Red Heart: Episodes 13-14


Red Heart: Episodes 13-14

Plans are enacted and sacrifices are created, as our hero lastly actions up to the battle’s forefront. The query is, although — what tends to make a ruler? And what tends to make a very good 1?


Tae’s program launches into complete swing, created feasible by the tolerance to poison he’s constructed up — turns out his mother had created him drink mildly poisoned tea more than the years to defend him from assassination.

Tae reveals himself to the Sarim scholars, promising to clear Yoo Hak-soo’s name and restore his title posthumously. That earns him their help, particularly considering the fact that they’ve been staunchly opposing the queen dowager’s rule.

Meanwhile, Gye-won’s investigations have led him to the truth of Si-wol’s double identity. He demands a private meeting with Tae, who grants it. Their conversation is laden with considerably weight — Gye-won harshly denounces the late king for getting feeble and shirking his duties, accusing Tae of the identical.

In contrast, Tae argues that his father’s subjects forced him onto a throne he did not wish Tae’s actions now are borne out of the need to have to wrest his rightful energy back from his errant subjects.

Tae raises an exciting query: what offers Gye-won the appropriate to identify what a king ought to be like, or for that matter, how the country’s fate really should unfold? But the counter to that is, what offers the king that identical appropriate, apart from his royal blood?

In spite of it getting taboo for ladies of the internal court to step foot into the royal workplace, Jung requests an audience with the queen dowager. She points out the Workplace of Palace Eunuchs’ overstep in detaining Ddong-geum, then declares in front of all the ministers that she is carrying Tae’s kid.

That gets her want granted, and Jung rushes to rescue Ddong-geum. She’s barely hanging on, and upon their tearful reunion, she falls limp in Jung’s arms.

The confirmation of Jung’s pregnancy leads to even additional opposition against the queen dowager’s regency. Scrambling to defend her unrightful energy, the queen dowager plots to have Jung murdered that incredibly evening, along with other dissenters.

On the other hand, Jung has inspired loyalty in her court ladies. Working with Ddong-geum’s death, they sneak Jung out of the palace in spot of the corpse. She’s found not lengthy just after regaining consciousness, but a group of swordsmen save her from the soldiers, and Jung is lastly reunited with Tae.

The identical can not be stated for the other names on the queen dowager’s kill list, numerous of whom are murdered in cold blood. When once again, Gye-won has to stroll down a palace path flanked by the corpses of his comrades.

It is chilling how, in the approach of attempting to stop a second tyrant from taking reign, Gye-won has unknowingly been nursing the incredibly identical monster in his backyard.

Gye-won fights his way to the queen dowager, holding his sword to her throat. He presses tough adequate to draw blood, but can not adhere to by means of. The queen dowager wavers, although, and orders for him to be locked up in the internal prison for now (alternatively of getting taken to the state tribunal).

The queen dowager is expanding suspicious of Si-wol, who hasn’t been in a position to provide on his promises (such as the king’s death). Unwilling to have but an additional of his loyal subjects die, Tae has his eunuch urge Si-wol to leave the palace. But Si-wol goes back, claiming to have 1 final factor to do. Oh no, please do not let this be a death flag…

Si-wol approaches the queen dowager, but she’s currently realized that Tae may possibly be awake, and that Si-wol is most likely on his side. She has Si-wol taken away, and beneath interrogation he confesses that Tae has referred to as upon Jeolla soldiers for his bring about.

That matches the regional army tag that was located at the internet site of Jung’s rescue, and the queen dowager makes use of the troop dispatch token she took from Minister Jo to mobilize the complete country’s soldiers in response.

Ooh, it was all aspect of the program! The queen dowager’s actions have offered Tae the important justification to collect troops against her — each the regional army tag and the troop dispatch token are fakes.

In an additional surprise reveal, we obtain out that Gye-won and Minister Jo had been functioning collectively Minister Jo had deliberately forged the token and permitted the queen dowager to take it, all beneath Gye-won’s directions.

Flanked by his regional troops, Tae tends to make a triumphant return. So does Jung, who is relieved to obtain her court ladies imprisoned but alive and properly. Gye-won is released upon Tae’s orders, and the queen dowager’s traitorous subjects are captured. Regrettably, Tae’s eunuch is 1 step as well late, and he finds Si-wol dead from his torture. Noooo.

In spite of the queen dowager’s treachery, Tae can not openly denounce his mother without having risking a rebellion against himself. As such, he presents Gye-won a option — rally the subjects and depose the queen dowager, and he’ll get to stroll away with his life. Else, he’s going down for aiding her.

Of course, Tae’s program is going a small as well smoothly, and a wrench is thrown into the performs for the show’s final hours. Obtaining previously noticed Tae’s chessboard that represented the state ministers, Jung puts the pieces collectively and realizes that Tae was behind it all.

Feeling deceived and distraught, Jung confronts Tae about his scheming — he’d instigated the queen dowager’s regency, and plunged the nation into chaos. Tae’s been caught in his lie.

Time and time once again we’ve observed that Tae is not above manipulating other people as pawns (or chess pieces), and the parallels amongst Ddong-geum and Si-wol illustrate this rather poignantly. Each died for Tae’s crusade, left to be found by their heartbroken loved ones. It is not to say that Tae does not really feel guilt, simply because he’s clearly pained by their deaths, but he pushes forth with his tips and ideals anyway.

Of course, a ruler has a duty towards each his person subjects, as properly as the all round nation that he have to defend from time to time the latter inevitably comes at the expense of the former. That is the weight a ruler have to bear, but it also begs the query — have been these sacrifices avoidable, had Tae taken an additional path?

Jung clearly thinks so, and it tends to make her a additional virtuous ruler in Gye-won’s eyes. Exactly where Tae sees the forest, she sees the trees. But it is also her empathy that regularly locations her in peril, and whilst that is no character flaw, it surely would be an Achilles’ heel for a ruler.

Tae and Jung balance each and every other out properly, which offers them the prospective to be a highly effective pair as soon as they’re functioning in tandem and maintaining each and every other in verify. Nevertheless, it remains to be observed no matter whether their ideals will clash as a outcome of their differing perspectives, or if they’ll be in a position to lead Joseon to glory.

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