Premiere Watch: Anna; Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area; The Witch is Alive

June 23, 2022June 23, 2022

Premiere Watch: Anna Funds Heist: Korea – Joint Financial Region The Witch is Alive
by missvictrix

It is nonetheless June, and the premieres are nonetheless coming in! This week we have some streaming service offerings by way of Netflix and Coupang Play, and the most current from Television Chosun.


Time slot: Fridays (1x week)
Broadcaster: Coupang Play
Genre: Melodrama, thriller
Episode count: eight
Motives to watch: I’ll be sincere and say I’m not confident what to make of this melo-y sounding drama. Coupang Play’s earlier 1 Ordinary Day scarred me for life with its creepy edge so I’m going into this a single with my eyes half closed. That getting stated, Suzy is starring right here, and I can not see her choosing a drama that is also scandalous, appropriate? Suitable?! In Anna, she plays a young lady who, following telling a fib, winds up taking on an additional identity and living a lie. It appears like there’s a excellent deal of suspense in shop.
TLDR: Streaming content material, Suzy, doppelgänger drama
Funds Heist: Korea – Joint Financial Region

Time slot: Friday (single drop)
Broadcaster: Netflix
Genre: Crime, action, thriller
Episode count: six
Motives to watch: No matter if you are a fan of the original Television series or not, Funds Heist: Korea – Joint Financial Region is confident to pull in a lot of interest. With a title as extended as its ensemble cast, we have the likes of Yoo Ji-tae, Park Hae-soo, Jeon Jong-seo, the nonetheless-extended-haired Kim Ji-hoon (thank you drama gods), Lee Hyun-woo, and far more. Set in a unified Korea, our group of excellent undesirable guys plans and executes what’s stated to be the greatest heist in history. Figuring out Netflix, this drama will have a dark edge, violence, and a really stylized path. But will it have characters we can enjoy and get behind? Will it make us wait on the edge of our seats in in between the release of portion a single and portion two?
TLDR: Remake, ensemble cast, suits and masks, Netflix edge
The Witch is Alive

Time slot: Saturday (1x week)
Broadcaster: Television Chosun
Genre: Dark comedy, mystery
Episode count: 12
Motives to watch: Television Chosun may possibly not be the greatest broadcaster out there, but they appear to have a knack for making the dramas that folks want to see. With The Witch is Alive, we have the great Lee Yuri in an more than-the-major story of revenge. The true draw may possibly be the premise of the 3 colorful (as in wildly unsafe, desperate, and possibly homicidal) females that come collectively more than a shared objective.
TLDR: Black comedy, Lee Yuri, more than-the-major dramatics, sturdy female leads
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