Why Her?: Episodes 7-8


Why Her?: Episodes 7-eight

Our lawyer finds herself on the incorrect side of the law this week, and our undesirable guys perform to remove her as a threat so they can retrieve the files that she stole from them. Will her loyal students enable clear her name, or will she go to prison for a crime she didn’t commit?


Not a complete lot of action this week, but we do see an try at some substantially necessary character improvement following Soo-jae’s foolish solo trip to meet with Suk-pal. Fortunately, even even though she was uncharacteristically naive to show up to the fish marketplace devoid of any backup, she did at least inform Mi-rim exactly where she was headed, which helped Chan to find her.

Soon after witnessing the explosion and Suk-pal’s death, she’s understandably shaken, and Chan drives her back to her location and insists on staying the evening. They each fall asleep on the sofa, but Soo-jae is terrorized by a nightmare exactly where she’s trapped in Suk-pal’s automobile ahead of it explodes. Chan wakes her, and she seeks a moment of privacy in her bathroom, but when Chan hears her crying by means of the door, he enters and comforts her.

Although it is having a bit tiring seeing Chan play Soo-jae’s wannabe champion and individual cheer squad, this is the initially exchange that produced me really feel like they are connecting on an intimate level. Admittedly, Chan’s words are nonetheless rife with hero worship, and he insists she will usually be “cool” in his eyes, even if she cries and shows weakness. Soo-jae, on the other hand, responds by sharing her fears and vulnerability, which humanizes her just sufficient that I felt the emotional distance among them shrink ever so slightly.

Sadly, though Chan and Soo-jae seem to be having closer, the gap among Chan and his virtually-buddy Yoon-sang grows wider. The day following Suk-pal’s explosive death, Yoon-sang is nonetheless riding a wave of concern for Soo-jae, and when he finds out that she known as Chan in her hour of need to have, Yoon-sang’s jealousy causes him to lash out against Chan.

Chan counters by reminding Yoon-sang that his family members members are suspects in their ongoing investigation, but Yoon-sang — who does not take kindly to persons other than himself speaking shit about his family members — passionately denies that his brother and father are involved. Taking into consideration Yoon-sang spent the prior evening snooping by means of his father’s workplace, even though, his denial appears rooted in his need to disagree with Chan. Any lingering faith he may perhaps nonetheless have in his family members is hanging on by a thin thread of hope that his gut — and all the proof — is incorrect.

The other members of Group eight overhear Chan and Yoon-sang’s exchange, and swift witted Se-ryun properly deduces that Yoon-sang is Tae-kook’s son — daebak!

As we all know, Tae-kook is not the man his son desires him to be, and when he and Soo-jae have an additional private exchange more than dinner, Tae-kook borrows Soo-jae’s metaphor about fishing to throw down the gauntlet. Considering the fact that she will not play nicely with him, he has no selection but to destroy her.

Soo-jae does not have to wait extended for Tae-kook’s attack, and the subsequent day the police are waiting for her when she arrives at the law clinic. Initially, they only want to contact her in for questioning as a material witness to Suk-pal’s suicide, but following getting a telephone contact from the chief of police — who is in Tae-kook’s pocket — she’s arrested devoid of a warrant, charged with inciting the murder of So-young.

The police handcuff her, but Chan covers the cuffs with his scarf to enable her sustain her dignity. She utilizes their close proximity to cryptically inform him to please water her plants. Figuring out her plants are currently at death’s door due to her neglect, he properly infers that there’s one thing she desires him to recover. That one thing is a laptop, and Chan and Mi-rim are barely swift sufficient to recover it ahead of Joo-wan, who utilizes the reality that Soo-jae’s apartment is “company housing” as an excuse to get entry though she’s getting detained.

At the police station, though Soo-jae waits in an interrogation space, the detectives observe her from behind a two-way mirror. They’re comically unnerved by her calm demeanor, and a bit freaked out when she turns and smiles as even though she can see and hear them.

When Mi-rim arrives, they jump into the interrogation, complete of bravado and all as well eager to show her Suk-pal’s suicide video, which identifies her — by means of a voice recording of an old telephone conversation she had with Suk-pal — as the 1 who told Suk-pal to murder So-young. It is quite damning proof, but Soo-jae whispers to Mi-rim — so the police can’t overhear — that the most incriminating element of the recording was fabricated.

Soo-jae is transported to a detention center to wait till her pre-arrest hearing, and Mi-rim and Group eight perform to prove that the audio in the video was edited. They also have a suspicion that Suk-pal’s suicide was — a lot more most likely — a murder, and they attempt to decide if a third celebration added explosives to his automobile.

Meanwhile, 1 of Soo-jae’s personal contingency plans goes into impact. See, even ahead of she had dinner with Tae-kook, Soo-jae sensed that the shiitake mushrooms had been about to hit the fan. She preemptively met with YOON SE-PIL (Choi Young-joon), the CEO of SP Partners, and warned him that one thing may come about to her. Soon after her arrest, Se-pil halted the buyout of Hansu Bio, citing the clause in their contract that stipulated SP Partners would only proceed if Soo-jae was handling the deal.

This news frustrates Sung-beom and In-soo, and each males contact Tae-kook to complain. He assures them that the buyout will move forward, but he’s annoyed by their sniveling demands. They consider Tae-kook is their faithful dog, but he — like Soo-jae — has his personal agenda. He is not going to stay loyal forever, and with the flash drive back in his possession, he has the upper hand.

Back in jail, Soo-jae’s deductive reasoning abilities kick into overdrive, and she tries to figure out which of our 3 evil males orchestrated So-young’s murder and then implicated Soo-jae as element of the cover up. The culprit has to be somebody who knew that So-young would be at TK Law Firm the evening of her death, and he would also have to be conscious that Soo-jae planned to meet with Suk-pal. Of the 3 suspects, Tae-kook is the only 1 that fits each needs.

Group eight, on the other hand, keeps encountering dead ends in their investigation, but then Chan’s hyungs notice that Suk-pal seems to be signaling one thing with his hand in his suicide video. That one thing — make that somebody — is HA IL-GOO (Jeon Jin-ki), Tae-kook’s chief secretary and loyal lapdog.

Soon after figuring out Il-goo was the 1 who coerced Suk-pal into filming a suicide video, Yoon-sang lures Il-goo invites him out for soju. After Il-goo is completely wasted and on the verge of passing out at the table, Young-sang and Chan break into his workplace and steal the original audio file, which their specialist witness proves has been altered.

At Soo-jae’s pre-arrest hearing, the prosecution fights to prohibit the new proof from getting presented, but the police (who are miffed that the prosecution sturdy-armed the case away from them) and the judge (perverted Joon-myung’s wife) want to see it. In addition to proving that the audio was fabricated, 1 of Soo-jae’s freelance associates was capable to get video proof that somebody place explosives inside Tae-kook’s automobile.

The proof clears Soo-jae’s name, but it turns out to be absolutely unnecessary mainly because there’s a breaking news report: Gi-tak confessed to aiding in Suk-pal’s suicide. Supposedly, Suk-pal resented Soo-jae for causing his small business to fail, so he recruited Gi-tak help in his revenge. Gi-tak place the explosives in Suk-pal’s automobile, and Suk-pal lied in his suicide video that Soo-jae ordered him to kill So-young.

The reality, on the other hand, is that Tae-kook and Il-goo promised Suk-pal that they would enable him fake his death as element of their strategy to frame Soo-jae. As an alternative, they secretly had Gi-tak add the explosives to Suk-pal’s automobile and kill him. Tae-kook then had Gi-tak admit to aiding in Suk-pal’s suicide try and cleared Soo-jae’s name.

And why did Tae-kook enable release Soo-jae? Nicely, his motives seem to be 3-fold. For 1, the Hansu Bio deal can move forward. For an additional, Tae-kook secretly disdains his small business partners, and Gi-tak’s arrest moves Tae-kook’s private agenda forward. Ultimately, Yoon-sang agreed to perform for Tae-kook if he promised to save Soo-jae.

It appears that Yoon-sang is Tae-kook’s preferred son, and Tae-kook has higher hopes that his dirty dealings will advantage his progeny. Not only does he enable release Soo-jae, but he agrees to Yoon-sang’s other demand: to be Soo-jae’s intern. Yoon-sang claims he desires to be the mediator among them — simultaneously her protector and Tae-kook’s informant — and in exchange, he will perform towards getting a far better lawyer and successor than his older brother.

It is pretty apparent that Yoon-sang’s correct loyalties are nonetheless with Soo-jae, even though, and I doubt Tae-kook naively believes his son’s words. This tends to make me incredibly anxious for Yoon-sang’s future. Greatest case situation, he will have to reside with the guilt that he helped bring about his family’s downfall, but I worry his ending will be a lot more tragic, particularly now that he’s actually and figuratively inserted himself among Tae-kook and Soo-jae. Sadly, though Yoon-sang gallantly tends to make a deal with the devil, the lady he’s safeguarding seeks comfort in an additional man’s arms.

Soo-jae is released from prison, and Chan is waiting outdoors her apartment when she arrives residence. He sees his scarf in her hands, and comments that he would have worn a nicer 1 if he’d recognized he’d be providing it to her. He then tells her to come to his location for the evening mainly because her apartment is not protected. As an alternative of politely ignoring and rebuffing his flirtations, like she’s completed in the previous, she approaches him and rests her head on his shoulder. We finish with them embracing.

For as soon as, their intimacy feels organic. It tends to make sense that she would seek comfort following her current ordeal, and mainly because Chan’s currently witnessed her vulnerability, there’s no cause for her to hold back. It also feels a lot more organic mainly because there wasn’t a kiss, but does this imply I’m on board with the romance? Ehhhhh… not there but, but I may be coming about.

In basic, this week’s episodes had been extremely Tae-kook centric. A element of me appreciates this mainly because I consider we necessary a lot more clarity on how he match into the trio with Sung-beom and In-soo, and his partnership with them drew some good parallels with Soo-jae. It is no wonder that he appears hesitant to completely break her. She’s not just valuable she’s a lot like him.

Regrettably, though Tae-kook was prominently featured, most of our secondary characters got shafted — once again. Group 8’s sole objective in this drama is to move the plot forward when it is hassle-free, and even then, their investigations prove pointless. Either Soo-jae has currently figured out every thing on her personal or — as was the case this week — Tae-kook tends to make a move that renders all of their tough perform unnessary.

And let’s not overlook the tiny mystery going on with Se-pil, Seojung University Law College Director BAEK JIN-KI (Kim Chang-wan), and the girl with neurological harm that Jin-ki appears to have hidden away at some nursing residence facility. Could she be Chan’s missing (and presumed dead) step-sister? Or is she somebody else, which means there’s not 1 but two side plots that have been largely ignored for the final eight episodes? Yeah, there’s a lot of unanswered concerns right here, so I’m going to need to have the drama to reduce back on the quantity of Group eight scenes. Kthxbai.

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