Alchemy of Souls: Episode 2


Alchemy of Souls: Episode two

Tensions are operating higher in this jam-packed episode of Alchemy of Souls. Our male lead is determined to persuade the bloodthirsty assassin he hero-worships to take him on as pupil, while our heroine fights the urge to stab everyone and leave. Each are struggling with the physical and magical limitations placed on them, but perhaps they’re in a position to assistance each and every other – supplied they can survive each and every other’s schemes for lengthy sufficient.


We open in flashback-land! Turns out the mage from final episode was, certainly, Wook’s father, JANG GANG. Emerging from his wife’s deathbed with their newborn son, he’s tormented by the believed that it was the king who fathered his kid.

So, he does the only affordable point: storms out to the courtyard in complete view of all his mage buddies, and performs a ritual to permanently block the baby’s power gate, and therefore his magic. Y’know, as you do.

As an adolescent, Wook tearfully swears he’ll uncover a master to transform his fate. Then, he’ll take his father’s sword – a cruel reminder of the energy he can’t wield – and break it in two. Holy generational trauma, persons.

Back in the present, points are only marginally much less dysfunctional. In the aftermath of the attack on Songrim, Wook’s deadset on persuading Mu-deok to be his master. Mu-deok’s equally intent on stabbing him and creating a break for it. Nonetheless, they’re forced to stick collectively as every person at Songrim is ordered to collect at the education center. The attackers, a grim-faced Jin announces, allies of the soul-shifting assassin Naksu, broke into Songrim by means of a spy on the inside.

To draw them out, he’s enlisted the help of noble scion JIN CHO-YEON (Arin), who has brought a loved ones heirloom. This deceptively fragile jar consists of Gwigu, a ferocious dog spirit. Apparently, soul-shifting leaves a gap involving soul and physique, by way of which evil power emerges, and therefore Gwigu can sniff out these who would otherwise go unnoticed. Mu-deok, the soul-shifter at the moment going unnoticed, is understandably fearful.

Issues get tense as Gwigu inches ever closer to our heroine, who tells Wook to feign ignorance if she’s caught — not, she adds, out of loyalty, but for the reason that it is her duty. Nonetheless, Wook actions valiantly prior to Mu-deok to shield her from its gaze. It is quite large of him, thinking about how several occasions she’s threatened to kill him this evening.

Fortunately, Gwigu launches itself at a plain-seeking man behind Mu-deok: turns out, he’s the spy! It is grim watching him steadily turn to stone and be reduce down by Songrim’s fighters for Mu-deok, it is a reminder of her probable fate.

The 4 young heirs from Daeho’s noble households — identified as the “four seasons” — collect post-attack, but the meeting has all the awkward power of a poor higher college reunion. Turns out Cho-yeon is Wook’s ex-fiancee, and points get snide as they trade jibes about Wook’s most recent education fiasco.

As for Mu-deok — for the umpteenth time, the poor lady tries and fails to leg it. Wook stops her, determined to convince her to be his master, even as he ends up at the enterprise finish of her trademark death glare. Someplace along the way, they get sidetracked gazing into a single another’s eyes (okay, fine, it is to verify no matter if or not Mu-deok’s inform-tale blue irises are visible), but this cute interlude is drawn to an abrupt halt as Gwigu reappears. It is out for blood — particularly, Mu-deok’s.

Our assassin does what she does greatest: nopes out and flees. Meanwhile, Wook proves himself a hero by unflinchingly facing the worst monster of all: the ridicule of his peers.

In the education area, Wook’s ex-fiancee and her whole entourage watch in horror as Wook stands shameless amongst the shards of the Gwigu pot, which he’s “accidentally” dropped. Meanwhile, Mu-deok appears up in relief from exactly where Gwigu, virtually absolutely about to kill her, has now disappeared.

The circumstance may possibly be farcical, but Wook’s punishment is really true. Just after an excruciating public dressing-down from Jin, he’s ordered to sit and repent in the courtyard, unmoving and unspeaking. This is a lot more extreme than it sounds. As soon as, subjected to equivalent punishment, Wook almost died from chill, as his power gate is barely open sufficient to shield him from the components. Finding out this provides Mu-deok pause — she’s no stranger to bodies and their limitations.

So, she provides him all a hardened murderer is capable of providing to the very first individual who ever meant her assistance, not harm: a guarantee not to kill him. And, a farewell. Getting stolen his spirit plaque for protected passage, she plans to disappear. Wook can only watch in devastated silence as the individual on whom he’d pinned his hopes bows and departs.

What follows for Mu-deok is a mixture of horrible consequences and frightening great fortune. Armed with the plaque, she returns to the gisaeng property, intending to sell it, but she’s overheard by an acquisitive eavesdropper, who steals the piece for herself.

We move to the shady organization to which Mu-deok belonged as Naksu. A cloaked leader addresses his followers, promising soul-swapped bodies to all who sacrifice themselves for him. As he leaves, it is revealed he is JIN MU (Jo Jae-yoon), assistant Gwanju to the new king (a title seemingly tantamount to Second Head Mage). His archers stand outdoors, and proceed to massacre the mooks inside.

The goal of this becomes clear when word spreads that Jin Mu has brought the bodies of Naksu’s accomplices to the palace, sparing no a single for interrogation. Jin is in a political pickle Songrim’s reputation has by no means looked shakier, with a broken barrier and a shattered Jin heirloom as black marks on their record. Mu, conversely, is up for promotion to replace the existing Gwanju (Jang Gang) — poor Wook becoming an nonviable successor, owing to his magical inability.

All that is left for Mu is to tie up the loose ends. Namely, Naksu. Mu-deok, nevertheless desperate to reunite with her organization, survives the assassin he sends to silence her only by opportunity: the gisaeng who stole the spirit plaque is mistaken for Naksu, and is summarily dispatched. Shaken by this betrayal, Mu-deok returns to the city… to witness her old physique burn. Naksu has been publicly cremated.

As if the dread of watching oneself incinerated wasn’t sufficient, it brings up heavy memories for Mu-deok. As a kid, she watched her complete loved ones die in a fire, soon after which a mysterious stranger presented her the chance for energy if she came with him. Now, more than the flames consuming the guarantee of all these years’ education, Mu-deok meets the eyes of Wook.

He’s been busy. Leveraging his influence as son of the Gwanju, he has recovered Naksu’s sword, hoping that it’ll restore her body’s energy. Nonetheless, Mu-deok’s triumph is brief lived: even though the sword recognizes its owner, her new, enjoyable-sized muscle tissues are insufficient to unsheathe it.

Cue the utter horror of each. Wook puts it blisteringly: they’re each useless. He need to resign himself to his powerlessness, and she, to an ordinary life as Mu-deok. To this, Mu-deok responds that she’d rather die.

Wook’s reply is scathing, but she proves sincere. At the ledge above Lake Gyeongcheondaeho exactly where her organization drops its dead soul-shifters, she steels herself — and jumps.

Naturally, this is not exactly where it ends. The surge of power the lake offers is sufficient to permit Mu-deok to unsheathe her sword and temporarily regain what was lost. Problems is, it does not stick. As she explains to an anguished Wook – who has rushed to uncover her soon after realizing the effect of his words – she requirements a strong mage to release the power inside her.

Far from becoming useless, it appears like our heroes can assistance each and every other. But, not with no a characteristically wild gambit from Mu-deok. At Sejukwon infirmary, Wook mourns that all he can offer you her are some eye drops to conceal her blue irises. That is not correct, she replies. I want you to be my Lake Gyeongcheondaeho. Also, I’ve poisoned your tea, and this is going to hurt.

It is a desperate gamble that ties her fate irrevocably to his, but if he survives, she promises to be his master. As Wook quietly asphyxiates, Mu-deok explains to the harried leaders of Songrim and Sejukwon that he will die in six hours. The only way to save him is to open up his power gate and expel the poison.

At very first, it appears like this death-defying scheme will finish in, properly, death, creating this the shortest-lived Hong sisters drama ever written. Nonetheless, even as Mu-deok is becoming tortured for info, HEO YEOM (Lee Do-kyung), head of Sejukwon, cannot bear to see Wook die, and performs the ritual to unlock his power gate.

The episode ends on a beautiful higher note. As a recovered Wook cradles Mu-deok, half-unconscious from torture, in his arms, she calls him pupil — and he also addresses her by her appropriate title. The a single who virtually got them each killed. His crazy master. All the even though, my heart quite a lot explodes with the force of a thousand feelings.

Alchemy of Souls has been barreling by way of the action, and I’m largely loving it. This show’s frenetic ambition is its strength, and I adore spending time in its intricate fantasy planet. Admittedly, at points, significant emotional beats – notably, Mu-deok’s despair on becoming unable to unsheathe her sword – are sped-run much less convincingly. I’m also sad that the original Mu-deok, whose soul was unceremoniously shunted aside, remains unmourned by the narrative. That stated, this drama is discovering its feet, and the pitch-great acting and off-the-charts chemistry involving our two leads propels it forward beautifully.

What I like about Wook is that his arrogance by no means ideas into dismissal exactly where Mu-deok is concerned he’ll hold his personal, but his respect for her is ironclad. As for Mu-deok… properly, what’s not to like? From her quizzical head tilts to her utter inability to be regular about consuming chicken, she is captivating. I’m hopelessly invested in this couple. Typically, I’m unmoved by the falling-unconscious-on-your-like-interest’s-shoulder trope. This time? I got chills. Even soon after only two episodes, it felt earned. So, bring on Episode three!

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