Yumi’s Cells two: Episodes 7-eight

As our story progresses and time passes, our heroine’s tough function ultimately pays off and she sets out on a new course in life. Dreams could come accurate, but it is not usually smooth sailing. In some cases there are earthquakes.


Oh no, not the passage of time in a drama — it is usually tough for me to float a story for a number of months and choose it up in the new present-day. Nonetheless, that is exactly where we land this week. Bobby has been promoted and is now a group leader at the Jeju branch of Daehan Noodles, and Yumi is nevertheless plugging away at her writing, failing contest just after contest.

Although they’re extended-distance now, our couple appears to be going sturdy, and their continual video chats and co-ramyeon-consuming are adorable. But Yumi’s self-assurance in her selection – and her writing — is beginning to plummet, and when her old boss at Daehan hints that there could be a spot for her at the firm once again, the chance lifts her appropriate out of her slump. The believed of a common paycheck and regular function life has her village exploding with won-shaped fireworks.

Poor Yumi goes by way of a bunch of ups and downs all in the space of the identical day — going to Jeju to stop by Bobby, finding told the job is no longer hers, finding greeted by Bobby’s eager smile, getting to inform him she didn’t win the contest, and then finding a surprise text message from an editor that would like to publish her novel! OMG! I was as excited as Yumi and Bobby had been in that moment, and we all take pleasure in this turning point in Yumi’s life as a metaphorical aurora borealis seems in her village, which is such a quite way of expressing modify. (But Show, why cannot you inform us far more about what she wrote in addition to the dang title? I need to have to know!)

But when each Yumi and Bobby are on cloud nine and enjoying their short Jeju stop by, there are some rumblings that happen by way of new characters, and these rumblings at some point lead to an earthquake. Yumi’s hunch cell — who lives far out of the village catching vibes — knows some thing is up.

Bobby has an obnoxiously-bubbly intern on his group, and YOO DA-EUN (Shin Ye-eun) has a balloon-popping giggle-infested village. Wow, I’ve by no means disliked Shin Ye-eun so substantially lol. I’m strangely protective of this Yumi-Bobby pairing, and the show did a fine job of displaying Da-eun’s girliness and twirliness and how, in contrast, Yumi feels like a true lady. No significantly less cute or sweet, but far far more grounded and likable (IMHO).

Yumi tries to be added good to Da-eun considering that she knows she’s getting a tiny ridiculous in getting jealous of her, but the drama goes so far as to show us Bobby by way of Da-eun’s eyes. And there we study that Yumi’s unexplained feeling of rivalry towards her is rather warranted. This tiny gizibe is head more than heels infatuated with Bobby, and we all know he’s intelligent adequate (and has adequate EQ) to know it.

When Yumi is attempting to negotiate her feelings and deal with Da-eun’s presence in Bobby’s function life, she has her personal pretty much-suitor. We dig into the previous, to Yumi’s college days, exactly where a wackadoo and awkward sunbae AHN DAE-YOUNG (an very hilarious Jeon Suk-ho cameo) was crushing madly on her and forcing himself to study Thomas Mann novels just for a explanation to speak to her. No little feat.

More than a decade later, he turns out to be the editor that desires to publish her novel — and he’s as shocked as any that his crush turned even far more crushable in the present. We linger on his weirdness for sooooo extended, and see his awkward interactions with Yumi, attempting to be a hardass editor, but inwardly squeeing like a schoolgirl.

Speaking of schoolgirls, we commit way far more time than we need to have to in Dae-young’s cell village but OMG it is totally insane and hilarious. In contrast to the cute cells we are made use of to seeing, Dae-young’s cells are like GI Joes in unitards that behave like fourteen-year-old girls. The drama level is off the charts, and the drama has as substantially enjoyable going all-out right here as I do watching it.

Yumi’s hunch cell is not confident exactly where its terrible feeling is coming from, though… is it Da-eun? Is it Dae-young? It causes Yumi to ask Bobby a pointed query: when did you start out liking me? Bobby’s enjoy cell consults his memories and is about to blurt out the truth when he’s stopped gangster-style and the memory is promptly erased by cells that know far better than to inform the truth. Later, he tells her he began liking her when was dancing in the break room… but we know far better. There’s a seed of some thing there that Bobby’s subconscious does not want Yumi to choose up on, and it does not bode properly.

On the other hand extended we linger with the ridiculousness of Dae-young, it is clear he’s not about to shake Yumi’s heart — she does not don’t forget him, he realizes it is ridiculous to confess his crush, and this complete tiny interlude just becomes a good cell village scene, satire, and funny wordplay. We have to hope he’s a far better editor than he is enjoy rival.

The only other contender for stirring up problems with our couple is Da-eun, but that also appears to be wrapped up rather nicely when Bobby announces that she got a job in Busan and is moving there forthwith. Buh-bye!

Except prior to she leaves, she confesses — in not-extremely-properly-masked-terms — that she has fallen for Bobby. Higher EQ Bobby picks up on it, and knows he demands to play dumb. Which he does rather properly. He watches her hop on the bus to go to the airport, but all is not properly. The tiny tremor in his cell village when she confessed to him has now grow to be a veritable earthquake.

Not only am I taking a giant fearful gulp that he’s going to cheat on Yumi — if only emotionally — but I’m also scratching my head more than what he sees in Da-eun. To top rated it all off, the two just had a lovely one particular-year anniversary, and mid-kiss Bobby place a couple ring on her finger. Not confident how he did that. Or how I can be swooning tough one particular second, and the subsequent left with one particular emotion and one particular emotion only: WTH Bobby!

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