Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 3-4


Alchemy of Souls: Episodes three-four

Buckle up for some higher octane master-apprentice shenanigans, as our hero hones his magic at an unprecedented — and unsafe — price! The political circumstance grows perilous, and our protagonists have managed to anger every person. Fortunately, our favored bloodthirsty assassin is prepared to do what it requires to defend her pupil, no matter whether it includes spying, scheming, or abject humiliation in front of the crown prince…



Our heroes, possessing defied death, return to Sejukwon. Right here, in a moment of aching trust, Wook kneels and swears to serve Mu-deok. She warns, much less tenderly, that this connection has a constructed-in expiry date. As soon as Wook trains to complete strength and restores her energy, they should portion methods. Wook, whose abandonment difficulties run deep, appears skeptical, but agrees.

Time for coaching! Mu-deok provides the lowdown on 3 important magical tactics. Jipsu, the capability to collect the water’s power. Ryusu, absorbing this power. Chisu, controlling it for explosive outcomes. Her demonstration of the fearsome moves she employed as a master assassin would be impressive — if it didn’t bring about her to collapse, winded. Regrettably, her new apprentice is no greater even in her scrawny secondhand physique, she beats him soundly in a fistfight.

Nonetheless, there’s hope. Ordinarily, it requires years to master even Jipsu. Wook’s got an ace up his sleeve: when the kindly Yeom restored his power gate, he channeled roughly a decade’s worth of magical energy into his physique. How does Mu-deok confirm this? By shoving him back, stripping his outer robe, and pressing her hands up close and individual against his stomach, of course! Flawlessly awkward.

So, the energy’s there — now, to harness it. For this, they will need Yeom’s individual breathing approach: only then can Wook metabolize the energy just before his benefactor does something awkward, like, um, ask for it back. What greater way to find out than to stalk Yeom’s relative, Yul?

Nicely, as it turns out, nearly something. When Dang-gu spots the master-apprentice pair squabbling in the library, Wook declares they’re right here to spy on Yul due to the fact of his maid Mu-deok’s embarrassing crush. Curbing her murder-glare, Mu-deok follows Yul to the Jeongjingak mages’ altering area, exactly where he tells her to leave. On the other hand, circumstance – and, by circumstance, I imply a gaggle of half-naked male mages preparing to bathe – forces them to press up close behind a curtain. Mu-deok sneaks a grope at Yul’s stomach, but he flusteredly shoves her away.

Yul proves no fool. When Mu-deok provides a final-ditch fake adore confession to get an additional likelihood at feeling him breathe, he snaps that he knows what she’s attempting to do, and why – and it will not assistance Wook. He turns to leave. But, immediately after quite a few of Mu-deok’s failed attempts to grab him, the bird whistle he took from Naksu’s physique has fallen from his robes.

Mu-deok plays the whistle, and, like the Pied Piper, draws back Yul. They strike a deal: Mu-deok will return his valuable keepsake in exchange for Yul’s breathing approach.

Meanwhile, Wook’s been busy. With a judicious bribe of liquor, he’s managed to fend off Yeom’s attempts to retrieve his power. In truth, while carrying his inebriated elder back residence, he’s pilfered his breathing approach! Upon acquiring Mu-deok, even though, his triumph is eclipsed by seeing her stand close to Yul. It is not complete-blown jealousy, but it is not absolutely nothing, either. Mu-deok, for her portion, indulges in some deadpan teasing, waxing lyrical about Yul’s handsomeness.

Wook’s nicely on his way to mastering Jinsu. This is appalling news for Jin, who’s honor-bound to act on what he was told by his buddy Jang Gang. Wook, he knows, is not Gang’s son, but the late King’s. If he catches the consideration of the royal household, he could be killed for treason — the smallest hint of fame will spell his doom.

For that reason, when the man he regards nearly as a son asks for an invitation to Songrim, Jin has no option but to refuse. Publicly. Adding insult to injury, he returns Wook’s father’s sword — the one particular he lacks the energy to unsheathe. Then, the worst blow of all: Wook is banished from Songrim.

Items get even uglier when Jin demands the return of Wook’s spirit plaque. Wook can not specifically clarify that his assassin master purloined it in the course of one particular of her ill-fated bids for freedom. So, he has to claim he lost it. The punishment for a lost spirit plaque is one particular hundred floggings Jin does not hesitate to give the order.

Stone-faced, Wook endures every blow as his close friends watch in horror. Ultimately, they finish. On the other hand, Wook, in a move so ballsy it defies belief, tells Jin that he has only received ninety-nine blows. He demands that Jin himself provide the final.

It sends Wook reeling to the ground. Jin inwardly pleads for Wook to remain down — to give up, and reside a quiet life. As an alternative, Wook pushes himself to his feet. When he leaves Songrim, it is with head held higher, Mu-deok walking proudly at his shoulder.

Back residence, Wook’s not so stoic. Truly, he’s depressed, and wallowing in extended baths. In addition, the flogging jump-began his body’s magic absorption: Wook should endure brutal heat, as the power burns up, then excruciating cold as it recedes.

The heat is effortlessly combated by way of ice baths. The cold almost kills him. Mu-deok bundles him in blankets, slaps his face to preserve him conscious, and when all else fails, holds him close. Wook, evermore heroic, insists that if he dies, she should take his power. Mu-deok, evermore herself, replies that if she knew how to do that, she’d have killed him currently. Nonetheless, we get some extremely sweet content material, as Mu-deok murmurs stories, assisting him by way of the evening. While she speaks, she pats his arm to comfort him. (I die.)

By morning, Wook is recovered, and stronger for it. Nonetheless, he nonetheless can not unsheathe his father’s sword. This becomes an concern sooner rather than later, due to the fact he has a crown prince to contend with.

PRINCE GO WON (Shin Seung-ho) is striking for two causes: his unerring capability to raise a single eyebrow in skepticism, and his ill-judged loyalty to his mentor, Jin Mu. The latter has led him to worry the 4 Seasons he’s right here to assert his energy by demanding Naksu’s sword — and Jang Gang’s, also. When Wook refuses, Won proposes a duel. To make issues semi-fair, he draws a line in the dirt: Wook wins if he can drive him previous it.

Wook’s no combat savant Won knocks him about the yard without the need of breaking a sweat. Fortunately, assistance is at hand in the kind of Mu-deok and a brimming chamber pot! Her genuinely ingenuous remedy is to slop its contents among the two fighters, causing the prince to recoil in fastidious horror — suitable more than the line he drew.

Meanwhile, Dang-gu has gone to verify on Wook. Yul tags along to speak to Mu-deok, and Cho-Yeon has somewhat confused plans to scold Wook, then treat his wounds. In quick, 3 Seasons arrive in time to hear the fourth correctly inform a prince not to let the door hit him on his way out.

Won does not specifically take this lying down. As an alternative, he tries to behead Mu-deok for staining his sleeve with toilet slop. But, as his blade comes whistling down, it is deflected. Wook has achieved the not possible: in that moment of peril, he unsheathes his father’s sword.

And what a sword! It is positively luminescent with lake-energy. Wook lunges forward to fight in deadly earnest: anything is forcing his physique to lurch forward, puppet-like. His close friends wrestle away the sword, but Wook’s suitable arm is dealing out dizzying blows due to an uncontrolled surge of energy. Considering rapidly, Cho-Yeun whips out a magical binding bracelet, restraining the disobedient limb. Sadly, Won’s nonetheless out for blood.

As the 4 Seasons bicker more than how to navigate this political quagmire, Mu-deok resorts to desperate measures. She kneels just before Won. She holds up the chamber pot. With wide eyes, she provides to drink it in penitence.

Wook’s honor will not enable this. He also kneels, providing to drink in her stead, causing Mu-deok to go on a actually phenomenal face journey by way of seven shades of irritation and perplexity. Wook’s doting housekeeper, KIM DO-JOO (Oh Nara), throws herself forwards. She’ll drink from the pot! Hot on her heels comes Dan-gu! He’ll assistance drink! Cho-yeon actions forward and… shrieks at the stench. She attempted.

Fortunately, Yul nonetheless has his wits about him, and provides Won what he really desires — an excuse not to watch this debacle unfold — by saying they dare not challenge him. Won requires him at his word, while also taking the chance to leave.

Wook’s ecstatic at possessing accomplished Ryusu — adequate to pull Mu-deok, who nonetheless reeks of toilet sluice, into a tight hug. (She hugs back quite nicely for an individual who claims to steer clear of non-murderous intimacy.) He’s determined to head back to Songrim and show Jin the fruits of his labor.

This is a error. Jin, forced into cruelty by his information of Wook’s fate, demands that he take away the binding bracelet on his arm. He obeys, struggling to hold his sword aloft. But, it is also a lot for him. His arm plunges forward of its personal accord, stabbing Jin in the shoulder.

Jin does not bat an eyelid. He just stares, really hard. But, when Cho-yeon attempts to defend Wook by praising his duel with Won, he explodes into worry and rage. Mu demands that Wook be imprisoned for attacking the prince, and Jin agrees.

In Wook’s cell, he and Jin face a harrowing conversation, awkwardly asking immediately after the wounds they inflicted on every other. For Jin, the dilemma is unbearable: it breaks his heart that Wook will not take into account an ordinary life. For Wook, the betrayal is huge: even his patron desires to see him fail. Jin levels one particular final blow, telling Wook that he’s the outcome of his mother’s adore affair. This lie hurts all the far more when you recall that Jin himself was in adore with Do-hwa.

Unbeknown to our heroes, wider complications are emerging. Mu’s lackey, GIL JOO (Choi Ji-ho) suspects that Mu-deok is Naksu. He’s presently escorting a sinister soul-shifter into the city, for purposes unknown. Meanwhile, an additional mysterious stranger has stolen Gwigu, transferring the formidable dog-spirit into the physique of an ordinary mutt. Nonetheless, the most significant concern is that Wook has lapsed into a depression that even Mu-deok can not lift.

Fortunately, she’s master of the inventive remedy. With Dang-gu’s assistance, she orchestrates a meeting among Yeom and Mu. It does not take a lot goading to get Mu to agree to an official duel among Won and Wook — potentially, to the death.

There’s no time to waste: Dang-gu and Yul assistance Wook flee Songrim. He and Mu-deok allegedly program to lie low in Mu-deok’s hometown till issues settle. On the other hand, as they set sail, Mu-deok reveals that it is Danhyanggok, Naksu’s residence, that they’re headed for… to train.

Cue Wook: “You’ve poisoned me once more!”

As ever, Alchemy of Souls is driving me wild with its tightly-plotted theatrics. While the successes of Episode three are punctuated by some uneven comedy, Episode four is a triumph from begin to finish. As generally, our leads’ rock-strong chemistry carries the day, but the supporting cast is coming into their personal. Jin and Wook’s thwarted, pseudo-parental connection splits my heart in two, and I’ve a expanding fondness for Yul’s quiet dignity. Cho-yeon is an additional standout: she’s adorably prim, and deeply erratic I can not wait to uncover out far more about what tends to make her tick.

I’m earnestly rooting for our heroes, due to the fact the balance of sympathies is so deft. Wook tries so really hard, and fails so normally, but his key opposition comes from these who adore him. Mu-deok is masterful and vulnerable in equal turn, but she’s unafraid to humiliate herself in the service of a scheme. In quick, every little thing is beautifully complicated. Plus, I’ll confess, I do not generally giggle at toilet humor. But, this episode’s toilet humor? Strong genius. Bring on subsequent week!

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