Doctor Lawyer: Episodes 5-6


Medical professional Lawyer: Episodes five-six

Our hero forges ahead with resolve, determined to whittle away at his enemies till he has them cornered. They do not program on producing his job straightforward, although, and he’ll quickly locate himself coming up against 1 roadblock just after a different.


In order to treat Jayden and Yoo-na’s drug overdose, Yi-han requests for two hemodialysis machines. Jayden’s aide gets them for him, but it draws suspicion from the hospital’s assistant director LEE DO-HYUNG (Choi Deok-moon). On prime of that, an anonymous tip has Seok-young heading to the Banseok penthouse to investigate.

Hyun-sung hears about this, and seeing an chance to take Jayden down, he lets Seok-young in employing the master crucial. Phew, Jayden regains consciousness just in time, and each he and Yi-han try to play it off casually.

Seok-young discovers a discarded naloxone bottle although, and Yi-han entreats her to maintain mum. Revealing that Seok-joo was in truth murdered post-surgery, he asks to be let off the hook so his 5-year revenge program does not go to waste.

Meanwhile, Jayden catches Hyun-sung about to enter the bedroom that Yoo-na is nevertheless asleep in. Alternatively of diverting his focus away, Jayden holds up Yoo-na’s earring with a smug smirk. Whoa.

He tells Hyun-sung to open the door if he dares — each Seok-young and Yi-han have it out for Banseok, so he can go ahead and give them fuel to take him down with. My, how the tables have turned. Seething with rage, Hyun-sung storms out.

As soon as everyone’s cleared out of the area, Jayden thanks Yi-han for saving his skin, but Yi-han reciprocates with a punch to the face. He accuses Jayden of tipping off the prosecution and setting Yi-han up, and Jayden grins.

Praising Yi-han as talented, Jayden tends to make an supply — he desires Yi-han to function for him. In exchange, he presents to get Yi-han’s health-related license reinstated.

It is a sweet deal, and Yi-han agrees upon the situation that Jayden does not do drugs once more.

At Yoo-na’s inauguration ceremony as the CEO of Banseok’s investigation and improvement center, Hyun-sung is nevertheless knee-deep in suspicion. He demands to see for himself that she’s wearing each earrings, and to his surprise, she is.

How did she show up with a comprehensive pair of earrings, although? Effectively, Jayden purchased the precise identical pair for her. They rendezvous once more that evening, giggling more than completely producing a fool out of Hyun-sung.

Malpractice victim So-yeon posts a video exposing the horrors that she had to endure via, and feeling threatened, Chairman Gu has his lawyer PYO EUN-SHIL (Woo Hyun-joo) make an supply of a billion won. So-yeon’s mother holds steadfast to her principles, although, and she rejects the dollars to guard her daughter.

The case is taken to trial as a civil suit, and So-yeon testifies about each the malpractice and the bribery. On the other hand, Eun-shil reveals that So-yeon suffers from a delusional disorder, and utilizes that to diminish So-yeon’s credibility.

Desperate, So-yeon screams out, “Director! A VIP patient is coming in!” These have been the words she heard though in surgery, and So-yeon reveals that Hyun-sung left partway and had a different surgeon take more than.

That is the best avenue for Yi-han to make his case, and he brings in CHOI YO-SEOB (Lee Seung-woo) to testify — he’s the ghost medical professional that completed So-yeon’s surgery.

Yay, Yo-seob did the appropriate issue! He’d been threatened by Eun-shil to maintain quiet and not attend the trial, but Yi-han had urged him to reveal the truth. Confessing that he made use of to be Hyun-sung’s ghost medical professional, Yi-han reminded Yo-seob to place his individuals 1st, and Yo-seob’s conscience won out.

Yo-seob testifies that Do-hyung had threatened him to proceed with the surgery in spite of the risky tumor place, which resulted in them damaging a nerve that ruined So-yeon’s vocal cords.

With that, So-yeon wins the case, and Banseok is ordered to spend compensation. Eun-shil’s arrogance knows no bounds, and she mocks So-yeon on their way out — but she’s speedily place in her spot by Seok-young, who came to watch the trial on Yi-han’s invitation.

Seok-young declares her intention to indict Hyun-sung for attempted murder, violating the Health-related Service Act, and expert negligence resulting in injury. All that could land Hyun-sung in jail and get his license revoked, and the threat proficiently subdues Eun-shil.

Afterwards, Yi-han shows Seok-young his workplace, exactly where he has quite a few investigation boards. He reveals that her fellow prosecutor Kang-ho is in cahoots with Chairman Gu, and the revelation stuns her.

She demands for answers, and Yi-han admits the particulars of his ghost medical professional deal with Chairman Gu, as properly as the complete story behind Seok-joo’s death. Nevertheless guilt-ridden, Yi-han does not seek forgiveness, alternatively promising that he’ll spend for his error as soon as he’s observed points via to the finish.

An unexpected curveball is thrown into the mix — NAM HYUK-CHUL (Im Chul-hyung), the inmate that murdered Ki-tae in prison, requests for Yi-han as his lawyer. Seok-young’s suspicious of Hyuk-chul intent to file an appeal, but Yi-han sees it as an chance.

He meets with Hyuk-chul at the prosecutors’ workplace, but the moment they’re left alone, Hyuk-chul lunges at him with a weapon he’d managed to sneak in. He’s this close to stabbing Yi-han’s neck, but Yi-han offers him pause by yelling out his son’s name — he has an ailing heart, and Yi-han can save him.

It is becoming increasingly clear that everybody is much more interconnected than it seems on the surface. Hyuk-chul’s ex-wife JO JUNG-HYUN (Kim Ho-jung) was aspect of the group that did the VIP surgery employing Seok-joo’s heart, and the pair have been also involved in So-yeon’s surgery.

That implies there’s much more fodder for Yi-han to take them all down 1 step at a time, and I did like the way So-yeon’s case played out. Nevertheless, it is all unfolding rather predictably, so I hope Jayden continues wreaking havoc and maintaining everybody on their toes. Now that he’s declared Yoo-na his queen and Yi-han his knight, I cannot wait to watch him provide a checkmate.

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