Why Her?: Episodes 5-6


Why Her?: Episodes five-six

This week our drama lastly gives some insight into our lady lawyer’s previous and the events that hardened her heart, thickened her skin, and seemingly triggered her to shed sight of her integrity along the way.


Ahead of we delve into Soo-jae’s backstory, there’s the pesky matter of the masked man in black who broke into her workplace, seeking for the flash drive. Chan arrives just in time to scuffle with the intruder and — unbeknownst to Soo-jae — steals back the flash drive the thief drops for the duration of their fight. Soo-jae is injured, and Chan accompanies her to the hospital, exactly where he’s mistaken for her younger brother. (Oof! If they want me to jump on board this romantic ship, they’re going to have to quit blatantly reminding me that he’s drastically younger than her.)

Soo-jae refuses to open a police investigation into the break-in, which suggestions Chan off to the reality that the contents of the flash drive are particularly critical, and even although it is none of his company, he desires to know specifically what sort of problems she’s gotten into. So, devoid of telling her, he enlists Group 8’s assist in attempting to unlock the encryption on the flash drive and determine Soo-jae’s attacker. He does not inform them that the investigation is for their professor, so they — half properly — assume that they are assisting him on a case involving the lady he has a one particular-sided crush on.

Yoon-sang, on the other hand, properly suspects Chan is assisting Soo-jae, and in attempting to convince Chan to let him be additional involved in the investigation, Yoon-sang accidentally refers to Soo-jae as “noona.” Yoon-sang admits that Soo-jae made use of to be his tutor and tries to convince Chan to give the flash drive back to Soo-jae, but Chan thinks it is safer for her if she does not know that they have the flash drive for now. Their whispered conversation interrupts Soo-jae’s class, and she pauses her lesson — on how to get wealthy clientele out of jail for embezzlement by placing some other poor schmuck’s name on the documents and have him be the fall guy — to kick them out of the classroom.

Out in the hallway, Chan proceeds to beat himself up in embarrassment, and Yoon-sang continues their earlier conversation. Chan does not want to reveal also a lot to Yoon-sang, although, since he knows Yoon-sang’s father is Tae-kook. Due to the fact Soo-jae’s attacker is most probably an individual who knows the contents of the Hansu Bio files, that puts Yoon-sang’s father and brother at the leading of the suspect list, but Yoon-sang insists that is why Chan demands him on the case. He has connections and can snoop about the TK Law Firm undetected. Chan reluctantly agrees, and tells him to place collectively a list of men and women close to Soo-jae who know about the flash drive.

Group eight does their personal sleuthing and sooner or later figures out that the flash drive belonged to Soo-jae, and that the man who attacked her and attempted to steal it was HONG SUK-PAL (Lee Cheol-min), a gangster and owner of the bar exactly where So-young worked. Joo-wan hired him to steal the flash drive so he could give it to his father, and when Joo-wan discovered out Suk-pal lost the flash drive, he pulled his automobile more than and the two males have been caught on CCTV arguing.

The students obtained the CCTV footage, and the other students are oblivious to Yoon-sang’s discomfort as he confirms his brother was involved with the attack on Soo-jae. The CCTV footage also leads to a further revelation: Suk-pal’s gait matches the unidentified man suspected of stealing So-young’s cell telephone.

Chan lastly hands more than the unlocked flash drive and CCTV footage to Soo-jae, and in a private conversation with her buddy CHAE JOON-HEE (Cha Chung-hwa), Soo-jae admits how a lot her young pupil unnerves her. She’s attempted so really hard to create a poker face and not show her inner fragility, so she’s embarrassed that he can clearly see her softer, vulnerable side.

Sadly this specific emotional monologue with her bestie felt like a further forced try to shove the romantic plot down our throats. Please do not inform me that Soo-jae is undergoing some sort of emotional renaissance when I’ve but to see any proof of their connection evolving into some thing additional than his one particular-sided crush. Chan is a lovesick puppy hung up on the previous, and regardless of what Soo-jae may well say to Joon-hee, her interactions with Chan — kiss aside — do not really feel a lot deeper than these she has with Yoon-sang.

That mentioned, I liked how her exposed vulnerability paired nicely with the following scene of her placing on her makeup in preparation for a dinner meeting with Tae-kook. As she applied her lipstick, I felt like she was placing on war paint and metaphorically rebuilding her defenses just after opening up to Joon-hee. It was a good visual representation of Soo-jae’s characterization, and as she place on her symbolic cosmetics, each Soo-jae and the audience ready for the unexpected blow that was about to come.

Mainly because ahead of meeting with Tae-kook, she has a private moment with Gi-tak, who desires to speak about a “rumor” he overheard. That rumor is about Soo-jae, and it is by way of this conversation that we flashback and discover that Soo-jae not only dated Joo-wan — as previously hinted — but she became pregnant with his infant.

Tae-kook sent her to the United States with the guarantee that Joo-wan would stick to, but he in no way did. Alternatively, Joo-wan married an individual else, and Soo-jae gave birth to a stillborn infant. Soo-jae attempted suicide, but she lived and returned to TK Law Firm to enact her revenge.

When she lastly does join Tae-kook for dinner, her earlier conversation with Gi-tak builds with Tae-kook explaining that he knew all along that she returned with revenge on her thoughts, and recognizing her intentions indicates she was in no way a lot of a threat to him. Soo-jae’s armor is nevertheless intact just after, although, and she coolly reveals that she knows he place her name on Gi-tak’s embezzlement documents, which means — if you bear in mind back to her preceding class lesson — that he intended to have her take the fall for his crimes.

She utilizes this understanding to leverage a deal to make a massive sum of income from the Hansu Bio sale. Tae-kook agrees, but on one particular situation: she handles Joo-wan’s divorce. This also turns out to be the initially step of Tae-kook’s strategy to have Joo-wan marry Soo-jae and have her turn into element of the household. You know, gotta retain your enemies close and in the household.

Whilst Tae-kook tries to regain handle more than Soo-jae, she continues her investigation into So-young’s death in order to uncover additional proof that she can use against Tae-kook and his accomplices. Due to the fact the members of Group eight currently know also a lot and have confirmed themselves particularly valuable, she enlists their assist. In exchange for their help — and their agreement to sign a non-disclosure agreement — she gives to do them one particular favor (of their decision) in return.

Se-ryun desires to function at TK Law Firm just after graduation, and Soo-jae agrees beneath the added stipulation that Se-ryun ought to score 1200 on her exam. NAM CHUN-POONG (Lee Jin-hyuk), the personal computer guru who unlocked the flash drive, desires Soo-jae to agree to be his lawyer really should he ever come about to will need her solutions — not that he plans on needing them, of course. JO GANG-JA (Kim Jae-hwa), a former cop who nevertheless has a lot of connections in law enforcement, requests that Soo-jae help her on a case that will be going to trial quickly.

When it is Yoon-sang’s turn, Soo-jae tells him to keep out of the case, but he insists on aiding her even although he’s disappointed that she’s seemingly investigating So-young’s murder for selfish causes (i.e. entrapping his father as element of her revenge). She was a lot nicer when she was his tutor, and Yoon-sang wonders if his household evoked the adjust. Considerably like Chan, although, Yoon-sang believes he can nevertheless see the old Soo-jae beneath her cold exterior, and so he indicators Soo-jae’s contract.

In exchange for his help, he requests that Soo-jae not fall for Chan. He saw Soo-jae with Chan collectively the evening she struck her deal with Tae-kook, and he got jealous since — according to him — he’s in no way observed her laugh like that ahead of.

Not only is this annoying since — when once again — we’re getting verbally told Soo-jae’s feelings for Chan rather than witnessing them naturally evolve, but it also sort of tends to make me dislike Yoon-sang. A single minute he’s feeling sad that she’s turn into cold-hearted, and the subsequent moment he’s attempting to take away the one particular person capable of bringing out her fantastic side. If he essentially cared for her, he would want her to be delighted.

And lastly, it is Chan’s turn to sign the NDA, and he does so devoid of asking any demands of her — a move so smooth that it has Mi-rim gushing. Chan amps up the charm even additional and knocks the socks off of Soo-jae’s mother YANG HWA-JA ( Lee Jong-nam) when she shows up at the college and causes a ruckus. As well undesirable Chan is not ten years older, Hwa-ja laments, since he would make a fantastic son-in-law. (Okay, drama, make up your thoughts. Do you want me to approve of this noona romance, or are you going to retain throwing their age gap in my face?)

Soo-jae meets with Joo-wan’s wife LIM SEUNG-YEON (Kim Yoon-seo), and is shocked to discover that Seung-yeon is not fighting Joo-wan for custody of their daughter, as Tae-kook mentioned. No, she does not want the kid since she is not her daughter. Even although she raised CHOI JAE-YI (Han Joo-hyun) as her personal, she nevertheless harbors some resentment towards Jae-yi since the discovery of Joo-wan’s illegitimate kid triggered her to miscarry her unborn son.

This scene triggered me to place on my tin-foil hat. What are the possibilities that Joo-wan had two illegitimate youngsters about the similar time? I imply, he’s absolutely sufficient of a scumbag that it could come about, but what if Jae-yi is Soo-jae’s kid (who wasn’t stillborn just after all)? It is a quite makjang sort of plot twist, but I can one hundred% see this drama going there.

Following hearing Seung-yeon’s miscarriage story, Soo-jae has the cathartic urge to share her private history with an individual who cares about her. The only other men and women who know about her miscarriage are the males who have made use of and abused her, and to combat that energy they have more than her, she demands to open up to an individual in her corner. And that individual is… Chan.

Whilst I recognize that it is at times less difficult to share secrets with strangers since their prospective judgment matters significantly less than a close buddy or loved one particular, it feels out of character for her to want to share this specific story with Chan.

Initial, he’s a student, and even if I invest in into the notion that she’s in the course of action of falling for him, the qualified boundary in between them has not crumbled (but). Second, the pregnancy and miscarriage are straight tied to workplace misogyny, so it appears odd that she would really feel comfy sharing some thing so intimate and private with a man — one particular she’s not in an official romantic connection with (but) — as an alternative of her extended-time female buddy. Third, applying some thing as private and traumatizing as a miscarriage as a indicates to initiate intimacy and close the emotional gap in between Soo-jae and Chan appears in poor taste.

My issues about the timing of Soo-jae’s confession turns out to be a non-challenge, although, since Soo-jae receives a telephone contact from Suk-pal ahead of she has the opportunity to open up to Chan. Suk-pal confesses that he killed So-young and asks to meet Soo-jae in a secluded place, but when she arrives, he does not choose up his telephone. She spots him in a automobile, but as she walks closer he lists sideways into the passenger seat — either unconscious or dead — just ahead of his automobile explodes.

Soo-jae is thrown to the ground from the blast, and it is at that moment Chan calls her. She answers her telephone, but she struggles to speak and hold a coherent conversation, alerting Chan to the reality that some thing is quite, quite incorrect. As his panic begins to rise and he begs her to inform him exactly where she’s positioned, the flaming automobile explodes once again, and Chan hears the boom by way of the telephone. Annnnnnd when once again, we finish this week’s episodes with Soo-jae in danger and Chan rushing frantically to save her.

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