Red Heart: Episodes 15-16 (Final)


Red Heart: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

The struggle for energy culminates in a stalemate in between the king who demands his rightful authority, and these who want to retain him in verify. However death spares no one particular, and the path right here has currently been stained with blood. It is up to our king to choose how he will rule more than his subjects, and what sort of nation he will make.



Caught red-handed, Tae admits to orchestrating the complete scheme, and a disappointed Jung can barely appear him in the eyes. She reminds him that actions have consequences — just as the late king’s selection to defend his son led to the execution of her family members, Tae’s options have resulted in innumerable deaths.

Tae calls them inevitable sacrifices, but Jung can not comprehend how the weight of a life can be taken so lightly. Jung’s words leave Tae deeply shaken, but his loyal eunuch reminds him that he protected these he could.

The royal court convenes, and the ministers beseech Tae to depose the queen dowager for her crimes. On the contrary, even though, Tae refuses — rather, he diverts the blame onto the queen dowager’s loyal subjects, therefore weeding out these who do not assistance him.

Tae can not depose his mother with out the unfilial act undermining his rule, which signifies she has to be eliminated behind the scenes. On the other hand, Gye-won recognizes that killing the queen dowager will only set a precedent for even additional mutiny throughout Tae’s reign.

Refusing to set any additional bloodshed in motion and ruin the nation additional, Gye-won vows that he will not murder the queen dowager in cold blood.

As such, Gye-won meets with the queen dowager and asks her to step down of her personal accord. He tells her of Tae’s want to have her killed, and she counters with a query — would Gye-won adhere to by means of on that order?

Gye-won says that he would not, however he staunchly states that the only motives for his refusal are the queen dowager’s status and position as the king’s mother. Heartbroken after once again, the queen dowager renews her resolve to tear down Gye-won’s beloved nation.

Determined to wrest energy away from these who after opposed him, Tae declares his intention to restructure the Central Army Division so that it falls beneath the Ministry of War (led by Minister Jo). Gye-won opposes — the Central Army is governed by the Ministry of War, but commanded by the Central Army Division, so that neither side can have absolute energy.

Gye-won recognizes the value of this method that has each sides maintaining every single other in verify, and he even falls to his knees in front of Tae to ask him to reconsider.

Tae remains unmoved, and he points out that Gye-won only stopped back then when the late queen died and Tae agreed to a royal marriage. As such, he demands for the exact same — either Gye-won gives up a life and a thing to trade, or he sacrifices the queen dowager. Tae is not backing down unless he can claim the exact same factors Gye-won after did.

It is the epitome of “an eye for an eye,” however in between the two, it appears only Gye-won recognizes that the age-old adage ends with a chilling reminder that such vengeance will eventually turn the complete globe blind. Tae has been by means of so a lot discomfort that he desires his enemies to hurt the exact same way, but he does not understand that he dangers becoming just like them.

Tae’s oppressive rule has currently begun to surface unfavorable consequences Jung understands that if the status quo remains, the Sarim scholars will suppress their disapproval of her in order to stay away from angering Tae. Devoid of the scholars’ potential to speak up and challenge the king, no one particular will be capable to retain him in verify.

As such, Jung resolves to come clean about her identity and be reinstated as Scholar Yoo’s daughter, even if it will place each her and Gye-won on the chopping block for their charade.

Drawn collectively however once again by situations and shared ideals, Gye-won proposes a deal to Jung — launch an official investigation into the queen dowager’s crimes with the Sarim scholars, so as to discover justification for her abdication. In exchange, he will convince Tae to reinstate her status.

Gye-won reveals Jung’s identity to the royal court, which has Tae heading straight to confront Jung. Believing that she was threatened by Gye-won after once again, he’s stunned to hear that she was the mastermind.

Jung explains her rationale — Tae has confirmed himself capable of sowing conflict amongst his subjects to take these who oppose him down. If no one particular stands against him, he will merely continue to manipulate, purge, and seize energy. Given that Tae sees it as the easiest way out, there will be no finish to it.

Tae’s trusty eunuch is determined to defend Tae’s appropriate to the throne, and he informs Tae that he’s hired bandits to assassinate the queen dowager on her way out of the palace. It’ll be disguised as her mercenaries taking revenge for not getting paid their dues.

On the other hand, the queen dowager has her motives for voluntarily leaving the palace regardless of being aware of she’s in danger, and Gye-won realizes that. She’s willingly walking to her death, in order to accuse Tae of it and ruin his reign.

Gye-won rushes to her, arriving just moments prior to Tae’s eunuch fires his arrow. Lastly recognizing her discomfort, he expresses his regret for not permitting her to reside a basic life with him.

But their moment of reconciliation is reduce quick by the sound of an arrow piercing by means of the air. Gye-won flings himself in front of the queen dowager, taking all the arrows meant for her. As he bleeds out, he urges her to reside on, till she can smile once again one particular day.

Oh, that hurts. It is so tragically poetic that his actions led to her undoing, and her schemes led to his death. Endless miscommunication in between the two set the stage for years of misunderstanding, resulting in a vicious cycle that neither knew how to break cost-free from.

Possibly that is the most fitting punishment for the queen dowager she now has to reside in loneliness, accompanied only by her regret and the possibility that factors could have turned out differently.

Gye-won’s death appears to have been the catalyst for a lot-required development on Tae’s aspect — when the Ministry of War amasses as well a lot energy, he sends Minister Jo away to the countryside in order to regain balance. Rather than unwavering loyalty from a devoted topic, or the all-dominating energy of the royal authority, Tae has selected to place his nation initial.

Time passes, and Jung provides birth to a son. Tae has her officially installed as queen, calling her each the blade that keeps him in verify and the sanctuary that gives him refuge. And so, we close the book on this chapter, with the hope that Jung will continue guiding Tae to turn into a benevolent ruler.

What a masterful tale of method, deception, and the lengths people today will go to for energy. I feel aspect of what tends to make Tae such a sympathetic hero is that we witness his suffering firsthand getting privy to his discomfort and turmoil primes us to root for him in his quest to regain what has been cruelly snatched from his grasp.

On the other hand, energy and respect have to be earned, not taken. Gye-won place it greatest when he stated that a king who can not tolerate harsh guidance has the makings of a tyrant — whilst Tae’s steadfast commitment to his ideals can be admirable, it tends to veer into an obstinate refusal to be swayed, even when his dissidents have valid points.

It is intriguing how the drama begins off by painting Tae as a wronged hero, and Gye-won as a bloodthirsty villain however more than the course of the show, their positions gradually shift as we come to discover additional about them. By the finish, I located myself understanding Gye-won’s motivations and even supporting his ideals (even though I disagreed with his procedures), whereas I wound up pretty disillusioned with Tae.

Whilst Gye-won acknowledged and admitted to his faults, Tae generally couched his harsh choices in excuses, claiming to be acting for Jung’s sake. However he was acting on behalf of her, not for her he did what he believed was greatest with out effectively consulting her opinion. It tends to make sense that Tae desperately preferred to defend these he loves, in particular thinking of the losses he’s suffered by means of, but it generally felt like he was shirking duty for his choices.

Nonetheless, how a lot of that can be blamed on him? Whilst he produced the selection to stroll down the path he did, the components that pushed him there in the initial location can not be discounted. Had he not suffered such tragedy, maybe he may well not have created such an obsession with energy and survival. However on the other hand, Jung proved that it is probable to forgive and select kindness more than vengeance.

Therefore, I completely enjoyed watching Jung reclaim her agency and stand proud as herself. I like that she never ever compromised on her compassion or her values, and that she had the courage to stroll an untrodden path in order to uphold her ideals. She’s conscious of the dangers that the palace poses, however she never ever after shies away from it — rather, she strives even tougher to survive and do the greatest she can.

To the finish, I was never ever pretty confident how Red Heart would conclude its tale, and I feel that is an indication of how all the characters have been layered, effectively-created, and merely just human. Whilst every single character often produced choices that seemed illogical or irrational, a closer examination often revealed a justification that produced sense inside the parameters of that character’s worldview.

Gye-won’s line, spoken to Tae as an apparition in the wake of his death, will most likely keep with me even previous this drama’s finale — “All deaths are humble.” Regardless of energy or status, we are all eventually human, equal in death. It is a sobering reminder to keep humble, stay cognizant of our faults, and strive to do much better whilst we nonetheless can.

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