Link: Eat, Love, Kill: Episodes 5-6


Hyperlink: Consume, Like, Kill: Episodes five-six

Everyone’s nonetheless just hanging on by a thread with secrets piling up till the neighborhood is positive to explode. Our chef shakes the residents up, hoping for a clue as to who might’ve been involved in his sister’s disappearance. Meanwhile, our hapless heroine is determined to rein in her worry and her developing crush, each of which prove additional complicated to wrangle than she’d like.


We choose back up exactly where we left off with Da-hyun becoming attacked by the stalker… except it is a dream. (I hate when dramas do these shock-worth fake-outs.) Da-hyun’s PTSD nightmares worsen right after the realization that the stalker is probably alive, but she’s determined not to let him win. She even research self-defense tactics to attempt to combat her worry.

Da-hyun also attempts to generate distance (actually and figuratively) in between her and Gye-hoon, but that lasts a handful of days, tops. Even when she’s freezing him out, she can not aid her heart fluttering just about every time the light hits him just appropriate or he does anything good for her.

Gye-hoon is not undertaking something to aid either with all his mixed signals. He also tries to distance himself and says he has no intention of becoming pals – he has a mission to full, right after all – but then he comes operating anytime Da-hyun feels a twinge of worry or sadness. The hot-and-cold routine just leads to a complete lot of confusion for every person.

Speaking of his mission, Gye-hoon tends to make a bold step in his program to resolve his sister’s disappearance and tells the neighborhood ajummas his complete name. It does not take lengthy for a single of the ajummas to keep in mind, and then the gossip that Gye-young’s brother has returned to take revenge spreads like wildfire.

And every person acts shady as hell. Honestly, they all look to know anything about what occurred, even Bok-hee and halmeoni. Strangely, Da-hyun can not keep in mind the occasion itself, even though she does recall Gye-young becoming the only kid in the neighborhood who befriended her.

We find out a bit additional about Gye-young’s case and the primary suspect in her disappearance. His name is HAN EUI-CHAN, and he was her piano teacher. Despite the fact that it appears unlikely he killed her, he does seem to know anything about what occurred that day. He keeps hovering about Gye-hoon who ultimately gets him to speak. Eui-chan apologizes to Gye-hoon, saying he was supposed to give Gye-young a ride that day. But he will not say additional about what occurred.

Understanding about the trauma Gye-hoon has been via surely does not aid Da-hyun rid herself of her crush. It does aid her comprehend that he believed she may well be Gye-young, therefore his concern toward her and insistence she not like him. She desires to comfort him, but is not positive how, specifically because he never ever acknowledges his personal discomfort.

Da-hyun gets a taste of what his family members life has been like when his mother calls him, insisting she saw Gye-young. She watches as Gye-hoon searches for his mother frantically and gently tries to take her residence when he finds her. Da-hyun is horrified to see his mother hit and scream at him that every little thing is his fault. Oof, it is tough watching Gye-hoon just stand there and take it with no a word, like it is his part to be his mother’s punching bag.

He later insists he’s fine, generating it sadder by saying he’s utilized to it. Da-hyun can not hold back her tears for him, and her feelings ultimately give him permission to cry. Of course, he then insists he completely wasn’t crying and even resorts to telling Da-hyun about the hyperlink to prove these have been her tears, not his. Naturally, she does not think him and thinks it is a joke out of embarrassment.

Meanwhile, Won-tak’s threats to the abuser function to maintain him silent, even though Min-jo instantly suspects Won-tak. She’s observed his vicious side when they dated and he beat down a different guy who disrespected her. Won-tak lies that he didn’t do it this time, but she does not look to think him.

And then there’s Eun-jung who is nonetheless on her mission to discover her tiny brother. She feels a kinship to Gye-hoon right after studying what occurred to his tiny sister and tells Jin-hoon and Da-hyun that if somebody hurt her sibling, she’d maul them to death.

This lady is type of terrifying and receiving additional and additional desperate. She ends up following Da-hyun a single evening, top to an altercation with Bok-hee and halmeoni. Thanks to Da-hyun’s ex-coworker stopping by Bok-hee’s restaurant and recognizing Eun-jung, Bok-hee and halmoeni now know she’s the stalker’s sister. Even Eun-jung appears a tiny scared of halmeoni.

But Da-hyun is as careless as ever and talks openly with Gye-hoon at his restaurant about the stalker – words like “kill” and “fridge” are thrown about. In reality, each Eun-jung and Jin-hoon are eavesdropping about the corner and hear Da-hyun say she will not tremble in worry till Lee Jing-eun (the stalker) shows back up.

And show back up he does. He begins sending Da-hyun all these creepy Instagram messages about how he’s “sorting out his feelings” but has in the end decided to forgive her. Then, to prime it all off, he says he’s been watching from nearby and is going to “visit” her family members and new pals.

Shortly right after reading that terrifying message, Da-hyun can not discover her mom and halmeoni. She panics, which sends Gye-hoon operating to her. When they discover her family members, Da-hyun ultimately shares that the stalker is nonetheless alive and may well be coming right after them. Bok-hee and halmeoni are mainly just relieved that Da-hyun no longer has to be concerned about becoming caught as a murderer.

In a different careless move, Da-hyun remembers that she nonetheless has the stalker’s telephone and turns it on. Not only that, but she ANSWERS IT when it rings. He may perhaps not be dead, but he’s nonetheless missing, so you’d believe she’d attempt for a bit of caution. Anyway, Da-hyun hears Eun-jung’s voice on the other finish.

Eun-jung is tired of pretending, so after Da-hyun confirms she knows who she is, they have a frank conversation. Eun-jung begs Da-hyun to inform her exactly where her tiny brother is, but Da-hyun replies honestly that she does not know. She tells Eun-jung that they’ll have a true speak after Jing-eun returns.

Even though they’re getting an intense chat, the stalker decides to cease by Gye-hoon’s. He’s his usual creepy self, speaking about his “girlfriend” who lives nearby. Gye-hoon knows anything is off, but it does not hit him that this man is the stalker till right after he leaves.

As soon as Gye-hoon realizes who he is, he calls Da-hyun in a panic to warn her, but he’s also late. Gye-hoon runs to discover her as Jing-eun approaches Da-hyun in a dark alley. The stalker pulls anything out of his pocket. The episode ends with Da-hyun standing rooted in spot by worry as her thoughts tells her to run.

Okay, so now the stalker is actually back. I have no notion what his partnership with his sister is like, but here’s hoping she can manage him. That is assuming she has a issue with his behavior – it is tough to inform how far her insanely intense protectiveness goes. I’d hope she’d draw the line at stalking and attempted murder, but I’m not positive.

Then we’ve got the complete neighborhood acting guilty and shifty about Gye-young. What in the globe occurred? It is like every person is in on the disappearance, or at least has anything to hide from that day. The shaman at the time proclaimed that there was additional than a single individual involved, and I wouldn’t be shocked if half the neighborhood had a hand in it at this point. The query is why.

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