Woori the Virgin: Episodes 11-12


Woori the Virgin: Episodes 11-12

It is mentioned that opinions are like buttholes — in that everybody has a single — and the phrase has in no way felt much more correct for our major lady. As mates and loved ones supply their unsolicited partnership and loved ones preparing guidance, she becomes increasingly much more assertive with her desires and wants, but this puts a strain on her new romantic partnership.


Up till now, I’ve been amongst the minority of viewers who have enjoyed Woori the Virgin and its zany, more than-the-best tropes and ridiculousness, but this drama has lastly jumped the shark for me. With only 4 episodes left, I assumed the show would use its remaining time to progress the romance, circle back about to Woori’s pregnancy, and use Gang-jae’s side-plot obsession with Chairman Kim to add some humorous suspense along the way. However, Episode 11 was a enormous waste of time, bouncing about from character to character — with equally abrupt scene adjustments — as they every single chimed in with their opinion of Woori and Raphael’s partnership.

Given that we resume our story exactly where we left off final week, Gang-jae is the initial to interfere with Woori’s adore life. He openly accuses Raphael of getting Chairman Kim, and Woori has to be all, “Look, I can see why you may possibly suspect him — what with his access to the hospital and all that — but you are also letting your private feelings cloud your judgment.”

Soon after the entire empty secure fiasco, Gang-jae’s boss — who’s also secretly aiding Chairman Kim — puts Gang-jae on a mandatory leave to get him off Chairman Kim’s scent, but Gang-jae’s fanatical interest in his arch nemesis will not let him rest. And so — off the clock, of course — he proceeds to stalk Raphael, his key suspect, which also implies Gang-jae spent a fair quantity of time camped outdoors Woori’s household exactly where Raphael stayed although his apartment underwent some repairs.

Raphael, the poor guy, is very lonely, and his eagerness to sleep more than is as a lot about having to know Woori as it is about his longing to be a portion of a loving loved ones unit. (Side note: His curly bed hair is downright adorable.)

Grandma is eager to have him about, also, due to the fact she desires to push the couple collectively. She, a lot like Raphael’s father, desires Raphael and Woori to get married for the infant. For the reason that, you know, it would be sooooo idealistic if the baby’s parents raised it collectively in married bliss. (*eyerolls*)

Eun-ran, nevertheless, is the only a single who areas Woori’s interests just before the baby’s, and she cautions Woori to take her partnership with Raphael slow. Neither of them really should error the daydream of a image great loved ones for romantic adore. Raphael overhears Eun-ran’s conversation with Woori, and — wanting to clear the air — he privately assures Eun-ran that he is genuinely interested in Woori and only desires to make her content. Yeah, about that…

In spite of what Raphael might have told Eun-ran, he turns about and does the full opposite of what Woori desires. She’s stated numerous instances that she does not want to rush the partnership or delight in grand public gestures, but Raphael entirely ignores every little thing she has mentioned and proposes — with an more than-the-best flash mob dance.

It is going to take me a year to get more than the secondhand embarrassment, but I’ve got to say, that moment was fairly damn powerful at producing me dislike the crap out of Raphael. Like, I’m genuinely pissed on Woori’s behalf, and I can not even complain that the behavior is uncharacteristic due to the fact he’s currently demonstrated a pattern of getting, properly, further when Woori has repeatedly shown she likes to retain factors uncomplicated. Not to mention, his current sleepover has emphasized his loneliness and desperation for a loved ones, and what far better way to attain that than by rushing factors with his infant mama?

But Raphael’s blunder does not finish with the premature proposal, people. No, immediately after Woori rejects him and explains her — understandable and rational — thoughts on the matter, he has the gumption to get in touch with Woori selfish for placing her emotional wants and issues just before “what’s superior for the infant.” Oh no, he didn’t! Y’all, hold me back. I’m about to rip his behind a new butthole.

Woori, nevertheless, demonstrates that she’s completely capable of taking care of herself and shuts down his line of pondering. She points out that forcing a romantic partnership for the sake of the infant is not far better for the youngster. In addition, she is completely ready to raise the infant on her personal, understanding from private practical experience that a youngster can develop up feeling loved in a single-parent household. They portion methods and place their partnership on pause, but Raphael is not offered a lot time to mourn the demise of their romance due to the fact his father is arrested on suspicion of getting the Chairman Kim.

See, although Rapahel was busy studying how to dance for his (failed) flash mob marriage proposal, Gang-jae identified the surgeon who had been performing the plastic surgery operations on the criminals. However, the surgeon is killed just before Gang-jae can speak to him, but nearby CCTV footage areas Duk-bae at the scene of the murder. Then, when Gang-jae and his group go to query Duk-bae, they discover the missing necklace and the scalpel made use of to kill the surgeon hidden in the pot of Duk-bae’s beloved orchid.

It is all a bit also handy, so handy that even biased-against-Rapahel-and-his-loved ones Gang-jae has difficulty believing it. When Duk-bae goes missing, Gang-jae is the only a single suspicious that it was a kidnapping and not an try to flee the nation, and his theory is appropriate. Duk-bae is kidnapped by the genuine Chairman Kim, who turns out to be none other than Duk-bae’s chief secretary. She’s also Duk-bae’s illegitimate daughter HYUN-SEOK (Park Sun-young), who he abandoned at an orphanage when she was a youngster. She’s been plotting her revenge ever considering that.

I identified this reveal to be very anticlimactic. On paper an abandoned youngster in search of retribution against her deadbeat father sounds like an acceptable twist, but in execution it feels rather lackluster. I was expecting the culprit to be a prominently featured character — like Raphael or (my private theory) Sung-il — so the shock aspect would come from the character’s identity rather than their backstory. But no, let’s make the murderous mastermind be the secretary, and let’s say she fooled the cops into believing she was a man due to the fact she wore a fake muscle suit.

Soon after the reveal, the plot is expedited exponentially due to the fact Hyun-seok gets uncharacteristically touchy-feely with Woori, who all of a sudden remembers feeling similarly skeeved out when Chairman Kim broke into her household. Woori promptly calls Gang-jae, but gets his voicemail. Soon after leaving him a message explaining that Duk-bae’s chief secretary is Chairman Kim, she is kidnapped, also.

Gang-jae listens to the voicemail in time to intercept Hyun-seok’s car or truck in the parking garage, but his stand-off with Hyun-seok lasts so extended that Raphael has time to hail a cab. Raphael then follows Hyun-seok to her secret hideout, exactly where Duk-bae is trapped in a tank with increasing water, and Woori is tied to a chair with exposed wires sparking ominously nearby. Raphael prioritizes rescuing his father, oblivious to the water inching towards Woori and placing her at danger of electrocution.

Shortly thereafter, Gang-jae arrives on the scene and draws his gun on Hyun-seok, but after once again — in spite of obtaining a clear shot and no hostages to shield — he lets her go. He does not even fire a warning shot or try to shoot out her tires. I’m just going to assume that he had only a single bullet, and he had the precognitive forethought to save it for the subsequent scene, when he shoots out the water tank’s glass to rescue Duk-bae.

Soon after the kidnapping, the drama’s tone shifts and leaves the murder plot behind to return to much more “normal” mini story arcs. Ye-ri has a terrible case of hemorrhoids, so Woori requires more than writing for Mask of Need and boots her specialist profession. Ma-ri’s determination to win more than Raphael is reignited due to the fact of his current split with Woori, but he speedily shuts down her advances by revealing that he’s identified for pretty some time that she and her mother have been scamming him. And immediately after Eun-ran’s short reality show stint turns out to be masterminded by Sung-il, she decides to give up her dreams of getting a singer and take more than as the head of the loved ones so Grandma can retire.

But, of course, factors ramp up once again in the final 5 minutes or so. Hyun-seok turns up at Ma-ri’s home to retrieve her memory card from Mi-ja, and in light of Raphael’s most current rejection, Ma-ri appears inclined to take Hyun-seok up on her supply to group up. Collectively they can and take more than the planet — I imply, Diamond Health-related Facility! (It all feels extremely Pinky and the Brain, with Ma-ri definitely getting Pinky.)

At the identical time, Raphael and Gang-jae are each invited to dinner at Woori’s home, and Sung-il is shushed for attempting to break the awkward silence. Gang-jae invites Woori outdoors for a private conversation and suggests a reconciliation, but just before she can reply, Raphael swoops in and announces his personal wish to mend their partnership. The episode ends similarly to final week, with Woori caught in between the two feuding guys and chaos erupting in the background.

Oh, how speedily my opinion can adjust. I’m at the point exactly where I’m prepared to kick each Raphael and Gang-jae off a cliff, and I’m hoping this series ends with Woori telling each of them to go suck on a cactus. If this drama desires to continue with its (mainly) optimistic portrayal of single-parent houses and finish with Woori and Raphael sharing joint custody of the infant, I completely assistance that thought. I just want the road to get there hadn’t been paved with this back-and-forth peeing contest in between the male leads, which has devolved previous the point of getting amusing.

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