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Group What we’re watching

So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for a lot more (or agonizing when there was no a lot more), and what produced you want to throw your remote via the screen? Time to weigh in…



At present covering: Yumi’s Cells two

Alchemy of Souls: I really like this show. It is at just the appropriate level of plot, squee, hijinks, and weirdness for me. I do not consider I knew how considerably I required a drama that was just straight entertaining till I began watching this one particular. Also, I didn’t need to have a different purpose to crush on Lee Jae-wook, but yeah…

Cafe Minamdang: Seo In-gook is genius. That is all. When he’s off screen, I tune out.



Alchemy of Souls: I just actually wanted a thing entertaining to watch and this actually hits the spot. Yes, there are some quibbles but… uh… let’s just sweep them up here… and there we go, appropriate below the rug, that is greater.

Extraordinary Lawyer Woo: As anticipated, Park Eun-bin is just really like. Also Kang Ki-young! Sadly, I really feel the genuine globe may perhaps have been considerably harsher to our heroine. But that does not imply society can not modify for the greater and I like that we’re seeing a lot more and a lot more representation in K-dramas about embracing people’s variations.



At present covering: Jinxed at 1st

Alchemy of Souls: Final week, right after the initial couple of episodes, I was currently inexplicably in really like with the show. But to be sincere, I wasn’t completely confident if I was in really like with the characters themselves. That is no longer accurate. I really like them in all their whacky, earnest glory, and I’m possessing a blast just watching to see what shenanigans they come up with subsequent. Some components of the story do not very make sense to me, but do I care? Nope — I’m possessing also considerably entertaining!



At present covering: Why Her?

Extraordinary Lawyer Woo: Oh my gosh, this drama is so sweet and whimsical! The whales, particularly the ones that jump out of the water anytime Young-woo has an epiphany! The revolving door waltz! The representation! Ahhhhh! Her initial day at the law firm felt a bit also considerably like the initial episode of The Great Physician, but this drama is otherwise charting its personal path, and I really like it. Glad it came along when it did since I required a different weekly drama to appear forward to now that Kiss Sixth Sense has ended.

Kiss Sixth Sense: I enjoyed the flashback to seeing young Ye-sool and Min-hu, but any individual else thinks Ye-sool’s dad was sort of a jerk for not driving Min-hu back to the orphanage that initial evening? I imply, come on! A young orphan boy wanders about all day attempting to enable your daughter come across your residence and you do not offer you him a ride dwelling? Man, that is cold. BUT OMG Small YE-SOOL’S HAIR Right after THAT FIGHT! AHHHHHH ADORABLE!!! For the most element I’m satisfied with how this drama ended, even if I do have some mixed feelings about all the on-once more-off-once more-ness of our major couple’s connection. In some approaches, it glorifies what would commonly be viewed as a toxic, unhealthy connection, but it is carried out with sufficient humor and playfulness that does sort of really feel like a weird kind of foreplay for the two of them. I’m going to give it a pass, I consider, since it was entertaining, particularly when her group made use of their feud as inspiration for their most up-to-date advertisement.



At present covering: Extraordinary Lawyer Woo

Hyperlink: Consume, Like, Kill: It is fascinating how this show combines murder, mystery, comedy and romance in one particular pot, and every single aspect of it fits in just appropriate, like a thing Gye-hoon cooked rather than offerings from the sitcom family’s kitchen. Lol. Lee Jing-eun has to be cursed with a lengthy life, since how can a particular person come so close to dying twice on the similar day, and nonetheless be such an unrepentant and delusional particular person? Ugh! Now, will not it be good if he just tells them what he knows about Gye-young, so we can close that chapter and move on to other stuff like Gye-hoon confessing to Da-hyun, kiss scenes, and the opening of Gye-hoon’s restaurant — if it ever opens. Seriously, guys, it is currently previous midpoint!

It is Stunning Now: Soo-jae and the rest of the family members at the police station was a scene I actually required to watch, and in the finish, family members remains family members and they’ll generally have your back. It is a pity that just as Soo-jae is coming out of his funk, Yu-na is getting into hers. But a tiny separation to perform on themselves is not such a negative factor. Complete on romantic Yoon-jae, and Hae-jun’s meeting with grandpa had been my favored components of this week, and I can not wait for Hae-jun to meet the rest of the family members. Mi-rae’s mum continues to be annoying and half the time, I just want to scream at her to loosen up! It is only a matter of time prior to absolutely everyone else finds out why she’s continuously on edge anyway, and she may possibly as effectively take it effortless in the meantime.

Insider: I’m catching up on this drama, and my largest takeaway so far is that undercover assignments are a definite no-no for me! But then, what’s a revenge drama with no a sturdy motive for the revenge? I nonetheless do not recognize half the gambling terms in this show, but spiky haired Kang Ha-neul is a treat for sore eyes and I’m hunting forward to him taking more than the prison gambling scene quickly.

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