Yumi’s Cells two: Episodes three-four

It is only our second week back with Yumi and her cells, but factors are complete speed ahead. From a realization of her feelings, to (actually) heart-pounding swoony moments, reclaiming a forgotten dream, and promoting off an old rice cooker — the story covers a lot of ground this week.


Just to jazz factors up, Yumi’s Cells plays a bit with its timeline this week — as effectively as generating a number of callbacks to the very first season — but it is all for the goal of delivering the story and its progress in a way that is dynamic and entertaining. And did I mention swoony? Simply because it was a swoony week.

I was expecting some sort of fried egg umbrella confession from Yumi following exactly where we left off final week, but as an alternative, we meet up with Yumi and her pals as they rave more than the way-as well-excellent lady that Ruby desires to set Bobby up with. Yeah, I do not like her any longer than Yumi does — and for a person who told Bobby they need to just be good friends, she’s awfully preoccupied with the ulzzang pharmacist’s blind date.

My favored component of this show is Yumi and Bobby dancing about every single other in this “some” partnership, and although I’m not complaining simply because the squees are higher with them as a couple, they did go from awkward attraction to dating rather speedily.

But very first, Yumi mopes on her amazing cayenne-colored couch considering about Bobby on his blind date… only to understand at two a.m. that he texted her at the far-much more-respectable 9 p.m. about returning her umbrella. They strategy to meet the subsequent morning — apparent excuse although it is — and it is yet another deliciously awkward meetup, with Yumi attempting to figure out if he fell for the pharmacist, and a Yumi-smitten Bobby pretending to be just a pal.

When Yumi finds out he didn’t go on the blind date simply because of his “some” partnership, her cells have had adequate and they spring into action. They cannot get a rise out of the Enjoy cell however, so they fake it with 3 — yes, 3 — rounds of Heart Fever.

Poor Yumi darts and dashes by means of the park (providing herself — and me! — deja vu) and at some point finds Bobby and confesses to him in her awkwardorable way. But why does Bobby appear like his heart just dropped?

The show then tricks us and jumps a week ahead, with Yumi diagnosed with gastritis from tension. Bobby is also rather cold at the workplace. Uh oh, what occurred?

The giant gulp quickly turns into squees, although, simply because Bobby’s direct and qualified voice turns to an intimate whisper when they’re alone in the break area, and he asks how her doctor’s appointment went. We can assume they’ve been with each other for a week, but currently they have all the cuteness and warmth of their shared experiences — like consuming as well significantly spicy meals which impacted Yumi’s stomach.

Flashing back to Yumi’s confession, we see that Bobby didn’t disappoint us. Finding more than his shock he approached her and gently took her hand and asked if they could commence dating as of correct then. My heart! I just like how he treats her, and it only gets greater as the dating goes into complete gear.

Yumi’s cells are shocked that Bobby got into her village so speedily. As opposed to Woong’s small frog disguise that let him sneak in, Bobby has apparently been sending giant rock curveballs at the gate of her heart/village, and they are some fearsome boulders! Ahead of extended they blow the gate absolutely away, and the only cell that is apprehensive (Enjoy) agrees to accept him, but holds onto her lingering doubts.

What we see of Bobby, nevertheless, offers us no purpose to doubt. As her cells think, he’s a “calm and upright gentleman” — even Yumi worries that he’s as well excellent. Simply because he actually is. Outdoors of getting on his telephone as well significantly (is this a clue or is this just life in 2022?), he is one hundred% excellent. He sneaks Yumi a chocolate at operate when providing her a report. He whispers to her in the elevator bank and invites her out for dinner. He catches her when she nearly falls down a flight of stairs and jokes about their slipped coffee. He shares her taste in meals. He drives her household each and every evening in his car or truck.

Speaking of mentioned car or truck, when the two are out on a date 1 evening, there are kiss vibes in the air, and Yumi’s cells are out of manage attempting to figure out if Bobby is going to kiss her. Naughty cell is a reside wire as ever, but we’re also introduced to Yumi’s tongue cell. Or need to I say, Yumi’s tongue cell is introduced to Bobby’s tongue cell. Lol this show.

The kiss(es) opens the wormhole from village to village, and Yumi’s Enjoy cell flies off, anxious to understand who Bobby definitely is. This may be 1 of my favored moments of the show — the way they compared Woong’s village to Bobby’s. The Enjoy cell is shocked to see no algos or AI like in Woong’s village. As an alternative, she’s greeted with “roses, music, and overwhelming romance” as she’s swept off her feet, serenaded, and rejoiced more than.

Back in the true planet, as we adhere to our couple in their early days of dating, we see the exact same dynamic echoed. Bobby is precisely like his cells, cherishing Yumi, respecting her, encouraging her, and so forth. and so forth. and so forth. They’re each in the higher of their feelings, with their cells actually yeeted about their respective villages by the endless pounding of their hearts when the other says or does a thing sweet (my favored of these: when Bobby mentioned he wanted to get in touch with her “Yumi-ah”).

One particular of Bobby’s essential encouragements to Yumi is with her writing, and now that they’re dating we understand so significantly much more about their shared like of writing and novels than we did when they had been just coworkers. With cute dates at the forest of wisdom library (dramaland loves this spot as significantly as I) and discussions about writing, Yumi revisits her old dreams of writing a novel.

Our story diverts briefly to give us context on Yumi’s previous, and how she sacrificed her need to create a novel for acquiring a complete time job. Now, nearly ten years later, she’s not confident how she feels about her choice. This story detour, although, has a goal, simply because when we catch up with our couple once more, Yumi is turning in her resignation at Daehan Noodles (noooo) and ready to be jobless and create her novel. Bold move, but also, I’m rooting for her.

Time passes and Christmas approaches. Our couple is generating their plans, Yumi is expanding out her hair (yay!) simply because Bobby commented that she looked fairly with it extended — and Yumi is also struggling with raised rent, no revenue, and an high-priced present (actually, a tie?!) that she desires to get Bobby for Christmas.

The will need for rapid money sparks her to sell a rice cooker that she won and under no circumstances opened, and although the deal nearly falls by means of, she runs off on Christmas Eve to provide it to the purchaser. I seriously had no bloody thought why we had been lingering on this rice cooker story for so extended. It didn’t hit me till Yumi was walking towards a tall figure in a gray hoodie, rice cooker in hand. Oh snap. It is Woong.

I’ll trust that the story knows what it is carrying out right here as we dig into this accidental meeting subsequent week, but also, sigh. I would honestly just rather watch Bobby and Yumi have a series of awkwardorable evenings with each other in his apartment, simply because that was yet another highlight of the episodes this week. Why are they so cute?!

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