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So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for extra (or agonizing when there was no extra), and what created you want to throw your remote via the screen? Time to weigh in…



At the moment covering: Yumi’s Cells two

Kiss Sixth Sense: Even with all the suitable cuteness coming back this week, I’m obtaining bored. I’m glad this is only 12 episodes!

Alchemy of Souls: This was wayyyy extra exciting than I was expecting. I didn’t have any difficulties jumping into this fantastical and somewhat silly planet, and the characters and their interactions are just as colorful as they should really be. The comedy and exciting aspect carry the show, and I hope it stays that way. I can deal with the wacky CGI, but my only genuine complaint was all the exposition that was crammed into the dialogue. Our characters clarify so lots of locations and ideas and histories all for our advantage it is a small artificial, but I’ll accept it rather than be confused or wade via four episodes for the setting to be established. Anyway, this is a excellent weekend drama to escape to for a small bit, and I can not wait for extra!



At the moment covering: Jinxed at Initial

Alchemy of Souls: This is so considerably exciting to watch, and I can not even pinpoint specifically why. Is it the fantasy setting? The beautiful visuals? Jung So-min’s facial expressions? The 4 Seasons quartet whose dynamic reminds me of my early K-drama days (Prior to Prior to Flowers, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, You are Wonderful, et al.)? All of the above? What ever the case, I’m right here for it! Although portion of me does wonder if the show is ever going to address the matter of the genuine Mu-deok — is she nonetheless in there someplace, or did she die because she didn’t finish up in Naksu’s physique?



At the moment covering: Why Her?

Alchemy of Souls: I’ve only watched the very first episode so far, and I enjoyed it. I’m just not positive I’m in the mood for fantasy appropriate now, so I may possibly save it for later and binge-watch it all at when. The visuals and planet creating are remarkable, and even right after only a single episode, I’m feeling inspired to build some thing from this show. For these of you who do not know, a single of my (lots of) hobbies is recreating K-drama scenes in miniature kind, and I suspect this drama may possibly finish up on my expanding list of craft projects. Perhaps that is a further purpose I should really hold off on this drama I’m currently drowning in paint and glue.

Kiss Sixth Sense: The at-function flirting and secret meetings damn close to killed me from the cute hilarity of the circumstance! This week I did catch myself overthinking the mechanics of Ye-sool’s potential a bit also considerably. Like, when she’s creating out with Min-hu at the finish of Episode ten, does each and every new touch of the lips send her to a distinctive premonition of the future? How can she remain in the mood/moment if her brain keeps jumping about like a tv flipping via channels? And what if a single of the futures she sees is of Min-hu making use of the bathroom or some thing? Speak about a mood killer… I can only hope that there is some sort of destiny at play so that her potential only shows her what she desires to see in order to guide her to some particular moment in her future with Min-hu — maybe the take-down of our mysterious stalker, for instance. Perhaps at that point, each of them will shed their particular skills just as rapidly as they obtained them? That is what I’m hoping for. Only two episodes left! Please give us a fantastic ending to go with the rest of this addictive drama!



Red Heart: From start off to finish, this was the Kang Hanna show! She met a wonderful character, and delivered effortlessly. I want I could say the exact same about Tae. I recognize his character motivations, but I absolutely do not want to reside beneath his rule. It is a fantastic point that he has an individual like Jung on his side to reel him in if he ever goes more than the edge. Minister Park was extra of a pendulum sort of character to me, at times I liked him, other occasions I didn’t. But I constantly respected how he stuck to his ideals on guarding Joseon in his personal way. Who else wasn’t shocked that the minister of war was sent into exile? It remains to be noticed if his daughter can adhere to via on her determination to be dowager. I assume it was good that the drama ended on this note — with the daughter nursing future ambitions — since, although the drama is “over,” politics in Joseon in no way seriously finish.

It is Wonderful Now: Appear who got scammed when attempting to scam his parents. I really feel slightly poor for Soo-jae, but I really feel even worse for Yu-na. As the father stated, fans turned haters are normally the worst, and l bet his mum will not let her off very easily. But I guess this is exactly where her boss comes in now to fulfill his destiny as a second lead. As constantly, Yoon-jae and Hae-jun continue to be my favourite couple in the show, and yaayyyy for the double date lastly taking place. Excellent grandma Kyung-quickly remains my favourite character in the drama, and her friendship with her brother and Mi-rae’s grandmother is so exciting to watch. I hope the show will not try to pair her “oppa” and “unnie” with each other, so the trio can continue becoming the 3 musketeers of the yoga club without the need of everyone feeling like a third wheel.

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