardless of whether he lives or dies. (Then once again, would it genuinely be Alchemy of Souls if Mu-deok didn’t place our hero in mortal peril when per episode?) The tension that is been simmering boils more than. Turns out what’s genuinely bugging Wook is how he practically hurt Mu-deok in instruction.

Flustered, Mu-deok protests he wasn’t quickly sufficient to do harm. As rebuttal, Wook flicks her on the forehead. Her murderglare is back in complete force when she grabs him by the lapel, and the atmosphere is beautifully charged as Wook — clearly no longer impacted by the chastity tea — points out there are factors he could teach her, as well. His suave act falters when Mu-deok methods close, backing him into a chair. She leans in, suggestively… only to jab him in each eyes. This sort of issue is virtually their adore language.

Speaking of adore, Cho-yeon’s preparing for a wedding, and it is tough to say what delights her additional: marrying Wook, or ultimately having her mother to speak about some thing other than Cho-yeon’s missing sister. She’s permitted to take a yin-yang jade artifact from the seemingly limitless Jin family members horde and use it to forge rings. Nonetheless, as she carries it, a figurine magically moves, tripping her — and breaking the jade sphere. It is unclear what triggered this, but my money’s on the creepy mirror in the corner.

When the bridegroom hears the news of his personal engagement from Master Lee, he’s understandably bemused. Mu-deok is outright hostile. As they head to the city, she troubles an ultimatum: marry Cho-yeon, and she’s out. For now, she’ll wait for him at Chwiseonru.

There’s under no circumstances a dull moment for Mu-deok: no sooner than she arrives, she’s unwillingly escorted to the palace. To compound matters, she’s mistaken for a gisaeng, and trussed up in finery to the point of unrecognizability. Won’s cause for summoning her, nevertheless, is not frivolous: he wants her to persuade Wook, whom he has no intention of killing, to marry Cho-yeon and use the Jin family’s energy to contact off the duel. Mu-deok’s as well depressed by the prospect of Wook’s abandonment to engage in their usual repartee. Taking pity, Won gives her employment. Loyal to the final, Filthy Mu-deok refuses.

Wook is no significantly less loyal. Regardless of Do-joo’s insistence, he’s determined not to marry. Why? Effectively, you see, there’s this girl who’s like a bird’s egg in a tree… Do-joo’s skepticism is drowned out by my delighted squeal.

Stumbling outdoors in her ungainly dress, Mu-deok’s accosted by Cho-yeon, who’s located a handy target to blame for the broken jade. Getting heard rumors of Wook’s beloved maid, she’s bent on implicating her rival. Even though Mu-deok speedily susses out her ploy, she’s keen to keep away from a suspicious Kil-joo lurking in the street, and follows meekly.

The subsequent we hear of Mu-deok is a summons to Wook from the Jins. Apparently, his maid has escaped with the yin-yang jade. Of course, that is not pretty accurate. In Jinyowon, Mu-deok stands prior to the mirror, watching her personal face smirk back at her. Incurably curious, she methods forward to touch… only to disappear beneath its surface.

This ending screams “HEAVY PLOT AHEAD!” and I’m excited. Nonetheless, I adore that these episodes dwell on the deepening character bonds. Even though I’m firmly wedded to our OTP, Yul and Mu-deok’s connection sheds complicated light on Naksu’s backstory. Plus, I’m a sucker for her chemistry with Prince Won, whose expression of a man perpetually in the procedure of possessing his day ruined delights me. As for Cho-yeon, we’ve barely scratched the surface, but I adore her girly-girl pertness and endearingly selfish techniques. Quite considerably rooting for Dang-gu’s hopeless infatuation I’m hopelessly infatuated suitable along with him.

Of course, my very first adore remains Mu-deok, and her fantastic plethora of expressions: some murderous, some vulnerable, most downright hilarious. As for Wook, his reluctant-hero shtick is catnip to me – he’s hopelessly relatable, despite the fact that to catch all the nuances of his plunge into insecurity, these episodes advantage from a rewatch. Alchemy of Souls has 1 important difficulty, and it is not a terrible 1 to have: no matter how compelling its supporting cast, the ideal scenes will generally be exactly where our leads are collectively, performing the blisteringly hot issue exactly where they bicker and test 1 yet another. I’m searching forward to seeing exactly where we’re going, but most of all, I appear forward to Wook and Mu-deok’s reunion.

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