Why Her?: Episodes 9-10


Why Her?: Episodes 9-ten

The romance is kicked up a notch as our major lawyer starts cohabitating with her man, but the relationships amongst our evil trio are far much less harmonious. With their faith in each and every other dwindling, tensions rise, and an unexpected incident may perhaps be the opening our heroes have to have to fight back and settle old scores.


Final week, I asked the drama gods to reduce back on the superfluous Group eight scenes and give us some significantly necessary answers to all the mini side-mysteries we have going on, and — surprisingly — the drama gods delivered! But along with the thrilling plot improvement, there was an uptick in the quantity of tropey romantic scenes involving Soo-jae and Chan, and we also had to commit — what felt like to me, at least — and unfortunate quantity of time watching Tae-kook sow seeds of discontent involving In-soo and the (unexpectedly flatulent) Sung-beom.

The decline in our Terrible Trio’s partnership has been hinted at for some time now, but we see the start off of the eventual fallout this week when Soo-jae is released from prison — in spite of the truth that In-soo ordered Tae-kook to remove her as a threat. Tae-kook responds to In-soo’s aggravation and suspicion by displaying In-soo some incriminating photographs he has of him, a not-so-subtle reminder of who truly has the upper hand.

Meanwhile, considering that becoming released from prison, Soo-jae has moved in with Chan mainly because she is not comfy living at her old firm-managed apartment. She owns a developing — the one particular exactly where her secret workplace was housed — that utilized to belong to her father ahead of he went bankrupt and lost it, but it will take some time to remodel the upper floors and convert it into an acceptable living space. Plus, you know, Chan’s location is practical to each the law firm and school…

Confident, certain, what ever assists you sleep at evening, Soo-jae. Oh wait! Staying more than at Chan’s location cures her insomnia, as well! I’m just going to chalk that final one particular up to the truth that she feels secure and safe living beneath the identical roof as 3 protective males.

Speaking of Soo-jae’s protectors, Yoon-sang quits his volunteer function with the law college clinic and moves back into his loved ones property, which is complete of its personal drama. Joo-wan is — to place it bluntly — an incompetent, philandering ass with a enormous chip on his shoulder, so it is no wonder that Tae-kook is rejoicing more than the return of his youngest son, who is infinitely far more competent — when he puts his thoughts to it — and has no skeletons in his closet.

And now that the prodigal son has returned to the fold, we’re seeing what seems to be the start off of Joo-wan’s downfall. His quickly-to-be-ex-wife kept a blackmail file on him, and as portion of the divorce negotiations, she gave it to Soo-jae. Joo-wan is also increasing increasingly frustrated that his father is excluding him from the darker side of Tae-kook’s small business (e.g. killing Suk-pal and acquiring Gi-tak to admit to it), and his lack of understanding is reflected in his “friendship” with In-soo and Sung-beom’s sons.

Even though Tae-kook seems to be the chairman and assemblyman’s yes-man, they also worry him and what he knows. Joo-wan, on the other hand, is just his father’s son. He’s not even the lawyer they get in touch with on to bail them out when they get involved in scandals. No, that is Soo-jae, as we’ll see later.

But very first, some romance. Since Soo-jae and Chan’s cohabitation is bound to bring them closer, suitable? Ideal?! Ehhh… On the surface, yes, our major couple is performing and saying all the suitable points in classic K-drama style. We even got to see Chan get jealous more than the charming — and far more age proper — Se-pil.

As significantly as I loved the truth that Chan had to go up to the roof and lift weights to hold himself from spying on his crush and her dinner companion, my amusement was overshadowed by my disappointment that Se-pil utilized to be engaged to Jin-ki’s daughter KANG EUN-SEO (Han Sun-hwa) — the mysterious lady he and Jin-ki have been going to at the nursing property. Offered how he talks about her, it is clear he nevertheless loves her, and my Soo-jae and Se-pil ship sank ahead of it even left the harbor.

Via a series of conversations and flashbacks, we’re in a position to piece with each other some of the events from ten years ago that led to Eun-seo’s existing situation. Somehow she was cornered in Sung-beom’s property, exactly where she was sexually assaulted. She managed to escape and flee to a nearby comfort retailer — wait a minute, is that the identical comfort retailer exactly where Chan’s step-sister worked?

Subsequent, we see a lady wearing an employee vest run out of the comfort retailer and get hit by a vehicle. But is that lady Eun-seo or Chan’s step-sister? Eun-seo’s existing brain injury — and final week’s flashback — indicates that she was involved in yet another accident following her sexual assault, but why would she be wearing the vest? As a disguise? To cover up her disheveled garments and indicators of her assault? Even though these concerns stay unanswered, we do understand far more about the fate of Chan’s step-sister…

But wait! There’s far more romance very first! See, right after Soo-jae’s really annoying mother gets arrested for drunk driving and Soo-jae has to bail her out, Chan unilaterally decides that she demands to destress and see the sunrise. So he drives the restaurant van — which is oh-so-conveniently constructed for glamping — to an intimate spot on the beach. It turns out, Soo-jae is immensely impressed with the van, and she accidentally admits that she likes it — I imply, Chan.

Chan is so excited he goes in for a swift kiss, but they place the kissing on pause to vaguely open up to one particular yet another. Without the need of going into specifics, they each admit that they are maintaining secrets that may perhaps make the other dislike them, but they each guarantee to disclose them with time.

Annnnnnd then they each proceed to lock lips for an excessively lengthy time.

Just after they return to the actual globe, Chan appears keen on opening up about his previous and actual identity sooner rather than later. He asks Soo-jae to meet him on the roof right after function, but Yoon-sang shows up, as well, with stalker photographs of the couple’s beach date in hand. He warns them that their cohabitation has place Chan on Tae-kook’s radar, but this bit of details — which he’d currently warned Soo-jae about earlier — is also a parting present of sorts.

He tells them that he will reside as his father’s son from now on. Chan seemingly requires the betrayal tougher than Soo-jae, and — I’m paraphrasing right here — he tells Yoon-sang that he will safeguard Soo-jae when Yoon-sang is off becoming an angsty, jealous daddy’s boy. Ugh, I do not like this modify in Yoon-sang’s character, and his sullen demeanor has me believing he’s provided up on becoming a double agent. Has he completely joined the Dark Side? Or is he going the additional mile to truly sell it?

The finish of Chan’s budding bromance is followed by an unexpected public reunion with his step-mother at the law college clinic. She and her good friends, who have been scammed by a cosmetics firm, take a look at the clinic for legal counsel, and his visually-impaired step-mom recognizes Chan by his voice. Properly, that is a mighty practical way to function about the complete drastically-diverse-face issue.

Even though Chan’s classmates chalk up her reaction to mistaken identity, Chan is shooketh. He retreats to a nearby bench, exactly where he’s far more concerned by his step-mom’s failing eyesight than her really public attack on him. Soo-jae spots him searching all sad and dejected, and when he sees her, Chan seems to be on the verge of providing her the Spark Notes version of who he is. Sadly, her telephone keeps interrupting his confession, and it is an challenge that she can not ignore.

We currently knew Sung-beom was a shady businessman, but he rushed the building on his most recent project even although there is clear proof that the ground was unstable. So no one particular is shocked when a enormous sink hole opens up and buries a number of workers. As emergency teams rush to rescue the missing workers, Soo-jae is asked to help with harm handle. But when it rains it pours.

Not only is one particular of the unrecovered workers the son of Soo-jae’s former classmate — who Soo-jae was reunited with in prison — but Sung-beom’s son is caught in a scandal. The idiot was driving beneath the influence and brought on a vehicle accident, and supposedly In-soo’s son was drinking with him prior to the incident.

Just after the collapse at the building website, In-soo tries to disassociate himself with Sung-beom, so the final issue he desires is his son caught up in a scandal with Sung-beom’s son. So Soo-jae is moved from functioning on the building disaster to the supposedly higher priority activity of cleaning up a chaebol mess. She’s nevertheless on website at the disaster, although, when her classmate’s son is recovered from the wreckage.

But he is not the only individual the rescue workers locate beneath the debris. They also recover human remains, and subsequent to the remains is a keychain that appears really equivalent to the one particular Chan’s step-sister gave him. Devastated at seeing photographs of his step-sister’s remains on-line, he rushes property and digs by way of the boxes in his rooftop area for his matching keychain.

Shortly thereafter, Soo-jae arrives property and searches for Chan so they can resume their conversation from earlier. She finds the door to his rooftop hidey-hole unlocked, and curiosity gets the ideal of her. She enters and discovers that the space has been trashed from Chan’s frantic search, and his conspiracy theory white board is suitable there, virtually begging her to take a gander. If seeing “the only individual who believed I was innocent” written subsequent to her personal image on Chan’s white board didn’t clue Soo-jae in as to Chan’s accurate identity, then locating Chan’s old driver’s license — the one particular with his old face and new name — certain did.

Ahhhh, it feels so fantastic now that the secret is out. I know this is most likely going to lead to some partnership drama and angst, but perhaps that is what the story — and this couple — demands suitable now. Even though it was good-ish that Soo-jae and Chan got far more screen time as a lovey-dovey couple, it didn’t do significantly to off-set the boringness of our Terrible Trio’s internal feuding. The only romantic scene that brought me accurate joy was when Chan acted all pouty and jealous of Se-pil, but even then I was far more invested in the scene-stealing Se-pil.

It was also good to understand far more about the events from ten years ago. We nevertheless do not know all the things, but I’m fine with that. I just necessary one thing — a tiny tidbit of details — as a reward for sticking with this story for so lengthy without having nary an explanation for my troubles. The final couple of weeks have felt stagnant, so I’m optimistic that this week’s details dump is a signal that the story is going to choose up speed once more.

We also tiptoed about the challenge of Jae-yi’s biological mother. Even although we nevertheless haven’t gotten confirmation, there have been just sufficient hints to make me consider my theory of her becoming Soo-jae’s daughter is right right after all. Plus, if Soo-jae is the mother of Tae-kook’s granddaughter, it would clarify why he’s so confident that he can marry Soo-jae off to his son. Basically, if he’s ever feeling backed into a corner, he can use Jae-yi as leverage. In exchange for Soo-jae’s compliance, he’ll almost certainly supply her the “opportunity” to be her biological daughter’s step-mom, as if he’s performing some sort of favor for her. Gross.

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