Link: Eat, Love, Kill: Episodes 3-4


Hyperlink: Consume, Appreciate, Kill: Episodes three-four

Our leads turn out to be increasingly entangled in every single other’s lives this week. Or, extra accurately, our chef gets drawn additional into his new neighbor’s hectic (and hazardous) life. Adding to the intrigue, there’s a suspicious new arrival in town with connections to a specific stalker and a neighborhood blackmailer who’s hunting to place out a hit on somebody. This neighborhood is a lot.


Caught red-handed peeking in Gye-hoon’s (empty) fridge, Da-hyun stammers out an clear lie. Gye-hoon calls her out but lets her leave immediately after telling her he may well just be an ally. Now that the physique is gone, Da-hyun’s household has an even larger dilemma. Who took it? Or could the stalker nevertheless be alive?

Da-hyun and her household are additional jumpy, afraid to open fridges and scattering anytime a police car or truck drives by. Of course, their squirrely behavior just tends to make Min-jo extra determined to figure out what they’re hiding. Regrettably for them, she’s also taken an interest in the current murder case that appears associated to the stalker.

An older neighborhood cop is convinced that the major suspect in Gye-young’s disappearance is accountable for this current murder. The suspect was turned in by his young son who saw him covered in blood the day Gye-young went missing, but they didn’t have adequate proof to charge him. The man is now homeless, nevertheless living in the neighborhood. When Gye-hoon comes face to face with him, he vows to kill him if he finds proof that the man killed Gye-young.

Meanwhile, Gye-hoon’s hyperlink with Da-hyun is finding extra disruptive. She has nightmares each evening about the trauma, and Gye-hoon experiences them along with her. Just after they meet on the street coincidentally, each finding drinks, it becomes a nightly tradition.

Gye-hoon cooks and they share drinks, becoming extra comfy with every single other. She’s curious about his surprising care toward her, so he shares that he owed somebody 5 meals – he may well be making use of Da-hyun as a substitute.

In a flashback, we understand that Gye-young had written Gye-hoon a letter ideal ahead of she went missing he didn’t acquire it till immediately after she was gone. She’d had a handful of requests, such as 5 meals, as repayment for Gye-hoon ratting her out in common sibling style.

Worried that Da-hyun will misinterpret his actions, he tends to make her guarantee not to like him no matter how effectively he treats her. So, of course, she begins liking him. Da-hyun gets a small as well comfy and proves just how unsuited to criminality she is: she confesses to Gye-hoon that she murdered somebody.

Gye-hoon is flabbergasted, extra at her comprehensive lack of secrecy than the murder. Da-hyun speedily realizes how poor of an concept confessing was and decides the very best way to make sure his silence is to threaten to kill him if he talks. HA.

In spite of how significantly of a disaster she is, Gye-hoon nevertheless lets her function at his restaurant. Da-hyun had been studying for the civil service exam to make her mom satisfied, but she knows she’s not reduce out for it. She has a substantial fight with her mom about wanting to reside her personal life and for now, that signifies operating at Gye-hoon’s restaurant.

Da-hyun is not the only new employ at the restaurant, although. A sketchy young lady comes to town and is hired on as a chef. LEE EUN-JUNG (Lee Bom) is hunting for her small brother, the stalker. She assumes Da-hyun is his girlfriend from the social media posts and cozies up to her for data, pondering she has some thing to do with his disappearance.

Eun-jung even showed a photo of her brother to Bok-hee and halmeoni, but they didn’t recognize him. Da-hyun’s coworker alerts her to the truth that a household member is hunting for the stalker, but Da-hyun does not comprehend it is Eun-jung.

Though Da-hyun frets about this most recent improvement, Bok-hee and halmeoni have a new dilemma of their personal. A neighbor saw them stuff the stalker’s physique in the fridge and is now blackmailing them to maintain silent. The kicker? In return, she desires them to off her abusive husband.

But that may well not be needed. I haven’t however introduced yet another newcomer to town who arrived when Gye-hoon did. JI WON-TAK (Song Deok-ho) is a cop who has been stationed in Jihwa. He and Min-jo are exes and, awkwardly, now partners.

Won-tak is also sketchy (who is not right here?), and there’s this anger below the surface that is regarding. He’s really protective of Min-jo, in spite of her continuous warnings to him not to interfere. They cross paths with the abuser a couple occasions, and he’s usually disrespectful to Min-jo. Every time, Min-jo has to quit Won-tak from becoming physical.

A single evening, Won-tak goes out dressed in the universal stealth suit (all black with a baseball cap, naturally). He provides the abuser a vicious beatdown in an alley and leaves him hunting just about dead. Yeesh. Gye-hoon takes place by and greets Won-tak as he tries to sneak off. Gye-hoon requires in the stealth suit and the blood on Won-tak’s hand.

As luck would have it, Da-hyun and household finish up getting the abuser unconscious. And that is when the cops show up. To make matters worse, they every single come about to be holding a utensil that also doubles as a weapon: a shovel, a rolling pin, and a hammer. So off to the station they go. Fortunately, the nevertheless-alive abuser confirms that his attacker was male, so the females are released.

It is a miracle the entire neighborhood does not know what they did however. Da-hyun in particular is a terrible liar and can not maintain her story straight. At 1 point, in Gye-hoon’s restaurant, Jin-hoo notices that 1 of their high-priced knives went missing (which is oddly in 1 of the neighborhood ajumma’s possession). Gye-hoon’s eyes reduce more than to Da-hyun who blurts out, in front of Jin-hoo and Eun-jung, that she didn’t do it with a knife. HA. She’s going to give Gye-hoon a heart attack from the pressure of watching her flail.

Meanwhile, Jin-hoo is worried about Gye-hoon and decides to get some answers. He collects hair samples from Da-hyun and Gye-hoon (by ripping it from their heads) and sends them off for DNA testing. As anticipated, the outcomes are adverse.

Jin-hoo shows Gye-hoon who admits he currently knew but was lying to himself. He wanted his household to be entire and satisfied once again, even although he knows that is just an unrealistic dream.

He and Da-hyun do, even so, have a previous connection. She also grew up in the neighborhood and had a crush on him immediately after he saved her from bullies, which led her to think he liked her as well. She didn’t comprehend he was really guarding Gye-young who was standing beside her.

Now, Gye-hoon has decided it is time to come back to reality. He can really feel Da-hyun’s feelings for him via the hyperlink and confronts her about it, saying he only acted out of sympathy and no longer plans to be so involved.

Nonetheless, he can not aid but warn her when he tends to make a startling realization. Gye-hoon had noticed the wrapped physique in the fridge (not recognizing it was a physique) ahead of it disappeared. At the very same time, 1 of his knives went missing. He concludes the stalker wasn’t dead – he escaped.

Da-hyun is skeptical, asking yourself why he didn’t come immediately after her. In voiceover, Gye-hoon says they’d later uncover the stalker was hit by a taxi on his way to her family’s restaurant. At the finish of the episode, as they stand in the street, the stalker abruptly lunges from the shadows and grabs Da-hyun by the throat.

So… that was jarring. I’m half asking yourself if this is in Da-hyun’s imagination. The camera angles all through the episodes did recommend somebody spying on Da-hyun and Gye-hoon, but nevertheless. Offered how shady this neighborhood is, it definitely could’ve been anybody.

Won-tak is just about as regarding as the stalker and may well himself be a stalker. Did he come to town for Min-jo? Or is he also connected to the previous? I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s the son who turned his father in for Gye-young’s disappearance.

I believe Gye-hoon is going to have his hands complete in this neighborhood, what with solving his sister’s disappearance and attempting to make confident Da-hyun does not accidentally give herself up. While at least now she’s not facing a murder charge. Silver lining, I guess?

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