Short Film Review: Guitar in the Bucket (2022) by Kim Bu-young

Overflowing with intelligent tips, „Guitar in the Bucket” is a dystopian take on the customer culture and capitalism. In the film’s planet every little thing can be monetised and turned into a service. In an image that keeps getting utilised repeatedly, goods and humans flow out of vending machines to give the most abstract solutions. You can employ an individual to be your walking companion (to be in a position to hold a conversation with them you will have to spend additional although). If you are not cautious, and a random man tends to make you begin laughing in a park, you may well have to renumerate him also. And if you want to go to Dream Town and comply with your greatest fantasies: effectively, you would have to have a truckload of coins ready for that as effectively.

&#8220Guitar in the Bucket&#8221 is screening at ShortShorts

The characters of “Guitar in the Bucket” move by way of the grey planet zombie-like. They are lacking in agency, and there appears to be small hope for their dreams about the future. The director, Kim Bu-young, smartly utilizes slapstick humour to undercut the seriousness which would otherwise ooze from the film. Regardless of that, “Guitar in the Bucket” appears a bit also static in its therapy of the overarching themes. It occurs so due to the fact the nameless protagonist wanders by way of the city with out a clear aim, other than producing revenue to fulfil her dreams of becoming a guitar player. Quick vignettes we are witnessing contribute to the planet-creating, but provide small insight into how the principal character is going to accomplish her target or breakaway from the futile cycle. The film does not conclude in a way that provides a challenge to the established status quo. In “Guitar in the Bucket” enslavement to the totally free-industry dictum is right here to keep.

The bleak outlook on the capitalist reality is additional communicated by way of the imagery of “Guitar in the Bucket”. Minimalist animation relies on a colour palette consisting of greys, yellows and greens. Character style is devoid of detail, as the film’s planet appears to be inhabited by thousands of doppelgängers. This, of course, contributes to the all round feeling of malaise and futility. Access to dreams is refused to the protagonist in a visual way also: her life is actually colourless and monotonous, with days spent in a grim reality that provides no space for alter.



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