Kiss Sixth Sense: Episodes 7-8


Kiss Sixth Sense: Episodes 7-eight

Our fated pair is ultimately dating! But due to a tangle of miscommunications this week it is not all sunshine and kisses. As the rom-com hijinks take a turn toward thriller, Ye-sool is forced to query almost everything she believed she knew about her future, and we’re left to puzzle out what her powers have to do with the previous.


This week’s episodes left me much less excited than usual but due to the fact we’ve passed the half-way point, I’m not shocked. As anticipated, the dreaded childhood connection is out of the bag and our likelihood to see Ye-sool and Min-hu in complete dating bliss is place on hold. Regrettably, I could really feel my anxiousness creating proper alongside the mountain of misunderstandings amongst them. I appreciate Min-hu’s directness and seeing him apply this to his new (contractual) partnership with Ye-sool was precisely what I wanted. But watching his honesty dissolve when it comes to speaking about his previous and powers was disappointing (in particular due to the fact Ye-sool has been so truthful about hers).

Independent of how the episodes left me, the intro scenes this week had been sufficient to leave me with a stupid smile. Correct away, we get secret workplace dating, contract negotiations about kissing, and a correct restaurant date — with Min-hu basically seeking content. He reads the contract Ye-sool presents to him and is not shy about telling her he disagrees with 1 clause — the 1 that states they need to break up just after “the realization of the certain future” (code for attractive time). Min-hu plans to hold dating her, as extended as that is what she desires also. Ye-sool is so flustered, she runs to the bathroom to calm down (and can you blame her?).

Later on, Min-hu tells Ye-sool that he’s normally liked her, but there was in no way a great time to ask her out prior to (what with her getting a boyfriend and then, ya know, hating him as her boss). His interest in her deepens by the day as he begins to recognize that his skills (and the painful symptoms that go with them) reduce when Ye-sool is about. With the enable of Ji-young’s dad, he tries to piece collectively how his accident and skills may be connected to Ye-sool’s.

Of course, the dinner dates and heart eyes do not final forever thanks to Pil-yo and Ji-young having in the middle of almost everything. Pil-yo — in an act that I did not see coming — admits that he knows about Ye-sool’s powers. In truth, he’s identified due to the fact their breakup when he overheard a conversation amongst Ye-sool and Ho-woo. Though he didn’t think it at very first, operating on his film helped him place all the proof collectively. Now, he desires Ye-sool to query her visions.

Pil-yo requires Ye-sool to see their former classmate (the 1 Ye-sool had envisioned Pil-yo marrying), and the recurring theme of fate versus totally free will gets a wrench thrown in it. When the two arrive at the classmate’s restaurant, she introduces them to her husband and infant. As Pil-yo plays with the infant, Ye-sool realizes she’s seeing the actual-life version of the vision she saw back when she kissed Pil-yo in college. Her vision was appropriate, but she had completely misinterpreted it.

I like this play of events simply because it requires away the binary of a predetermined future pitted against person agency. Perhaps the future is certainly fated, but Ye-sool’s insecurity is coloring how she interprets the future she sees. At the very same time, her actions straight contributed to this scene of Pil-yo with the infant. Had she not broken up with him, none of the events major up to it would have occurred. (I guarantee that is as far as I’ll go attempting to dissect the logic! It is a tiny like attempting to make sense of time travel guidelines.)

Ye-sool’s realization about the future stops her in her tracks. She begins to query each and every vision she’s had — which includes no matter if or not she is seriously content with Min-hu in the future. It also tends to make her second-guess her choice to break up with Pil-yo — or, at least, that is what she says to Min-hu… when she breaks up with him! (Oh please do not let there be separation episodes. I’m living for their scenes collectively.)

But the breakup is not only a item of Pil-yo’s strategy. Ji-young plays a function as properly. In a terrible mix-up, Ye-sool comes to think that Ji-young knows about her sixth sense — and that Min-hu is the 1 who told her about it. It is not correct, but the confusion happens simply because Min-hu has told Ji-young that Ye-sool has a particular potential: she can dull Min-hu’s super senses. Because Ye-sool nonetheless does not know about Min-hu’s powers, she assumes that the “special ability” Ji-young is speaking about is in truth Ye-sool’s premonitions.

Regrettably, Ji-young is turning out to be a common second lead devoid of a lot of nuance, and her only function seems to be to meddle in Min-hu’s affairs. She not only answers Min-hu’s telephone when Ye-sool calls, but she also plants an undesirable kiss on him just as Ye-sool is approaching to witness it. The kiss debilitates Min-hu — which indicates his senses are super heightened.

The kiss occurs whilst the Zeu.Ad group is in Jeju shooting the Mopix industrial (exactly where Ye-sool’s function as PM has been reinstated). Min-hu hears via the wall that Ye-sool is not in her hotel area and, rather than blocking out his senses, he utilizes them like a superhero and goes to come across her. Of course, it is a great point he does, simply because it turns out that she is getting targeted for an attack.

The childhood connection evident from the starting is ultimately taking shape and it is precisely exactly where my excitement began to wane. It is hinted that Min-hu and Ye-sool had been in the very same accident, even though she does not keep in mind it however. It appears we’re having set up to resolve a mystery surrounding their accident, Ye-sool’s father’s death, the Mopix ad her father worked on 25 years ago, and our friendly neighborhood bartender (Ye-sool’s extended-time confidant) who is each the individual who broke into her property and the 1 who is about to kidnap her when our episodes close for the week.

Apart from me getting sick of childhood connections, the partnership amongst Ye-sool and Min-hu is so significantly enjoyable that I do not even care about the backstory. Exactly where did their powers come from? It does not appear essential when we know two points: 1) Ye-sool is a healing presence for Min-hu. He feels far better when he’s about her and he does not get weak when they kiss. two) Min-hu provides Ye-sool self-confidence simply because she sees herself content in the future and starts to think it is achievable. Watching their actual-time partnership (with a dose of their foxy future) is sufficient for me devoid of the addition of a painful previous.

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