The Witch is Alive: Episode 1 (First Impressions)


The Witch is Alive: Episode 1 (Initially Impressions)

Lee Yuri is back, and in a black comedy and mystery genre no significantly less! 3 ladies who are tired of the status quo and are prepared to take matters into their personal hands? Sign me up! The Witch is Alive introduces us to these good friends who are so unique, but so alike, and we kind an immediate bond with them as we dive into their globe.

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We cruise into the drama in a flashy convertible driven by our top lady GONG MA-RI (Lee Yuri) who is accompanied by the rest of the chaotic bunch, CHAE HEE-SOO (Lee Min-young) and YANG JIN-AH (Yoon So-yi). But lest we consider that the rest of the drama is just like this entertaining road trip, Ma-ri warns us that a year later, one particular of them gets divorced, one particular of them becomes a mother, and the third ends up dead.

Nicely, that is one particular way to begin off a drama by maintaining the audience on their toes. But whilst we’re nevertheless in the present, we may as nicely take pleasure in the ride.

We commence effectively with Ma-ri and Hee-soo reuniting with Jin-ah following 5 years. And judging by the lives they reside at present, it could not be as well tricky to decipher which fate belongs to which lady.

Ma-ri who after had no interest in marriage had to get hitched since she got pregnant. Now, she’s a complete time housewife to Television character, LEE NAK-GU (Jung Sang-hoon). And in a way, I consider her boisterous character also aids her keep sane in the household she’s discovered herself in.

She has a passive-aggressive partnership with her mother-in-law — who is the kind of particular person to hold a funeral service for her dead dog, but place Ma-ri down for trapping her son with a pregnancy. Mentioned son is not precisely the finest co-worker at the Television station, and to best it all, he’s a perverted serial cheater. However, their teenage daughter research abroad, and aside from her good friends, Ma-ri does not genuinely have anybody else to lean on.

Hee-soo is married to an unavailable husband who does not look to be bothered that his wife is possessing issues in obtaining pregnant. For somebody who after dreamt of becoming a excellent wife and mother, all Hee-soo is at present is a daughter-in-law, searching following her sick mother-in-law.

She appears to have resigned herself to her present scenario, and if it gets to her, she does not let it show about other individuals. On the surface, Hee-soo seems to be the devoted daughter-in-law, but it feels much more like a duty than actual devotion. She does look to have a secret she’s maintaining from her husband, and I wonder what that is.

As for Jin-ah, her teenage dreams of marrying a wealthy heir didn’t come correct as an alternative, she got married to the church oppa absolutely everyone liked. However, he ended up dying whilst on the run from his creditors. And whilst he may not have been a wealthy heir, Jin-ah lives very comfortably now thanks to his life insurance coverage payout — but it is suspicious that she keeps the cash in money at property. It is just about like she demands to see and really feel it in order to be reassured of its existence. However, what she lacks in possessing a bank account, she tends to make up for with possessing a stalker. Hmmmm.

It is clear that none of the good friends have a excellent/reputable husband, and in a way, that is one particular of the factors that tends to make them so related. But whilst Jin-ah is seemingly cost-free from her husband at this point, it is left to be noticed how extended she can keep “free” thinking about the unsafe neighborhood she lives in.

Back to Ma-ri, obtaining a divorce is not a new subject to her, as her husband keeps bringing it up anytime she calls him out on his perverted strategies. And whilst Ma-ri is not entirely onboard with the divorce but, her mother is firmly against it. But from their interaction, they do not precisely have the finest mother-daughter partnership.

Ma-ri’s good friends also have dissenting opinions about the divorce. Jin-ah is all for obtaining divorced and rocking the happily single life, whilst Hee-soo is worried about the economic implications on her complete time housewife buddy — though she’s not averse to Ma-ri following in her husband’s footsteps and cheating on him in return.

Somehow, I wonder if Hee-soo is also stepping out on her marriage, thinking about we see her hurry away from a evening out with her good friends following obtaining a text, and later on in a motel space, freshly showered, and hesitant to choose up a telephone contact from her husband.

But whilst Ma-ri assures her good friends that her husband is not cheating on her, her denial indicates absolutely nothing thinking about the sleazeball is in the tabloids for possessing an affair with a younger lady. Tsk.

You’d consider the exposure would make him lay low for a whilst, but he carries on with his side piece anyway. But when a drunk Ma-ri ultimately catches him in his internet of lies, she swears to kill him. And as we finish the episode on this note, I’m right here for the war she has officially declared against her husband.

This episode was a wonderful opener, and I like that the drama did not shy away from telling us what to anticipate – a divorce, a child, and a death. What remains to be noticed are the incidents that will lead up to these, and if every little thing will add up in the finish.

I take pleasure in dramas with an emphasis on female friendships, and I currently adore the trio in this drama. They each and every have their person personalities, but these variations blend into a seamless friendship that has carried on from their childhood to youth and now adulthood.

As generally, Lee Yuri knocks it out of the park in these kinds of roles, and I’m enjoying her portrayal of Ma-ri. I share the identical adore for Hee-soo and Jin-ah, and whilst their fates may have currently been sealed, I’m nevertheless rooting for them just about every step of the way. These ladies are awakening their inner witch, and absolutely everyone else had far better sleep with one particular eye opened.

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