Insider: Episodes 5-6


Insider: Episodes five-six

Our hero builds up an arsenal of tricks gradually but steadily, imparted to him by the impish leader that is taken him beneath his wing. There’s far more lurking beneath the latter’s devil-could-care attitude, although, and our hero quickly finds himself roped into a vengeance mission.


We resume exactly where we left off final week, except the clock rewinds — oh phew, the bloody stabbing was a fakeout! Yo-han confronts Jin-hyung about the CCTV recording, and he confesses that he’d been set up. Following the GPS coordinates sent to him in a text message, he’d located Yo-han’s grandmother lying unconscious beneath the bridge and attempted to carry her to security.

Jin-hyung implores Yo-han to think him, and that sets off the waterworks — Yo-han admits that he’s been suffering terribly in prison. The sight of his tears has Jin-hyung pulling him into a tight embrace, but out of view, Yo-han’s expression hardens.

Flashback to 5 days ago. Following patching up Yo-han’s wounds — incurred through a round of combat coaching with other inmates — Sun-oh asked Yo-han for a favor. (Can I just say how endearing it is that Sun-oh’s taken to calling Yo-han hyung?)

Believing that Seung-hwan is squirreling away funds beneath his nose, Sun-oh instructs Yo-han to uncover and get his secret ledger. With a bit of sleuthing, Yo-han virtually figures out the trick, but Seung-hwan walks in at the incorrect moment.

Yo-han’s holding the incorrect book in his hand, so he gets off scot-absolutely free. The moment he’s out of the space, although, Seung-hwan straight away feeds his ledger notes into the paper shredder. That evening, Yo-han practically gets suffocated to death in his sleep by Seung-hwan’s cronies, and he awakes nonetheless alive but really significantly conscious of the threat getting produced.

It does not finish there Seung-hwan provides Yo-han a practically-fatal case of poisoning with a dose of antifreeze in his herbal medicine. Yo-han flatlines but recovers, and Seung-hwan advises him to return to getting a standard inmate, telling him that this is not a spot he should really be. For all that Seung-hwan openly detests Yo-han, there’s a somber note in his voice right here that tends to make me feel he could just be sincere.

Slimy Chairman Yang (a.k.a. the guy Yo-han was supposed to catch at the gambling den) pays the warden a pay a visit to, exactly where he requests for Sun-oh to join them. We get a shocking revelation — Sun-oh utilized to be Chairman Yang’s underling, but he attempted to strike out and assert independence. Except Sun-oh’s hubris revealed all of his tells, and Chairman Yang defeated him soundly. Then he proceeded to viciously castrate Sun-oh sans anesthesia. Ouch.

Chairman Yang utilizes the meeting to gloat in Sun-oh’s face, as if we necessary any far more cause to despise him. He challenges Sun-oh to a round of cards with higher stakes on the line, and Sun-oh agrees — but only if it is two-on-two. Omg, are we ultimately going to see Sun-oh and Yo-han playing with each other?

At some point, the disparate plots converge in a confusingly layered but in the end satisfying way. Seung-hwan catches Yo-han sneaking to the infirmary to retrieve a scalpel and recording device, additional fueling his suspicions relating to Yo-han’s VIP visitations and achievable ties to Shinseondong.

Having said that, the recording device turns out to be empty Yo-han hadn’t recorded his meeting with Jin-hyung, contrary to my expectations. Seung-hwan’s suspicions nonetheless haven’t abated, so Sun-oh strings Yo-han up pendulum-style for a evening, pretending to discipline him. Yo-han admits his causes for sneaking the recorder and scalpel into the visitation, and Sun-oh provides a deal.

And so, Seung-hwan’s rebellion comes to an abrupt finish when he and his cronies try to confront Sun-oh and Yo-han in a hallway. Working with the safety manager’s baton, Sun-oh beats Seung-hwan till he’s battered and shaking, and even Yo-han — who’s been roughed up far also normally to count — cringes at the brutal violence.

Sun-oh virtually appears like he’s losing his sanity, with a wildness in his eyes, and it terrifies the cronies into submission. Afterwards, although, Yo-han notices Sun-oh’s hand trembling — it is clear he didn’t get pleasure from possessing to do what he just did, considering the fact that he was placing on an act for Yo-han’s sake.

In any case, Sun-oh’s gotten Yo-han out of Seung-hwan’s clutches, so it is time to return the favor. Yo-han learns card shuffling tricks from Sun-oh, ranging from concealing a card in his hand to reading card numbers off baseballs hurled previous his face. Sun-oh does not do points by halves, huh?

It is so satisfying to see Yo-han progress from spilling cards all more than the table, to shuffling out all the aces completely. Sun-oh appears just as proud as I am, and a especially enthusiastic bout of cheering has him falling out of his chair, HAHA. Sun-oh’s like an excitable puppy, I luff him!

Greaseball Chairman Yang and his co-player Director Jin arrive for the face-off, and as a result commences a tense battle exactly where everyone’s attempting to study 1 one more. Yo-han and Sun-oh exchange secret signals, and Sun-oh urges Yo-han to continue betting in spite of holding a dismal hand.

Predictably, Yo-han loses the very first round, but that is specifically what they want — to get Chairman Yang to decrease his guard by dismissing Yo-han as a mere rookie. Oh, it is going to be so gratifying to see Chairman Yang shed mainly because of the exact same complacency that after knocked Sun-oh down a peg, but the most effective point about this game is that I have completely no thought how it will finish.

The game goes on, and on, and on. It is a testament to how evenly matched the players are, till a breakthrough moment comes — Yo-han realizes he’s ultimately gotten into the zone, and his physique is all primed and geared up for a scam. It is time.

He shuffles just like he’s practiced, but Chairman Yang’s eyes are sharp, and he gloats that he’s caught them cheating. Abruptly, he yanks Yo-han’s hand towards himself, aiming to stab it by way of with a fork — except Sun-oh’s reflexes are rapidly as lightning, and he straight away counters with a sharply folded card to Director Jin’s eye.

It is Sun-oh that is caught the actual cheating! He forces Director Jin to unbutton her sleeve, revealing cards hidden inside. The jig is up, and Sun-oh drawls that all the things was caught on the room’s a lot of CCTVs. Chairman Yang is carried out for in the gambling globe if the videos are released, and so he winds up possessing to sign an agreement stating he’ll under no circumstances step foot in the prison (and its gambling dens) once more. Yesss, Sun-oh got his revenge!

Daylight dawns, and Yo-han is unreadably stoic in the aftermath of the scam. Sun-oh immediately explains his rationale behind why he tricked Yo-han into getting bait, nervous that Yo-han could be mad at him — but Yo-han just tells Sun-oh that he has to maintain pushing on and bluff even improved. Aaaaa, they’re partners now! For realsies!!

One particular month later, Sun-oh is released from prison. That also signifies there are huge footwear to fill, which Seung-hwan is thirsting soon after — but not if Yo-han can aid it. He’s currently believed ahead, and when Seung-hwan hunts him down in the VIP space (soon after wheedling the place out of the warden), he’s prepared to face him.

Yo-han asks why Seung-hwan has been suspicious of him considering the fact that the begin, to which Seung-hwan replies that his eyes do not harbor the guilt that a criminal’s would. That signifies he’s either a psychopath or he’s hiding a secret, and Seung-hwan’s funds is on the latter.

Earnestly, Yo-han provides to reveal his secrets to him — will he accept him then? Seung-hwan scoffs at very first, but what ever Yo-han tells him quickly wipes the derisive smile off his face, leaving him stunned.

Afterwards, Seung-hwan tends to make a contact to Jin-hyung, asking what his partnership with Yo-han is. He replies that he’s the Chief Prosecutor as nicely as Yo-han’s mentor, and darkly requests that Yo-han not be bothered whilst he’s in prison.

It is a strong backing, but not strong sufficient for Seung-hwan to back down. Yo-han ends up facing Seung-hwan and his cronies in the precise exact same hallway once more, but this time there’s no Sun-oh to back him up.

Except he does not require that. Turns out Yo-han managed to entice the avaricious Seung-hwan more than with promises of funds, vowing to take none of it for himself. He’s effectively purchased Seung-hwan’s loyalty.

Meanwhile, Soo-yeon’s investigation continues. The investigator in charge of the death of Yo-han’s grandma was offed by means of suspicious suicide, so Soo-yeon’s tracking down the tiny boy that the investigator had been seeking into prior to his death.

Following a month of looking, she finds out that the boy’s father is a coin exchange trader who lived overseas for the previous 15 years. He only lately returned, except the cause is unclear worse however, his citizen ID quantity has expired, so he’s going to be challenging to track down.

In order to speed up the procedure, they require even far more strong people today than the ones Soo-yeon is currently exploiting. Yo-han has an thought in thoughts — Shinseondong. With a swipe of an access card, Yo-han is (illegally) out of prison, prepared to make his subsequent move.

This drama truly is an unexpected gem — each and every week I’m engaged by the unpredictable way the plot unfolds, peppered with unexpected moments of humour that have me actually laughing out loud. (Highlight of this week: Sun-oh informing Yo-han that he “reattached them” down there, just in case he was curious, ha.)

I’m sorry to see Sun-oh leave so quickly, although I suppose it was essential in order for Yo-han to bare his claws and assert his leadership. They have such an entertaining dynamic, you can not blame me for wanting to see far more!

Sun-oh has a manic, electrifying power to him that just lights up the screen and draws me in he’s such a wonderfully complicated character, and I truly like how they progressively peeled back his layers to show the depth of his wit. To feel I’d written him off as an arrogant and obnoxious boy at very first, way back when Yo-han was nonetheless on Doo-chul’s side — I unquestionably feel significantly differently of him now.

Prior to they parted approaches, Sun-oh did say that he hopes Yo-han will continue assisting him with his vengeance after they’re each out of prison, so I’m holding him to his word and seeking forward to that. In the meantime, here’s a toast to Yo-han, who’s ultimately discovering his footing and spreading his wings — the renewed resolve in his eyes is a sight to behold.

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