Link: Eat, Love, Kill: Episodes 7-8


Hyperlink: Consume, Like, Kill: Episodes 7-eight

With a particular stalker back and as deluded as ever, our heroine’s loved ones rally to maintain each and every other protected. Her household may well be a mess, but they’re ride or die. Our chef struggles to maintain an emotional distance the a lot more involved with our herione he gets, but his hot-and-cold act is not going more than nicely. Meanwhile, extended-forotten memories lead to a revelation that raises new concerns about just what occurred that evening 18 years ago.


Stalker Jing-eun corners Da-hyun in a dark alley, nonetheless in his twisted fantasy that they’re dating. He has the gall to argue let bygones be bygones – he’s forgiven her, so now she just desires to apologize (!). I’m not confident no matter if to admire Da-hyun for her courage in aggressively rebuking him or get frustrated at the danger she’s courting by antagonizing him.

Gye-hoon finds Da-hyun and Jing-eun rankles at their apparent closeness. Only the CCTV camera stops him from attacking Gye-hoon in the street and gets him to leave for the moment. Guess we know who his subsequent target is.

I like how Gye-hoon has turn out to be a reluctant member of Da-hyun’s household meetings, but he does draw the line at the suggestion he keep with them for security. Da-hyun is not about to let Gye-hoon wander about alone, although, so she enlists Jin-hoon to assistance maintain an eye on him.

This household is so additional that no matter what they do, it ends up seeking like a Pink Panther scene. Now, they travel about in a pack, prepared for battle anytime a young man who slightly resembles Jing-eun passes by.

As for Jing-eun, he’s decided that Gye-hoon is the difficulty in his “relationship,” which implies he desires to go. He blackmails the taxi ajusshi with footage of the accident, ordering him to run more than Gye-hoon if he desires to keep out of jail. Uh, that argument appears a tad flawed.

The taxi ajusshi may well have attempted to bury Jing-eun following he believed he killed him – is it terrible I laughed at Jing-eun receiving pretty much killed and buried twice in 1 evening? – but he proves he’s not a murderer of innocents. He drives at Gye-hoon, but he swerves at the final minute, crashing into Bok-hee’s restaurant rather. (The neighbors are secretly overjoyed to have a break from consuming her awful meals for a although.)

Jing-eun is disappointed Gye-hoon is not dead, which he learns by going to Bok-hee’s restaurant. At initial, Bok-hee and halmeoni do not recognize the conscious version of him. When they do, they threaten him if he does not leave Da-hyun alone. He shamelessly says he “sincerely loves” Da-hyun and refuses to give up on her. Gross.

Subsequent point you know, they’ve all drawn the weapons they’ve been concealing. Gye-hoon walks in through their standoff and confronts Jing-eun for attempting to have him killed. When once more, Jing-eun backs off for the time getting.

The return of Jing-eun and the danger that puts Da-hyun in has produced it not possible for Gye-hoon to maintain ignoring his personal feelings. Ever considering that losing his sister, he’s attempted to prevent deep connections that make him really feel weak. But now, he’s in also deep to delude himself.

Da-hyun is worried now that he’s on Jing-eun’s radar – she keeps possessing dreams of Gye-hoon receiving attacked. When she finds out that Jing-eun in fact attempted to hurt him, she tells Gye-hoon off for maintaining it from her and cuts him off. Da-hyun does not waver this time and tends to make superior on her word, maintaining their partnership qualified. Even though Gye-hoon is not satisfied about her pushing him away, he does largely accept her choice. He does not agree to let her quit the restaurant, although.

One particular point I considerably appreciate about Da-hyun and Gye-hoon is that they do not let factors fester amongst them. They communicate, thank the drama gods. If only Gye-hoon could be sincere about his personal feelings, they’d be set.

Da-hyun has had it with Jing-eun messing with her loved ones, so she confronts him. There’s no trace of the worry she had when facing him earlier as she threatens to finish the job if he touches any of her individuals. Rather than be rational, Jing-eun decides that Gye-hoon has ruined his life and need to spend.

When he’s destroyed all the CCTV cameras nearby, he goes to spend Gye-hoon a stop by. But each Da-hyun and Eun-jung are currently there. When Eun-jung sees him, she greets him … by attempting to stab him. Oho. So it turns out he’s not her tiny brother – he was dating her tiny sister who disappeared.

I completely should’ve noticed that coming, but I did honestly assume she was his sister. They even each have “Eun” in their names like siblings (who usually share a popular syllable). Then, there’s her aggressive behavior toward Da-hyun who, for some cause, she didn’t contemplate may well be 1 of Jing-eun’s victims.

Now Eun-jung is out for blood, as are half of the individuals in the area. Almost everything devolves speedily, the commotion drawing Da-hyun’s household more than, also. And then everybody is attempting to kill Jing-eun and shield each and every other. It is a full mess of half the area attacking although the other half attempt to hold them back.

The police show up thanks to all the screaming and break up the fight. Da-hyun ultimately tells the cops that Jing-eun is a stalker, and they all lie that Eun-jung undoubtedly didn’t attempt to stab Jing-eun – everybody was just safeguarding Da-hyun.

With the complete story out, only Jin-hoon appears appropriately scared of the locals following all the violence and deception. Adding to the enjoyable of this bonkers neighborhood, we understand that each Won-tak and Jing-eun grew up there also.

As I speculated, Won-tak is certainly the son of the suspect in Gye-young’s disappearance. And Jing-eun’s obsession with Da-hyun goes way back to childhood, apparently, while Da-hyun can not bear in mind him. Gye-hoon does vaguely recall him and shows Da-hyun an old college album to assistance jog her memory.

Da-hyun’s memories are weirdly fuzzy of that time, but she does recognize Gye-hoon as her old crush and begins to recall spending time with Gye-young. Hmmm… perhaps she saw anything occur to Gye-young and blocked it?

Perhaps she didn’t witness something, but it appears like Jing-eun did. Like the horrible particular person he is, he taunts Gye-hoon and refuses to inform him what he knows he desires to watch him endure and beg. Gye-hoon loses it and gets into a brawl with Jing-eun. Da-hyun arrives proper following Won-tak intervenes, breaking them up. We finish with all the Jihwa youngsters unhappily reunited.

Now that we’re at the halfway point, it appears like we’ll be focusing on the mystery of Gye-young’s disappearance. Even though Jing-eun is unhinged and I wouldn’t place it previous him to lie just to hurt Gye-hoon, I do assume he’s telling the truth about seeing what occurred to Gye-young. His amused and shocked reaction to Won-tak calling himself a murderer’s son seemed genuine.

Given that almost everything is apparently tied collectively, I’m guessing Gye-hoon’s hyperlink to Da-hyun is tied to her memory loss and what ever occurred to Gye-young. I do not count on a deep exploration of their hyperlink, but I do hope we get some logical explanation of the how and why. I nonetheless uncover it odd that the connection only goes 1 way, but it seems that was the case with Gye-young also. Perhaps all that repressing his personal feelings has produced him into a conduit for everybody else’s.

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