Kiss Sixth Sense: Episodes 9-10


Kiss Sixth Sense: Episodes 9-ten

Comedy comes back this week, along with communication among our leads. The manufactured angst of the mystery plot line requires a backseat and we return to a far more intriguing sort of tension: sexual tension. Have secret workplace antics ever been this exciting?!


Can we all just take a moment to collectively squeal? We got so substantially of every thing we asked for in these episodes, I quickly forgave final week’s errors. Funny and attractive are this drama’s powerful suits and it hit its stride once again straight away. We get tons of handholding, kisses, jokes, and flirtation — all ahead of we ultimately reside out “the future occasion.” With two far more episodes to go, I’m nervous it will not hold up, but this week gave me a lot to hope for.

We jump in exactly where we left off, on a creepy nation road, but fortunately we do not remain there extended. Min-hu tracks down Ye-sool, quietly averting any kidnapping or crime, and the story moves on to resolve most of final week’s miscommunications inside the initially 5 minutes. Min-hu tells Ye-sool that he gets sick when he kisses somebody but feels greater about her (leaving off the piece about super senses for now). At initially, Ye-sool thinks it is just a ploy to hold her hand but starts to think him when she thinks about her personal reaction to kissing — and realizes she and Min-hu have this odd situation in typical.

From there, the two move on to some critical adulting. Ye-sool apologizes for her behavior the day ahead of and admits she was not actually swayed by Pil-yo. Min-hu says it is okay to fight, but asks her not to jump straight to breaking up and ignoring his calls. With his secret now in the open, the misunderstanding about Ji-young is also cleared up. We nonetheless get some jealousy from Min-hu that feels a bit dated, but it could be explained by his deep-seated insecurity about his skills. When he ultimately comes clean to Ye-sool about his heightened senses, he tells her that he kept it hidden out of worry that she would be uncomfortable and not want to be about him.

Of course, Ye-sool can empathize with Min-hu’s worry. She under no circumstances told Pil-yo about her sixth sense for the incredibly similar explanation. The bond among Ye-sool and Min-hu is strengthened by these conversations and, in a scene that feels intimate, they every single confess that it is the initially time they’ve told somebody they dated about their powers. All through the course of the episodes, every single independently decides that it does not matter if the future Ye-sool sees among them is satisfied or not — they want to go for it anyway.

And right here is exactly where the squee aspect hits record highs. Ye-sool runs (actually) to Min-hu’s apartment, rips up the contract she wrote, and tells him she desires a true partnership. She goes inside and we get the initially of several fake-outs as to when these two will essentially seal the deal. This time, they look hot and heavy, but we see Jackson sitting safely by the side. When Ye-sool wakes up in Min-hu’s bed (and his sweats) although he’s in the kitchen cooking breakfast, I completely purchased into it (I imply, we know Ye-sool can not be trusted to interpret her visions. Possibly her premonition wasn’t their initially time?) Alas, it didn’t come about.

In an work to make it come about, Ye-sool tells Min-hu what clothing they’re wearing in her vision and each of them put on the similar clothing each and every day for a week (lol) although perform-connected events get in their way. In the interim, Ye-sool puts her Organizing Group 1 abilities to use and develops a Kiss Threat Minimization Program. The notion is that Ye-sool will kiss Min-hu (but not on the lips) so he will not practical experience any discomfort, and he’ll do the similar for her so she will not be anxious about the future. At the workplace, they’ll make use of his super senses so Ye-sool can provide signals about exactly where to meet up for these not-on-the-lips kisses without the need of receiving caught. (This is the greatest use of their powers I can think about and the drama gave me precisely what I didn’t know I wanted.)

Just after a although, all this foreplay becomes as well substantially for our twosome to take it. Following a group outing exactly where Min-hu gets drunk, the future ultimately comes to fruition. I’m not positive why, but I discovered the bed scene much less affecting than it ought to have been. Was it due to the fact we’ve noticed it for ten episodes currently? Or due to the fact every thing top up to it was just way as well substantially exciting?

Aside from the amazingness that moved the action along this week, I was satisfied to see true alterations in all of our most important characters. Early on, I had expressed hope that Ye-sool and Min-hu would have some neutralizing effects on every single other’s personalities, and that is precisely what we began to see. Ye-sool is becoming far more confident and direct. She tells off Ji-young, confesses that she likes Min-hu, and begins kissing him into stunned silence at the workplace — in truth, Min-hu appears stunned by most of her new behaviors.

At the similar time, Min-hu is becoming much less buttoned up. He’s smiling a LOT far more, wanting to inform everybody about their partnership, and playing about at perform as an alternative of becoming so critical. Also, he’s actually becoming freer by becoming in much less discomfort. Of course, all this could come undone subsequent week.

We now know that Ye-sool is Min-hu’s initially adore from when they met as teenagers, and he is worried about Ye-sool remembering the incident. She (and we) may well have to perform by way of the trauma of her recovered memories ahead of she and Min-hu can actually be on the mend.

As a little aside, I’m actually sad the Seung-taek and Ho-woo storyline has fundamentally been dropped. The handful of scenes we get with them collectively are just not adequate and small movement is taking place. On the other side, the comedic pairing among Ji-young and Pil-yo is operating for me. I wasn’t for it initially, but their alliance tends to make sense — teaming up to speak trash about their unrequited loves. They get some improvement as each start out to accept that they are not the ones for Min-hu and Ye-sool, and I consider their current hangouts bring out the greater components of their characters (or, perhaps I’m just satisfied it keeps them away from our leads).

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