Five drama recommendations… for legal dramas that don


5 drama recommendations… for legal dramas that do not suck

Dramaland loves its legal dramas, but what tends to make a legal drama actually function and grow to be anything exciting? An precise depiction of the law and legal approach? An injection of romance? A slice-of-life really feel that keeps the story about individuals, as an alternative of just circumstances?

No matter what tends to make a legal drama pop for you, there are extra than adequate to opt for from, every with a one of a kind take on the genre. Right here are some of our favorites.


Suits (2018)

I confess I haven’t gotten via really lots of legal dramas – and lots of of the ones I did finish had been only simply because I forced myself to slog via these final handful of episodes. Not so with Suits, whose characters and circumstances kept me engaged from begin to finish. When the newly promoted senior companion Choi Kang-seok (Jang Dong-gun) decides to take a opportunity on higher college dropout Go Yeon-woo (Park Hyung-shik), he does so realizing that Yeon-woo has just produced a error that ought to land him with jail time – and that taking Yeon-woo below his wing will get them each in even extra difficulty if they’re caught.

In between these stakes, snippets of poignant and inspiring life lessons sprinkled all through the episodes, and of course the magnetic chemistry among Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyung-shik, the show kept me riveted with just the ideal blend of wit and heart. –@mistyisles


Miss Hammurabi (2018)

I’m not a massive fan of legal dramas, but what drew me to Miss Hammurabi is the one of a kind concentrate on judges rather than lawyers. The truth that it is written by an actual judge was an additional plus. I am undoubtedly no legal professional, and I’m confident there’s a bit of inventive license at play, but it felt like a realistic take on the day-to-day life of judges and the dilemmas they face.

Our way into this legal realm is via our fresh-faced judges played by Go Ara and L. Of course, it wouldn’t be a drama without the need of leads on the opposite finish of the spectrum. Go Ara is overly empathetic and struggles to distance herself from her circumstances, even though L is all logic and guidelines. The extra knowledgeable judge played by Sung Dong-il serves as their pragmatic counterpart, assisting our judges find out how to strategy the emotional and ethical side of their roles in a extra nuanced, balanced way.

Although this drama is not great, I discovered it one particular of the extra intriguing and down-to-earth legal dramas I’ve watched. I enjoyed the slice-of-life strategy to the lives and function of judges in Korea and watching two young judges figure out what their job implies to them. –@quirkycase


Diary of a Prosecutor (2019)

This drama will often hold a specific spot for me given that it is one particular of the really very first dramas I recapped. I went into it for the leads Lee Sun-kyun and Jung Ryeo-won, each of whom I adore. Although they had been as superior as anticipated, I discovered a lot extra to adore about this understated legal drama.

Most stories about lawyers or prosecutors concentrate on dramatic courtroom scenes for dramatic circumstances involving murder or other such shocking crime. But Diary of a Prosecutor is all about the grunt function, which requires up most of the prosecutors’ time, and ordinary circumstances that can variety from petty to tragic. The realistic angle probably stems from the truth that it is inspired by stories and musings from actual prosecutors.

I appreciate the way the circumstances and the characters’ lives weave collectively thematically, generating the case of the week really feel extra relevant in the grand scheme of the drama. The balance of circumstances, character improvement, and inner workings of the legal method is just ideal. And it is surprisingly funny, in spite of the heavy nature of some of the circumstances and themes. If you want a peek into the every day lives of a lovable group of overworked prosecutors navigating the superior, the poor, and the ugly of their profession, this is your drama. –@quirkycase


Hyena (2020)

Although legal dramas have been accomplished to death in dramaland, Hyena delivers a slightly fresher and exciting spin on the genre. There’s no dull moment, and all the tiny circumstances sprinkled all through the drama that look unrelated, come collectively in the finish to set up the groundwork for the ultimate showdown among the superior guys and the baddies.

Hyena also introduces thrilling lead characters with a slice of grey in them. Joo Ji-hoon plays a smartass lawyer – the cocky type that knows he’s superior at his job, but is surprisingly a bit of a romanticist. Kim Hye-soo (and her pixie reduce) plays a gangster-like lawyer, prepared to go any length to win a case. And the mixture of these two characters is completely wild!

The drama focuses extra on the legal angle and all the shenanigans that go on among the law firm and their clientele, and romance is on the back burner. But the electric undercurrent beneath the continuous bickering of the male and female leads extra than tends to make up for it.

It is a light watch, the mood does not get also severe, and there are a superior quantity of laugh out loud moments in the drama. And if you like setups exactly where the characters grudgingly come collectively as a group simply because, properly, it is their job, but they finish up forming a bond primarily based on mutual respect and trust — then this is the drama for you. –@unit


Law College (2021)

As the title indicates, this K-drama is extra about budding quickly-to-be lawyers than actively practicing ones, but it nonetheless manages to be one particular of the extra complete legal dramas that I’ve watched. As the students find out about the South Korean judicial method, so do we, and even though I can’t vouch for its accuracy, this unique drama’s exploration of the genre feels extra realistic simply because our law students do not moonlight as vigilantes. Rather of brawling with their fists, they adhere to — and sometimes exploit — the law to fight injustices on a courtroom battlefield.

A different attractive aspect of this drama is the teamwork demonstrated by the ensemble cast. We get a lot of legal dramas in dramaland exactly where our lead — and perhaps his/her adore interest — are the driving force behind the story, but Law College characteristics a bigger group of students and their professors functioning collectively and pooling their combined understanding to save their clientele and uncover the truth behind their professor’s murder. Though the students do not often agree or get along, it is the mixture of their combined personalities — plus the added stresses and conflicts they face as competing students — that actually make this a one of a kind, standout legal drama. –@daebakgrits

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