Kiss Sixth Sense: Episodes 11-12 (Final)


Kiss Sixth Sense: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

Our drama concludes this week, with predictable reveals, a gamut of tropes, and a single as well numerous good, neat bows. Mysteries are solved and memories are retained, but can our couple slide into happiness? Though we ultimately get an extended rehash of the previous, the future is all of a sudden a lot significantly less specific.


Is this the very same show we’ve been watching for the previous 5 weeks? Positive, we all knew the story was about take a cliff dive into the valley of cliches but I cannot picture a significantly less satisfying way to tie up all the threads. Rather than the waves of future happiness we had been waiting for, we get a tsunami of tonal shifts, random storylines, and nonsensical filler — when simultaneously getting robbed of seeing how Seung-taek and Ho-woo truly get back with each other. I’m glad it was only a twelve-episode run, but I would have been elated if it ended with Episode ten.

We completed final week with our content couple ultimately acting out Ye-sool’s vision in Min-hu’s bed. This week we get the morning just after exactly where the tension is gone and “I enjoy you” is in the air. But the great vibes are reduce quick when they kiss and Ye-sool sees a violent version of the future, exactly where Min-hu is stabbed when attempting to guard her. She keeps it a secret from Min-hu, when questioning if she can cease it from taking place.

Meanwhile, Ye-sool’s mother’s new husband is hit by a automobile and seriously injured. The hit-and-run driver is KIM HAE-JIN (Um Hyo-sup) — Ye-sool’s favourite bartender (also, the man who intended to kidnap her two weeks ago). It appears that Hae-jin has been obsessed with Ye-sool’s mom because they had been in college with each other, and he murdered Ye-sool’s dad in order to attempt to take his location (ya know, just your classic crazy). Each Min-hu and Ye-sool’s mother know about this but are shocked that Hae-jin has reappeared, because they believed he was dead. The two collude to maintain the story a secret from Ye-sool.

By this point, Ye-sool is crazy in enjoy with Min-hu and cannot bear the believed of her violent vision coming accurate. She tells Min-hu about it so he can be ready (although Min-hu does not do the very same for her, continuing to maintain Hae-jin’s identity a secret). In an work to transform the future, Ye-sool decides to go to the US. She believes that if she is not with Min-hu, then he will not get hurt when attempting to guard her.

Ye-sool does not make it far prior to Hae-jin catches up to her. Not being aware of he’s unsafe (since she’s been infantilized and kept in the dark), Ye-sool goes to Hae-jin’s bar exactly where she feels protected. Of course, getting the quintessential criminal that he is, he drugs her unconscious and requires her to the residence exactly where she grew up (which evidently has been sitting empty because her dad’s death). There, Hae-jin lights candles all about for additional creepiness and we see loved ones pictures with his face pasted more than Ye-sool’s father’s.

Ye-sool escapes the residence but, getting chased, she runs onto a nearby frozen reservoir. It is the place of her newest vision and she realizes this is exactly where Min-hu will be stabbed. Ye-sool falls by means of the ice and into the water just as Min-hu arrives to dive in and bring her back to the surface. Beneath a blood moon, he provides her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and we see flashbacks of the very same occasion taking place when they had been youngsters. This is how they got their powers.

As predicted, Hae-jin stabs Min-hu and injures him severely. Ye-sool, now conscious, holds a bleeding Min-hu in her arms on the ice. Not extended just after, the police arrive and arrest Hae-jin, and that is the final we hear of him.

At the hospital, Min-hu is in a coma and Ye-sool gets her extended-lost memories back as she waits for him to wake up. We understand that the two had been close mates as youngsters. They met when Ye-sool was lost and Min-hu stumbled on her crying outdoors the orphanage exactly where he grew up. Following he helped her obtain her way residence, Ye-sool’s parents had been thankful and Min-hu became like a single of their loved ones (Min-hu even went into marketing since of Ye-sool’s dad).

The day Ye-sool’s father was murdered, Min-hu and Ye-sool came into the residence when the killer was nevertheless there. Attempting to escape, Ye-sool fell into the nearby reservoir and Min-hu saved her (with mouth-to-mouth beneath a blood moon). Each youngsters went into a coma and when Ye-sool woke up she’d forgotten not only the events of that evening, but the entire summer time (and therefore forgotten Min-hu’s existence). (Is it just me or are there additional cracks in this timeline than the ice they fell by means of? Just before young Ye-sool leaves for the US with her mother, she sees Min-hu in a coma and tells him to wait for her. Didn’t she shed her memory of him prior to that? If not, how did she neglect about him? Ugh, I’m completed asking concerns.)

Though each the killer plot line and the childhood backstory are predictable and relatively boring, they at least make sense with the story. What comes just after, even so, appears to negate the themes of the show. When Min-hu wakes up from his coma, each he and Ye-sool have lost their powers (apparently what the blood moon provides it also requires away). Afterward (in a drastic transform of tone), we see a series of comedic events creating Min-hu and Ye-sool look somewhat incompetent without the need of their skills. At the very same time, losing their powers seems to make them shed their fated connection.

The two go public with their dating, but it is a tiny as well public. They fight all more than the location, breaking up and creating up frequently. We see their colleagues react to their fighting — but, sadly, we do not see their reactions to the truth that they’re dating at all (just after so substantially nosiness and speculation, I wanted to see the partnership reveal at the workplace). The string of fight scenes seems to be incorporated to show that Min-hu and Ye-sool are not getting the happiness they believed they would, but the scenes look like filler in a story that really should have ended earlier.

Till these final episodes, I believed the drama was about fate and the emotional development that Ye-sool and Min-hu show as they make their way toward their destiny. I was incorrect. The final thought is that they might not actually be destined for each and every other, and so, they just need to have to take it a single day at a time since they do not know what will take place in the future. (Can an individual please inform me then why we sat by means of all that childhood connection angst?!)

Here’s my situation: Ye-sool didn’t actually know what was going to take place in the future even when she had premonitions. Getting her skills, and mastering to react differently to what she sees, was a thread all through most of the show. Losing her powers feels a tiny like stunting her development (truly, with the present ending, it appears that neither Ye-sool or Min-hu has discovered something, or they’ve currently forgotten what they discovered from each and every other). Also, it tends to make the Pil-yo/Ye-sool storyline look irrelevant in retrospect.

For me, a single of two achievable endings would have produced additional sense. In the 1st, we finish the show final week, exactly where Ye-sool and Min-hu maintain their powers and continue to support each and every other deal with living with them — developing each as men and women and as a couple. In the second, they shed their powers, but the freedom enables them to reside additional happily with each other. As it stands, the ending tends to make me really feel a tiny like Ye-sool when she has a premonition: confused, anxious, and seriously seeking for techniques to transform it.

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