Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 1-2


Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 1-two

Points are off to a fast begin in the endearingly quirky globe of Cafe Minamdang. As an allegedly omniscient shaman continues to obtain recognition by solving criminal instances, an up-and-coming detective relentlessly pursues each and every suspicious lead she can, and we happily bear witness to a complete lot of hilarious shenanigans.


We 1st meet our suave swindling shaman NAM HAN-JUN (Seo In-gook) displaying off his “spiritual” skills at MK Hotel’s open recruitment, “reading” the candidates by way of a Television screen when jumping about chairs.

In spite of his eccentricity, MK Hotel CEO LEE MIN-GYEONG (Hwang Woo-seul-hye) certainly trusts him, even enabling him to barge in and conduct a shaman ceremony, total with a massive fan and brass bells. Just after “sensing” a vengeful spirit, Han-jun zeroes in on the MK Hotel president. It turns out the president is guilty of sexually assaulting a former secretary till she took her personal life.

Everyone’s in awe of Han-jun’s abilities, but behind his shamanism is a hardworking group. His younger sister NAM HYE-JUN (Kang Mina) is a genius hacker usually gathering intelligence, when former detective GONG SU-CHEOL (Kwak Shi-yang) requires care of on-ground investigation. Ultimately, as a former profiler, Han-jun can fill in the blanks and paint a total image of their clients’ lives.

On frequent days, Han-jun sees his consumers at Cafe Minamdang, which is usually filled to the brim with fans hoping to see him and individuals searching for his assistance. Great point they’ve got portion-time employee JO NA-DAN (Baek Seo-hoo) assisting out. He’s not as in the loop as the other two, but he does sometimes help the crew with their schemes.

In spite of their modest size, the Minamdang crew has a lot of energy. For instance, they can very easily monitor if somebody is fleeing the nation, like the MK Hotel president plans to do. Hye-jun strategies off Daeun Police Group 7, and the not too long ago appointed leader HAN JAE-HUI (Oh Yeon-seo) answers the contact. She provides chase, fights off armed gangsters, and effectively apprehends the escaping criminal.

Just after becoming mistaken for a rookie, Jae-hui ultimately gets to introduce herself. Her significantly older teammates JANG DOO-JIN (Jung Man-sik) and KIM SANG-HYEOP (Heo Jae-ho) recognize her as Han the Ghost, who became infamous for allegedly taking down a drug cartel without having any weapon or back-up. Although gossiping about their new leader, the group gets shocked — the 1st of numerous — as she sneaks up on them like, effectively, a ghost. Lol.

Back at Cafe Minamdang, Han-jun gets a contact from hotel CEO Min-gyeong, who is worrying about the weird behavior of her husband, Chairman SHIN GYEONG-HO (Kim Won-shik). Han-jun assures his VVIP client he will “consult the spirits” — by which he truly implies he’ll watch CCTV and dash cam footage.

As the Minamdang crew retrace Gyeong-ho’s trail, they discover that he was driving drunk, crashed into a motorbike, and buried the man’s physique. The crew searches for the hit-and-run victim’s physique, and just after receiving scared of a “zombie” at a cemetery, they come across him alive — but barely.

Jae-hui decides to take on the case. Doo-jin warns her to be cautious considering that numerous eyes are on her, but she shows small care about the greater-ups who want her out. Just after uncovering Gyeong-ho’s involvement, Jae-hui learns this is not his 1st rodeo with the police. According to Doo-jin, Gyeong-ho has currently been accused of murder ahead of, but just after some bribery, his case was ruled as an accident.

This just encourages Jae-hui to continue pursuing the investigation, so she enlists the enable of prosecutor CHA DO-WON (Kwon Soo-hyun), a.k.a. the Chatterbox, to safe a warrant, and he very easily agrees.

Sadly for Jae-hui, Han-jun is out to foil their plans to take care of his VVIP chaebol client and her husband. Just after accurately deducing the events of the 1st murder, Han-jun tells Gyeong-ho to stick to his directions if he desires to be saved.

Making use of the technicalities of the law, Han-jun renders Group 7’s tough proof illegal and useless just after rookie detective NA GWANG-TAE (Jung Ha-joon) received the dash cam footage just a single minute earlier than the warrant’s arrival. Even by way of the screen, I can really feel the aggravation coming off Group 7, particularly Jae-hui.

Just after receiving his client out, Han-jun smiles mockingly at Jae-hui. But outdoors the police station, he berates Gyeong-ho, kicking his shins and ordering him to enable his victims as an alternative. Angry and frustrated, Jae-hui follows Han-jun out to confront him, asking him if he’s performing this for revenue. He merely replies: “Who does not like revenue? Why cannot I reside chasing my base desires?”

Disappointed, Jae-hui is losing hope in the existing Han-jun. She remembers how a younger Jae-hui inspired her to be a cop who protects each civilians and criminals inside the guidelines of law. She reminds him of his personal words (with a judo throw just for very good measure) and demands that he quit what he’s performing — or else. “I’d rather crush you myself than see you finish up becoming arrested by somebody else.”

Feeling guilty, Han-jun tosses and turns at evening. He resolves to hand more than Gyeong-ho to Jae-hui, petulantly justifying to himself that that was his strategy in the 1st spot! He brainstorms with Hye-jun and Su-cheol to use National Police Agency Internal Inspector JUNG CHEONG-GI (Kwon Hyuk) as bait to lure Gyeong-ho out.

The Minamdang crew recalls how they’ve currently failed to intimidate Cheong-gi ahead of. In a flashback, we see a bound and blindfolded Cheong-gi kneeling on train tracks. Han-jun and Su-cheol threaten to leave him to the train’s mercy if he does not answer their queries. But regardless of their threats, Cheong-gi stays mum and even triumphantly cackles just after realizing there’s no actual train. It was just Hye-jun and Na-dan simulating a single. LOL.

That is why, in the present, a disguised Hye-jun approaches Cheong-gi to offer you a massive bribe if he follows CEO Min-gyeong’s orders, when the crew leaves the cafe to place the rest of their strategy into motion.

Unbeknownst to them, Jae-hui breaks into the cafe, exactly where she finds their collection of dossiers. According to the files, her older brother Han Jae-jeong is a victim and a former prosecutor who released arsonist Choi Yeong-seop (this name once again!) and was ultimately murdered by him. Previously, Jae-hui was also shown investigating Choi Yeong-seop’s case, which appears to be the identical case that got Han-jun kicked off the force.

Jae-hui’s realizations come to a halt when the Minamdang crew return. Hiding in the closet, she ends up accidentally peeking at Han-jun altering garments (which involves him wiggling in vibrant red boxers). When it appears like she’s about to get away, her telephone abruptly begins ringing, alerting Han-jun to her presence. As he’s about to open the door, Jae-hui throws a towel at him — and we finish with that cliffhanger.

Clearly there’s a lot that connects our two leads, and in our epilogues, we get even additional hints — but each bring tragedy, albeit on unique levels. In the 1st epilogue, Han-jun sobs in the middle of a residence destroyed by fire, when Jae-hui tears up upon seeing a heavily burnt physique becoming carried out.

The second epilogue bargains with lighter but nonetheless painful events for the young Jae-hui, who experiences her 1st heartbreak just after realizing Han-jun is currently in a connection. Additional queries arise when her brother Jae-jeong approaches her, calling her Jang-mi. Uhm, what? Retain us hanging, why do not you…

Prior to beginning this drama, I didn’t have a lot of expectations. I watched the trailer, discovered the sneak peek hilarious and Seo In-gook nonetheless handsome and charming, and promptly forgot about it till release day. Now, I’m pleasantly shocked as I discovered myself giggling all through I didn’t even notice the two hours passing by. Anytime Seo In-gook brings out the fan and the brass bells when chanting or laughing maniacally, he under no circumstances fails to make me laugh. He’s overly confident and adorably ridiculous as Han-jun, and I like it.

I also enjoyed the imagery of Jae-hui as a ghost total with all the blurred surroundings and eerie murmurs. Paired with shaman Han-jun, I really feel like it could be some sort of foreshadowing of how she’ll continue to ~haunt~ him as their connection develops additional.

The portion I wasn’t ready to see was the assault/murder reenactment. I’m not certain it was completely vital, considering that all it did was show how fast Han-jun’s thoughts operates — but the show currently did that so numerous occasions ahead of. Nevertheless, I’m eagerly waiting additional episodes and honestly cannot think I’m seeking forward to Monday once again so quickly just after Organization Proposal ended. But Cafe Minamdang unquestionably has me hooked suitable now.

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