Film Review: Ritual (2000) by Hideaki Anno

Filmmaker Hideaki Anno is one particular of Japan&#8217s most imaginative and inventive filmmakers functioning nowadays. No matter whether it be his excellent anime show &#8220Neon Genesis Evangelion&#8221 or his outstanding film &#8220Shin Godzilla,&#8221 the auteur director has produced a reputation for himself with his fashionable filmmaking mixed with emotional storytelling and social commentary. Early on, Anno directed extremely grounded and haunting pieces of Japanese cinema but with touches of his usual insanity present all through his function. His initially reside-action function, &#8220Love &amp Pop,&#8221 tells a effective tale of the bond among a group of college girls and raises awareness of disturbing taboos inside Japanese society. Following this, Anno would really show his talents as a filmmaker in his intimate and attractive film &#8220Shiki-Jitsu.&#8221

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The title of the film translates to &#8220Ritual&#8221 or &#8220Ceremonial Day.&#8221 The project would be made by Studio Kajino, a subsidiary of the well known animation corporation Studio Ghibli. Anno and the group would also have a bigger spending budget to function with compared to his prior function. Adding to that, he has the narrative set in his hometown, the city of Ube, situated in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The film would be primarily based on the story &#8220Tohimu,&#8221 written by Ayako Fujitani, who also stars in the film. &#8220Tohimu&#8221 is a story Fujitani primarily based on her individual struggles and depression, one thing Anno has also often battled. Fujitani and Anno&#8217s emotional grapples would be inserted into the film with the two most important characters, who are like fictional versions of them in lots of respects. The vibrant art-residence drama is an extremely individual image for the two of them. &#8220Shiki-Jitsu&#8221 would earn crucial acclaim and win an award for Greatest Artistic Contribution at the 13th International Film Festival in Tokyo.

The story is set more than thirty-3 days. A struggling filmmaker returns to his hometown and runs into a peculiar young lady. She often dresses in colorful outfits and on a regular basis practices a ritual of celebrating her birthday each and every day. The ceremonial practice repeats with each and every passing day, with her saying, &#8220Tomorrow is my birthday.&#8221 The two begin to kind a friendship, and as time passes, it becomes clear that the lady has lost her grip on reality. Her way of life is merely a coping mechanism for one thing darker, as she suffers from depression, loneliness, and suicidal thoughts. On best of that, she is broken by her previous, involving a toxic connection with an abusive ex-lover and her connection with her estranged mother. By way of their struggles, the director and lead female assist one particular a different, overcome their inner demons and turn out to be much better persons. Sooner or later, a romance starts to blossom among the two.

At initially glance, &#8220Shiki-Jitsu&#8221 might appear like a heavy-handed romance story, but it is something but that. The film is rather raw and sad and, at instances, heartbreaking. The function displays human struggles persons can go by way of when also reminding the audience that, in the end, we are human. Dark subjects are brought to the forefront with troubles like unhealthy relationships, mental illness, suicidal ideation, serious depression, loneliness, household feuds, isolation, and feeling lost. It is occasionally uncomfortable to watch how genuine the interactions among the characters really feel. Thinking of that Ayako Fujitani primarily based a lot of her function on the genuine emotional discomfort she&#8217s skilled, it adds a different level of sadness to her character. The identical can be stated for the director, as Anno, in genuine-life struggles with depression, which normally intervened with his motivation as a director. But by way of all the sadness, there is hope. Also displayed in contrast with the dark topic matter are constructive components in the story, such as companionship, enjoy, assistance, confronting previous trauma, and overcoming emotional heaps. The two leads are likable and exciting to adhere to, and the bond the two share is touching. The connection among the most important characters demonstrates how people can assist one particular a different, and by way of that assist, how items can strengthen for the much better.

The acting in the film is outstanding. Ayako Fujitani provides a excellent overall performance as the lady, bringing a wide variety of feelings to her character, creating her really feel all the much more genuine. Filmmaker Shunji Iwai, in his only acting function to date, provides a strong overall performance as the director, in a extremely reserved but emotionally vulnerable function. Fujitani and Iwai play off each and every other extremely properly. Sprinkled all through the film is productive inner narration from the two most important characters supplied by character actor Suzuki Matsuo and renowned voice actress Megumi Hayashibara. The supporting players also provide strong function. Jun Murakami nails his function as the despicable ex-lover, capturing a disturbingly realistic portrayal of toxic romance. When she&#8217s featured in the image, Shinobu Otake correctly plays the mother of the lead female.

Aesthetically, the film is beautiful. Anno&#8217s mise-en-scene is on-point with gorgeous set pieces, excellent editing, and outstanding cinematography by Yuichi Nagata. The sequences in which Shunji Iwai&#8217s character shoots with his camera have a extremely genuine documentary really feel to them. There is also a lot of wide variety and creativity in the costume division with the numerous outfits the lead female wears all through the story. Touches of insanity are added with exaggerated moments, using unique effects to capture the lady&#8217s mindset in the course of her lowest points. Adding to all of this, Takashi Kako composes an sophisticated music score for the film. The finish credits song &#8220Raining&#8221 sung by Cocco is also extremely good on the ears.

Properly-acted and visually striking, &#8220Ritual&#8221 is a amazing film that powerfully captures the feeling of loneliness and overcoming individual struggles in a exceptional and artful style. The film reminds us that we can be flawed and face darkness in our lives, but we are human and can develop and turn out to be much better persons. Ayako Fujitani would garner a ton of praise for her function in the film and go on to act in numerous international film projects such as &#8220Man from Reno,&#8221 directed by Dave Boyle, and &#8220I Will Make You Mine,&#8221 directed by Lynn Chen. Hideaki Anno would go on to ultimately conclude his extended-operating anime franchise and function on adapting tokusatsu properties he grew up loving. He lately made and wrote the screenplay for &#8220Shin Ultraman,&#8221 directed by Shinji Higuchi. “Shiki-Jitsu,” in lots of respects, predicts and reflects the healing paths the film&#8217s director and lead actress would take in the future.



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