Insider: Episodes 3-4


Insider: Episodes three-four

Our hero learns the tools of the trade, enhancing at breakneck speed till he’s a far cry from his earlier fumbles. Nonetheless, prison is not a location he can survive in alone, and he’ll quickly discover that assistance occasionally comes from the most unexpected of locations.


The mysterious inmate teaches Yo-han card combinations and winning percentages, and by the finish of his stint in solitary confinement, Yo-han is confident about recouping his earlier losses.

He vows as such to Doo-chul, asking for a single much more possibility to fulfill his finish of the deal. Doo-chul grants it, and Yo-han wins his initial game with ease. Atta boy!

Yo-han repays his accumulated debt to the gambling den gangsters, but his proffered currency of the cigarettes he won from gambling tends to make them sneer derisively at him. That is, till Doo-chul’s henchmen burst in to beat them up as revenge, ha. I do not condone violence, of course, but it is good to know they’ve got Yo-han’s back.

However, Yo-han nevertheless is not getting promoted up to the large leagues however, which indicates Doo-chul desires to speed up the method. A single painfully twisted ankle later, Yo-han is sent to the infirmary, exactly where he sneaks into Sun-oh’s area.

He’s caught by Sun-oh’s henchmen and dragged to face the music, exactly where he requests Sun-oh to accept him into the initial league. Intrigued, Sun-oh challenges him to a game — each and every player will have to answer concerns truthfully and guess the card stuck on his forehead, or he’s finding electrocuted. Ouch.

Yo-han reads Sun-oh and guesses his card appropriately, but a tiny bit of psychological warfare gets Sun-oh the upper hand. Sun-oh kicks Yo-han to the ground and moves to strangle him, pondering he’s won — but in a bit of speedy pondering Yo-han plays dead, taking benefit of Sun-oh’s lowered guard to toss the cable into the water and electrocute them each. Omg.

Just after Yo-han regains consciousness, he’s told he has a VIP visitor and taken to the Shinseondong wing of the prison. It turns out to be a lavishly furnished suite, exactly where Soo-yeon’s waiting for him.

In a series of probing concerns, she reveals that she knows his target at the gambling den was Chairman Yang, and she presents her unconditional assistance. Nonetheless, we also find out that Yo-han knows much more than he lets on — he’d noticed Soo-yeon undertaking some secret sleuthing there, also.

In order to discover out the identity of the mysterious neighbor, Yo-han requires Soo-yeon up on her present, and she pulls some strings for him. Contrary to Yo-han’s expectations, the inmate is not Lee Tae-gwang, the inmate with the video proof he’s looking for — it is in fact a single of Sun-oh’s henchmen.

His name is RYU TAE-HOON (Jo Hee-bong), and he ends up saving Yo-han from a second round of intentional ankle injury. Tae-hoon can not orchestrate a meeting with Tae-gwang, but he does have a tip to present — if Yo-han gets a effective sponsor to back him, he can bypass Sun-oh and move up the large leagues.

Tae-hoon hyperlinks Yo-han up with the safety manager, who’s the second most effective sponsor right after the prison warden. With that, Yo-han enters the second league.

Sun-oh joins his table as the dealer, and he acts like he’s nevertheless nursing a grudge — except he aids Yo-han by signaling what the other players’ hands are, applying the precise indicators that Tae-hoon taught him in solitary confinement. Omg, Sun-oh was behind it all along?

Yo-han’s confused as to Sun-oh’s motives for assisting him, but he decides to trust him anyway. The cards are revealed, and Yo-han wins — even though not without having a scare, as Sun-oh lied about the final card.

Later, Sun-oh claims the entire electrocution schtick was merely a test of Yo-han’s trustworthiness. Sun-oh has lofty aspirations, considering that he desires to climb to the apex of the gambling scene and have prosecutors and policemen alike in his pocket. To do that, he’ll will need allies, which is exactly where Yo-han comes into play.

Yo-han’s speedy to accept, and Sun-oh has him moved into the infirmary (below the pretense of obtaining hyperthyroidism, ha). Yo-han gets his personal private area, along with a housewarming present from Sun-oh.

That turns out to be Tae-gwang, who’s lost manage more than his motor functions ever considering that an individual slipped detergent into his meals. Sun-oh does make casual mention of there getting a USB amongst Tae-gwang’s belongings even though, which will have to be exactly where the video is.

Yo-han’s alliance with Sun-oh is not without having consequence, and Doo-chul presents to reduce however yet another deal with Yo-han. Stab Sun-oh in the back (very actually), and he’ll spend off all of Yo-han’s debt. Alternatively, Yo-han remains staunchly on Sun-oh’s side, and reveals that he’s conscious of Doo-chul’s ulterior motive — he desires to use him to do away with Sun-oh, then he’ll get rid of him.

How did Yo-han discover out? Nicely, his act of kindness came complete circle Seung-hwan warned Yo-han that his life was in danger, obtaining overheard Doo-chul’s plans to kill him. (I incorrectly assumed Seung-hwan was deaf final week — my apologies for the error!)

Doo-chul’s guys may well be armed with knives, but Sun-oh and Yo-han are no puny prey. Not only did they guard their bodies with plaster casts beforehand, but Yo-han also bribed the safety manager with 90% of his earnings. Doo-chul and his guys get hauled away, leaving our pair victorious and nevertheless quite a great deal alive.

Now that Yo-han’s officially on their side, Sun-oh requires him to meet their Quantity Two — omg, it is Seung-hwan, and he can speak! Turns out he was caught for embezzlement, and he’s a master at scamming. Yeah, no doubt about that, his persona was so convincing!

Yo-han instructs Seung-hwan to teach Yo-han sleight of hand card tricks, but not only is Yo-han terrible at it, Seung-hwan also holds a palpable dislike for Yo-han. That is exciting although I initially believed Seung-hwan was moved by Yo-han’s kindness, now it appears like he was merely acting upon Sun-oh’s orders.

Final of all, Sun-oh assigns Yo-han a new job as a server every single Friday, the warden transforms his workplace into a gambling hall. The strings to these participants’ purses are loose, which indicates Yo-han can earn a sizable quantity in ideas — but the actual revenue lies in the IOUs that the participants finish up signing.

Soo-yeon meets with Yo-han as soon as once more, and she informs him that police detective PARK RO-SA (Kim Shi-eun) is unofficially investigating his grandmother’s death, considering that there’s proof of foul play. Yo-han asks her why she’s going to such lengths to assistance him, and she answers that it is to sate her twenty-year vendetta against a single particular person: Byung-wook.

Her conviction and desperation gets by way of to Yo-han, and he agrees to assistance her with her program. Step a single: take more than Seongju prison.

Soo-yeon subsequent returns with a video for Yo-han, but it is a grim a single. The CCTV recording shows Jin-hyung carrying Yo-han’s grandmother and dumping her under a bridge to stage a suicide, and Yo-han grows distraught as he remembers Jin-hyung’s empty promises to guard his grandmother.

In a visitation with Jin-hyung, Yo-han confronts his deceitful superior, exposing his lies to his face. Ultimately dropping the act, Jin-hyung snarls that he’s the only a single who can get Yo-han out of prison.

He stands up, intending to leave, and Yo-han gets up to comply with — except a scalpel falls from his pocket. Each guys clock it, and Yo-han instinctively dives to retrieve it. In an impulsive match of rage, Yo-han drives the scalpel into Jin-hyung’s neck, and it is only when the blood splatters onto his face that he realizes what he’s performed.

Whoa, that escalated rapidly. From the outset, I’ve liked the gray morality that accompanied Yo-han’s pragmatism, but I didn’t very count on him to go dark so quickly. Then once more, he has been by way of a great deal hardship and betrayal in also brief a time it is no wonder that he’s currently starting to fray at the edges.

Whether or not it is murder or attempted murder, it is nevertheless a line that is tricky to come back from as soon as it is been crossed. I’m interested in seeing the subsequent fallout — each in terms of Yo-han’s psyche, as properly as Sun-oh’s reaction.

Speaking about Sun-oh, he’s such a entertaining character! I admit I discovered him obnoxious at initial, but his mischievous antics and blithe nonchalance give him a childlike demeanor that is nearly endearing.

It also serves as a stark contrast to his razor-sharp wits and capacity for cruel brutality, which offers him an added dimension that leaves me curious to discover out much more. He appears to be a dependable ally to Yo-han therefore far, but are his motivations genuinely as simple as he claims? Certainly there will have to be much more to an individual who regularly employs several layers of deception to realize his targets.

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