Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 1-2


Extraordinary Lawyer Woo: Episodes 1-two

What’s greater than an ordinary lawyer? An extraordinary a single! And that is the fantastic descriptor for our heroine, who sets out on this extraordinary journey to overcome prejudices and break stereotypes. So buckle up for the ride, people today, we are going along with her.


Welcome to the globe of our heroine WOO YOUNG-WOO (Park Eun-bin), and in this globe, she’s the initial-ever autistic lawyer in Korea! Young-woo is a massive lover of whales, has a closet a lot more organized than my life, and I really like her currently.

We meet her on her initial day at the law firm Hanbada, and from the appears of it, no a single was expecting the new employ to be on the spectrum. Except, of course, CEO HAN SEON-YOUNG (Baek Ji-won) – who was a college junior to Young-woo’s dad WOO KWANG-HO (Jeon Bae-Soo) – and fellow lawyer CHOI SU-YEON (Ha Yoo-kyung) who was Young-woo’s law college classmate.

Young-woo’s initial hurdle at function is the skepticism of her quick boss, JUNG MYEONG-SEOK (Kang Ki-young), who quickly assigns her on a case to test out her capabilities. And Young-woo does not specifically win herself brownie points with him when she images the proof in the case (an iron) as a sperm whale, and launches into an impromptu seminar on sperm whales. Lol. I suspect this whale gag is going to be a operating a single, and I appear forward to a lot more.

Anyway, back to our initial case, the client is a lady in her seventies who is charged with attempted murder immediately after hitting her irrationally jealous husband on the head with an iron. Young-woo recognizes the client as the wife of the landlord of her childhood residence, who was constantly good to her in spite of her husband’s semi-violent nature, and his erroneous insinuation of an affair in between his wife and Young-woo’s dad.

Young-woo is told to get the client off on probation, but she states that the client need to be gotten off for bodily harm rather than attempted murder. Her purpose becoming that in future when the husband dies, the client will not be in a position to inherit his pension or their property if she’s convicted of his attempted murder (as opposed to bodily harm).

Myeong-seok is pretty impressed with her reasoning, and tells her to proceed with this. He also apologizes for his initial attitude towards her, and that is just wonderful mainly because I do not have it in me to dislike a Kang Ki-young character.

Nevertheless on the case, Young-woo is accompanied by lawyer LEE JUN-HO (Kang Tae-oh) to pay a visit to the client at the hospital, and her husband explodes immediately after finding out that Young-woo is the daughter of their former tenant. Sigh. Am I a undesirable particular person if I want the iron had hit him a small tougher? The client also says she wishes she had killed her husband alternatively, but Young-woo is in a position to see previous the client’s aggravation to know that she truly cares about the husband.

Myeong-seok decides to proceed on the case with a jury trial, and lawyer KWON MIN-WOO (Joo Jong-hyuk) volunteers to give the arguments at the trial because Young-woo could have troubles speaking to the jury mainly because of her disability. But Young-woo is speedy to shut down his “help” and would rather use the disability as a leverage to evoke the feelings of the possible jury. Atta girl!

The trial kicks off, and just as the jury is getting into Young-woo’s argument of the husband becoming a verbally abusive man – thanks to him lashing out at her once again from the witness stand in court — he however dies on the way back to the hospital, and her client’s charge is changed from attempted murder to murder. Yikes!

But this does not throw Young-woo off course. Rather, she fits all the pieces of the case with each other to prove that the husband died from a pre-current situation rather than the hit from the iron. Therefore, the grateful client is identified not guilty of murder and is let off with a probation for bodily harm. Yaay!

Just after effectively wrapping up her initial case, it is on to the subsequent for Young-woo, and this time, it is the case of a wedding dress that slipped off. Yep, you study that appropriate. A couple marches down the aisle at their dream hotel wedding, the bride gets distracted, trips, and her strapless dress slips down to expose her goodies to the guests. And although the groom does his very best to cover the front, he can not hide the tattoo of a Bodhisattva on her back – which is not so undesirable, except she’s supposed to be a Christian. Heh.

The subsequent course of action by the bride’s father is to sue the hotel (owned by the groom’s loved ones btw) for the humiliation, and he names his pride as worth more than a billion won. Hanbada does not feel he can get up to that quantity in compensation, but when he mentions that his small business is dominant in a competing law firm, CEO Han gets all competitive and vows to get the compensation the other law firm couldn’t get for him.

Myeong-seok and his group are assigned to the case, and to glean facts, he dispatches Min-woo and Su-yeon to the hotel to play an undercover couple, and then Young-woo and Jun-ho to the impacted couple. But Su-yeon, who has a small crush on Jun-ho, desires to switch areas, and Young-woo agrees.

Jun-ho and Su-yeon are on their way to the hotel to play the undercover couple, when Young-woo calls Jun-ho (who is now her whale discussion buddy) with some queries, but Su-yeon does not appreciate the interruption. Jun-ho does not appear to thoughts significantly, but Young-woo demands to slow down with the barrage of whale talks at this point.

Sadly, Su-yeon comes down with the toilet runs and can not make it to the dress fitting, so Young-woo requires back her rightful spot as Jun-ho’s bride. She appears so breathtaking in the wedding dress, I feel Jun-ho currently fell in really like with her on the spot. Lol.

Thanks to Su-yeon eavesdropping from the toilet, they come across out a hotel employee was sacked more than the wedding dress situation, and Jun-ho persuades a colleague of hers to testify in court. According to the testimony, the sacked employee mistakenly tore the original wedding dress, but rather than admit the truth, the bride was offered one more dress in the exact same style but of a slightly larger size, therefore the purpose it came off loose at the ceremony.

But it is not a win for Hanbada but, mainly because the hotel’s attorneys dig up an on line post produced by the bride exactly where she confesses her relief at the outcome of the ceremony, and her eventual hopes for the engagement to be referred to as off. Apparently, she’s not into the groom and only went ahead with the arrangement mainly because her father wanted to be in-laws with a chaebol loved ones.

With this, Hanbada’s argument that the bride suffers PTSD from the ceremony no longer serves as basis for compensation from the hotel. But when the bride mentions that the groom’s grandpa promised to present her land in a selection place immediately after the wedding, Young-woo flips the compensation argument about. This time, their claim is that because the marriage was hinged on that guarantee and she couldn’t go via with the wedding due to the hotel’s negligence, the hotel need to compensate for the loss of the land.

Of course, the bride’s father is delighted with this new argument, but the bride does not share the exact same opinion. So she withdraws the lawsuit at the subsequent court look. Her purpose? She’s accomplished with her father becoming really oblivious about her life. She reveals she’s Buddhist, not a Christian, neither is she straight. And with her newfound self-confidence, she marches out of the courtroom with her girlfriend when her father has a mini heart attack. Lol.

The complete wedding saga has Young-woo considering about her future, and she admits to her dad that she almost certainly will not be in a position to get married mainly because of her autism. But, she says if she does get married, she’s unquestionably providing her bouquet to daddy dearest as she’d like to see her single father get married immediately after she does. Awwww.

As the episode comes to a close, news about Hanbada’s counter argument reaches the ears of the CEO of the competitors, TAE SOO-MI (Jin Kyung), and with a seemingly unique interest, she requires note of the name of the rookie behind the argument: Woo Young-woo.

I actually really like the opening week of this drama, and Park Eun-bin is completely endearing as Young-woo. I’m constantly skeptical about the portrayal of disabilities in dramaland mainly because they can come off as caricature characters, but I’m genuinely impressed with how the show handles Young-woo. I come across her surprisingly mature, with social capabilities that are even greater than I anticipated. Plus she’s actually in tune with her feelings, and really capable as a lawyer!

The case of the episode format is just appropriate up my alley, as I choose legal dramas with swiftly resolved circumstances rather than these unnecessarily dragged out ones. I also appreciate how the group does not treat Young-woo with kid gloves or dismiss her opinions, and it is good to see them gradually type a bond. Of course Young-woo’s got a lot more to find out as she grows as a lawyer, and there’ll be occasions she will stumble, but with her mindset and the assistance method she has about her, I have virtually no doubts that she will be in a position to deal with what ever life throws her way.

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