Documentary Review: Boundary: Flaming Feminist Action (2021) by Yun Ga-hyun

&#8220Boundary: Flaming Feminist Action&#8221 is a diary-like documentary about the history of the South Korean feminist movement and extra precisely, the Flaming Feminist Action, a group of which director Yun Ga-hyun is a member. Via interviews with 3 of the organization&#8217s creators and driving members, Lee Ga-hyun, an activist and politician, Kim Se-jung, a public labor lawyer, and Mihyun, a girls&#8217s and gender research scholar, we find out about Flaming Feminist Action. Initially, the group is designed as a secure space exactly where girls labour activists can play basketball and hang out, but it becomes extra political and feminist soon after the gruesome Gangnam toilet femicide in 2016. Right after that, the girls begin organizing protests and distinctive public actions by means of which they aim at weakening the conservative and misogynistic bases of Korean society

Boundary: Flaming Feminist Action” is screening as portion of&nbspWomen Direct. Korean Indies! – Korean Women Independent Film Series&nbspat the Hong Kong Arts Centre

In “Boundary: Flaming Feminist Action”, Yun Ga-hyun chooses to use a quite minimal technical palette. The majority of the film consists of interviews with the 3 girls who sit in front of a white background. Although every of the 3 is interviewed separately, it appears to be carried out with the other two standing behind the camera (at a single point, we appear to hear the voice of a single of them, and a sweet credit scene in which the 3 of them take photographs with the director). The interviews are interspersed with footage of protests and other activities organized by them. There are also some media footage from protests, but it is not significantly, and it is mainly about the earliest chapters of their history. Right after that, the media forgets about them, except when the girls organize events they considers scandalous, such as when they protest against the fetishization of the female physique by displaying their breasts. The media, just like most guys in Korean society, objectifies them and makes use of them even so they sees match.&nbsp

Yun&#8217s film does not&nbsp pretend to be an objective documentary (if such a issue is even feasible) and does not give the opposition a voice. And that is a very good issue, due to the fact they do not deserve their voices to be heard. Yes, some of the actions by the activists are quite radical and there is smaller possibility they will be accepted by society at huge, nothing at all to say about the haters and misogynists, but&nbspthat is not the point. The point, I feel, is to have their voices heard and the detractors to know that the activists are not afraid. The oppressors need to not be permitted to speak, they need to be silenced, and even much better &#8211 ignored and acted like they do not exist. And the film tends to make a excellent job at performing that.&nbsp

Yun Ga-hyun is quite close to the 3 girls she interviews, so they are quite forthcoming and open to her. They cry and laugh with each other for the duration of the lengthy interviews, every of which has taken extra than 4 hours to record.&nbspWitnessing them, we can really feel not only the bond involving them, but also the solidarity they have for every other and the causes they stand for. That is appropriate, even though they come from the similar group, they have distinctive views and distinctive approaches towards feminism, feminist action, and what activism entails. In other words, they are excellent representatives of the range and individuality inside the activist circles, opposite to the way the media generally chooses to portray them (as masses with blurred faces) or their detractors speak about them. Yes, Gahyun, Sejung, and Mihyun stand for the similar principles, but every a single of them understands, interprets and practices them in slightly distinctive strategies. This rewards the documentary drastically, due to the fact it adds range and distinctive viewpoints about the group and its activism.&nbsp

The 3 girls are also quite self-reflective, which offers depth and nuance to their stories. They are conscious about the tension involving becoming girls and virtually unconsciously wanting to cater to society’s expectations of them, but at the similar time remind themselves that they are feminists and as such, have to operate to shatter these expectations. At a single point in the film, Gahyun tells us that a single summer time, she wanted to shave her physique hair, due to the fact she is a lady and that is what is anticipated of her, but then realized that as a feminist, she need to not do it. Right after all, it is all for the pleasure of the guys watching her, not for her personal comfort. So, applying her personal encounter and physique as a tool for revolution, she decides to organize a competitors for ideal armpit hair.

&#8220Boundary: Flaming Feminist Action&#8221 is a very informative and engaging diary of the the history of a single of Korea&#8217s most active and radical feminist collectives. And now that the very conservative individual with a radically anti-feminist new president has selected an intense anti-gay Christian fanatic who compares homosexuality to the plague as his advisor, there isn&#8217t much better time to watch this film and find out about the vital deeds of the collective.



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