Woori the Virgin: Episodes 13-14 (Final)


Woori the Virgin: Episodes 13-14 (Final)

It is time for our major lady to pick her future husband, but prior to the significant reveal, a handful of loose ends have to have to be tidied up or — a lot more accurately — speedily swept beneath the rug so they’re out of the way and we can all overlook about them.


Oh, Woori the Virgin, you had so a great deal prospective. You could have been the goofy, self-referential comedy of the summer season, but then you had to go and turn into a rejected Twilight fanfiction concept, pitting Group Raphael against Group Gang-jae. I admit, I was staunchly Group Raphael from the extremely starting, but soon after final week, I was Group No one. If I wanted to invest an hour watching a couple of grown males argue more than who’s greater than whom, I would have turned on a pro-wrestling match.

Sadly, the initial half of our finale week is mainly committed to the boys’ pissing contest, and poor Woori is caught in the middle — actually and frequently with excessive wrist grabbing. Due to the fact the plot is so heavily focused on our enjoy triangle, we fairly a great deal speed by way of all of the drama’s other side stories.

The complete Chairman Kim predicament, for instance, wraps up rather anticlimactically due to the fact Ma-ri offers up her con-artist methods for great and snitches on Hyun-seok. Gang-jae and Na-hee arrest her, and prior to their boss can support Hyun-seok escape jail, they catch him in the act of becoming a shady cop and arrest him, as well.

The a lot more surprising element of this tiny side-story is the reveal that Hyun-seok is Raphael’s half-sister on his mother’s side. That is ideal, Hyun-seok is not Duk-bae’s illegitimate kid like I’d previously suspected, but this tiny twist brings up all sorts of unanswered queries about Raphael’s mother. Like, was she on board with the complete abandoning-her-daughter-at-an-orphanage-when-she-got-remarried factor, or did Duk-bae kidnap Hyun-seok and then lie to his wife for the duration of their complete marriage? As well undesirable we will by no means uncover out due to the fact Duk-bae decides to turn into a monk and repent for becoming a terrible father.

Sung-il, on the other hand, proves himself to be a fairly decent father, and when Grandma and Eun-ran — who are on opposing sides of the Raphael and Gang-jae debate — ask him to cast his deciding vote on who Woori need to marry, he tends to make an work to get to know Gang-jae considering the fact that he currently knows Raphael by way of perform. In the course of their father and not-fairly-son-in-law chat, Sung-il confides that he’s a bit bummed that Woori nonetheless addresses him formally as a colleague, not as her father, and Gang-jae assures him that Woori, who is slow to open up to folks, will get there at some point. And she does.

Immediately after Sung-il and the director of Mask of Wish get in a fight more than Sung-il’s shooting schedule, the director orders Woori to kill off Sung-il’s character. On the day they film his death scene, Sung-il thanks Woori for undertaking his character justice and writing him a wonderful ending, and Woori responds by calling him “Appa.”

Seeing Woori recognize Sung-il as her father reminds Gang-jae of his personal parents, so he visits their urns. When Woori joins him at the columbarium, he explains that it is the anniversary of the day he initial addressed his step-father as Dad. Gang-jae has completed some soul-looking, and his personal household story reminds him that a father does not have to be blood-associated. If Woori is prepared to take him back, he will raise her kid as although it is his personal.

Prior to Woori tends to make her choice, although, Sung-il gets Woori’s permission to propose to Eun-ran, who instantly turns to Woori and — even although it is clear she’s going to say yes to Sung-il — she refuses to get engaged till soon after Woori does. (It is definitely a great factor Eun-ran is not my mom due to the fact I’d straight-up refuse to ever get married out of spite in that predicament.) Eun-ran will not have to wait extended, although, due to the fact Woori claims that she’s currently created a choice, but she’s going to wait to inform him privately tomorrow (due to the fact we have to have a cliffhanger ending for Episode 13).

But the subsequent day (a.k.a. Episode 14) Woori is not feeling nicely, and she requires an appendectomy. Amid her issues that discomfort killers could influence the fetus and her have to have to fart post-surgery, she delays the significant reveal, but Raphael and Gang-jae continue to be double pains in her ass. Admittedly, they are a lot more toned down and overly concerned for her wellbeing, but they study by way of her child journal although she sleeps, which I identified to be a massive invasion of her privacy.

We then skip ahead ten months to child Ri-woo’s 100th day celebration. The drama tries to pull an Answer Me series guessing game on us although Woori runs about setting every little thing up and critiquing everyone’s wardrobe. When Woori stated she wanted everybody to put on “white and denim” for the household photo, she meant a semi-dressy white shirt and denim jeans. Not denim shorts (Eun-ran). Not a white suit jacket (Raphael). Not a denim coat and white pants (Sung-il).

Gang-jae is the final to arrive, camera in hand to fill in for the photographer that canceled on them. But just when you consider that implies he’s out of the operating as Woori’s major man, he unzips his jacket and exposes that he’s also wearing a white shirt with his jeans…

That is ideal, Woori chose Gang-jae.

A cute tiny flashback shows Woori meeting with Gang-jae shortly soon after her appendectomy. She explains that the unplanned pregnancy and all the subsequent events created her comprehend what he implies to her. He is her “spring,” and she desires him by her side for the rest of her life. She then got down on her knee and proposed to him.

If you’d told me in the course of Episode 1 that this is how the drama would finish, I’d have known as you crazy, but the a lot more the Raphael and Gang-jae bickered more than the final couple of episodes, the a lot more apparent it became (to me, at least) that she would pick Gang-jae. Gang-jae and Raphael’s enemies-to-lovers bothers dynamic was clearly going to be an ongoing factor for this household. And considering the fact that Raphael — as the biological child daddy — wasn’t going anyplace, the only logical way to maintain Gang-jae as a element of Woori’s weird thruple would be for her to marry him.

Even although I’m on Group Raphael, I have to admit that Gang-jae does really feel like a greater romantic match for Woori. Plus, in hindsight, the drama by no means definitely gave Raphael the time he required to develop a realistic connection with Woori due to the fact every little thing (pre time-skip) occurred in Woori’s initial trimester.

And so, soon after Woori spends one particular final evening in her household dwelling with Grandma and the now pregnant Eun-ran — surprise! Woori’s child is going to be older than her future aunt or uncle! — we gear up for Woori’s wedding to Gang-jae. Of course, with this drama, nothing at all goes as planned, and as Raphael so eloquently place it although he stalled for time prior to the ceremony, it is so like Woori — who got pregnant early — to be late to her wedding… due to the fact her fiancé got arrested.

See, what had occurred was, Gang-jae got trapped in a parking garage when the boom barrier wouldn’t lift, so he decided to drive by way of it. Woori, his faithful bride-to-be, decides to go to the police station to bail him out, but the streets to get there are blocked off for a marathon. Woori joins the other runners till she reaches a bus quit, exactly where she commandeers a bus. Each the passengers and driver are initially unwilling to support her out, fully unsympathetic that she’s going to be late to her wedding, but when she begins regaling them with her enjoy story, she grabs their focus with the words “accidental artificial insemination.”

Woori retrieves Gang-jae and has the bus circle back to choose up the rest of her household and escort them to the wedding. The ceremony is fairly beautiful, and — if you ignore the slight kid-bride awkwardness of Woori’s kid actresses chronologically replacing each and every other till adult Woori is standing subsequent to Gang-jae — it was rather sweet to see Woori expanding up — actually and figuratively — in front of her mother and Grandmother’s eyes as she walked down the aisle towards her groom.

The wedding is followed by the honeymoon (*eyebrow wiggles*) and the awkwardness of the scene mimics the couple’s initial try to have sex. Raphael even calls and kills the currently un-attractive mood, but this time he interrupts for a severe purpose. Infant Ri-woo has a definitely higher fever, and Raphael has taken her to the hospital.

Raphael feels guilty for interrupting Woori and Gang-jae’s honeymoon, but each Gang-jae and Woori assure him he did the ideal factor. It is definitely wholesome seeing how accepting Woori and her household — Gang-jae incorporated — are of Raphael. In the finish, he didn’t get the girl, but a loving household is definitely all he ever wanted.

As soon as child Ri-woo is in the clear, Woori and Gang-jae are capable to have a private moment with each other. She apologizes for “ruining” their honeymoon and delaying attractive instances, and Gang-jae’s response is to choose her up and carry her to the bedroom, exactly where he shows her a complete new planet. Like, the sex is apparently so thoughts-blowing that it sends them on an animated magic carpet ride that is extremely reminiscent to a scene from Disney’s Aladdin. (Cautious, SBS. I hear the mouse is extremely litigious!)

Immediately after consummating their marriage, the newlyweds lay in bed, and Gang-jae asks Woori about the new drama she’s writing. She discloses that the title is Woori the Virgin, prompting Gang-jae to ask if the drama’s ending will be as satisfied as theirs. Woori turns to the camera and breaks the fourth wall to say, “I guess we’ll see,” leaving the audience to assume that we just watched the extremely drama she wrote.

And if that is the case, I consider Ye-ri was a bit premature in handing the reins more than to Woori due to the fact, all round, Woori the Virgin was disappointing — and I’m not saying that due to the fact the guy I was rooting for didn’t get the girl. In all honesty, I type of applaud the story for possessing her choose the steady and patient Gang-jae, which — if we’re to think the meta scene exactly where Woori meets with the actress starring in her drama — was an intentional decision to add an element of realism to the drama.

What I didn’t get pleasure from, on the other hand, was watching Woori be so passive although two males waged war more than who need to be the major man in her life. On the surface, I basically hated this dynamic due to the fact it was frustrating and time consuming, but soon after some a lot more believed, I think the more than-the-leading and obnoxious enjoy triangle was a symptom of a bigger problem: the charm and the intended message of the original Jane the Virgin — a remake of an American show that parodied telenovelas — was lost in translation.

I suspect the writers adapted Jane the Virgin with no understanding its supply material or culture, which leads me to think that Woori the Virgin would have created a greater remake if it had taken the simple idea of Jane the Virgin (a virgin is artificially inseminated) and supplemented the plot with side stories and dramatic parodies of makjang K-dramas, like Penthouse and Mask.

Provided the similarities involving telenovelas and K-dramas, the finish outcome would have served the very same goal as Jane the Virgin, but I wonder if the writers would have been a lot more confident taking inspiration from a supply that was a lot more familiar and culturally representative of them and their audience. Although it is certainly as well late to speculate on what could have been with Woori the Virgin, it does make me hopeful that we will one particular day see a gloriously ridiculous parody of makjangs. Consider, if you will, the self-awareness of Small business Proposal but with a side of murder and back-stabbing. I do not know about you, but I’d watch the crap out of that.

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