Doctor Lawyer: Episodes 7-8


Medical professional Lawyer: Episodes 7-eight

Lastly back to getting a physician, our hero enacts a program to save a life and safe a testimony. It is going to be an uphill battle, but fortunately he has a strong assistance program of allies to back him up.


With the timely arrival of Hyuk-chul’s ex-wife Jung-hyun, the tense predicament is diffused and Hyuk-chul is disarmed of his blade. The ex-spouses are united in their desperation to save their son, and they make a decision to place their trust in Yi-han.

Of course, Chairman Gu does not take that lying down. Not only does he threaten Jung-hyun with her son’s life, but he also entices an overworked Yo-seob more than to his side with promises of a safe position — as extended as he cuts off get in touch with with Yi-han.

Suspicious of the newly-formed alliance amongst Yi-han and Jayden, Seok-young requests for a meeting with the latter. The pair take a look at him at his Banseok penthouse, exactly where Seok-young confronts him with the bottle of naloxone she discovered.

In a surprise move, she smashes the bottle — she is not hunting to arrest Jayden, but to figure out his motives. Amused by her boldness, Jayden reveals his program of exploiting their fight against Chairman Gu to make Banseok’s share rates drop. With that, the 3 enter a tentative alliance to reach their prevalent purpose of bringing Banseok down.

Yi-han effectively gets his healthcare license reinstated, and the subsequent avenue he decides to pursue is the media. He meets with reporter BAN SOO-HEE (Seo Yoon-ah), and they exchange scoops. Yi-han tells her about Chairman Gu hiring Hyuk-chul to murder Ki-tae, and Soo-hee reveals that a presidential candidate may possibly have illegally received a heart transplant.

That candidate turns out to be Yoo-na’s father IM TAE-MOON (Nam Myung-ryul) his records are squeaky clean, but Soo-hee discovered a bottle of immunosuppressants (taken by transplant sufferers) in his recycling bin. Yi-han passes the facts along to Seok-young, who reels at the possibility that Candidate Im may possibly have been the 1 who stole Seok-joo’s heart.

Jayden and Yi-han spend Chairman Gu a take a look at to go over the stocks contract, except issues take a dramatic turn inside the very first 5 minutes when Yi-han abruptly pulls out Hyuk-chul’s blade and nicks Chairman Gu’s throat. Every person is shocked, except for Jayden, whose amused smile is fairly substantially the equivalent of consuming popcorn at the films.

Chairman Gu clearly cannot contact the cops on Yi-han without having implicating himself, so they proceed with the discussion. Jayden boldly amends the contract breach penalty to an astronomical quantity of 1 billion dollars, and Chairman Gu indicators.

Just before Yi-han leaves, Chairman Gu extends a pretense of an olive branch — return to Banseok, and he’ll make him the hospital’s director in a decade. Yi-han says it like it is, calling the offer you revolting, and leaves.

In other news, we study that through the search and seizure on Yi-han’s workplace, Chairman Gu had referred to as Kang-ho to his workplace for a cup of tea. Pretending to really feel sympathy for Seok-young’s loss, Chairman Gu urged Kang-ho to make positive Yi-han loses his license for great.

That puts Kang-ho on edge when he finds out that Seok-young’s been hunting into previous investigation records, and for great explanation, as well. Seok-young’s starting to uncover what appears to be an underhanded alliance amongst Chairman Gu, Assemblywoman YOON MI-SUN (Kang Kyung-hun), and her aide — who turns out to be the suspect who stabbed himself back in Episode 1.

Hyun-sung pops the query to Yoo-na with a cliché and overwrought proposal, and Yoo-na pretends to appear appropriately emotional. Nonetheless, she declines — she’ll marry him when he’s surpassed his father. Ooh, pitting the incompetent son against the arrogant parent? Exciting.

Yoo-na’s sick of getting belittled by the guys about her, although, and she seeks out Jayden for a moment of escape. Fortunately for her, he has just the issue in thoughts — a private racing track exactly where she can speed to her heart’s content material. (They pretty much crash, to the chagrin of Jayden’s aide, but fortunately they emerge unscathed.)

Jayden asks Yoo-na not to marry Hyun-sung, confessing that he loves her deeply — but he will not propose to her. Rather than getting someone’s wife, she need to just shine brilliantly as herself. Thanks, Jayden, now you are generating me swoon as well.

Yi-han’s clinic is gradually taking shape, thanks to Jayden and his limitless price range for state-of-the-art healthcare gear. That implies he’s capable to execute the surgery for Jung-hyun’s son, but there’s 1 dilemma remaining — they cannot get him discharged without having Chairman Gu discovering out and retaliating.

Which implies it is time to sneak her son out of Banseokwon! Yi-han enlists the assist of Jayden, promising him that the plan’s accomplishment will bring about a drop in Banseok’s stock rates.

Except Jayden turns correct about and feeds the facts to Chairman Gu. What?? Chairman Gu is distrustful, but Jayden explains that he’s basically a business enterprise-minded investor he desires additional shares, but he cannot have Banseok crumbling completely.

And so, Yi-han and his group are caught wheeling Jung-hyun’s son out of Banseokwon. Chairman Gu gloats in their faces, but Yi-han’s the 1 that has the final laugh — the patient on the gurney is a mere mannequin. Jayden’s helicopter is currently escorting Jung-hyun’s son up, up, and away. YAY!

There’s just 1 dilemma, although in the scuffle, Yi-han’s dominant arm was hit badly. Can an injured surgeon who hasn’t operated for 5 years possibly try a risky surgery?

The answer is yes, he can — with Yo-seob’s assist! Aw, he did the correct issue but once more. Yi-han’s injured arm shakes in the middle of surgery, but Yo-seob gathers up his courage and gives to take more than. I’m beaming with pride.

The episode ends there, although, which implies we’ll have to wait till subsequent week to discover out whether or not they effectively full the surgery in time. Hyuk-chul’s trial is ongoing at the precise exact same moment, and they need to have to save his son’s life in order to convince him to testify against Chairman Gu.

If I wasn’t currently hooked on Jayden just before (newsflash: I entirely was), this episode solidified my interest in his character. I admit I really doubted Jayden for a second there I wouldn’t place it previous him to reveal his accurate colors as a ruthless businessman.

I need to actually have had additional faith in him, although, due to the fact appear at that totally masterful deception! For all his theatrical showmanship and wily manipulation, Jayden’s surprisingly loyal to these he allies with — supplied it serves his requires as well, of course.

Or maybe I shouldn’t be calling it loyalty following all, any businessman worth his salt knows that credibility will have to very first be constructed in order to safe prosperous offers. I wouldn’t be shocked if Jayden ends up pulling a rapidly 1 on our hero someplace down the line, but this volatility is precisely why I appreciate his character.

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