Our Blues: Episodes 19-20 (Final)


Our Blues: Episodes 19-20 (Final)

With death looming suitable about the corner, our characters come to terms with their accurate feelings, and open up to each and every other in this final hour. They face their old wounds in order to mend their partnership and locate peace. Regardless of the struggles and heartaches our characters endure, the show reminds its audience that every person deserves happiness.

EPISODES 19-20 WEECAP: Ok-dong &amp Dong-suk

Dong-suk decides to fulfill Ok-dong’s wishes ahead of she dies, but in exchange, he plans to ask her all his burning concerns. Following dropping Choon-hee off at the hospital, Dong-suk and Ok-dong shop for meals and head to the oldest stepson’s apartment for the memorial service. Ok-dong asks Dong-suk to remain, but when they ring the doorbell, a stranger opens the door. The stepson moved across the street a year ago, and Dong-suk realizes that these ungrateful jerks in no way invited his mom to come in the initial spot.

In the parking lot, Dong-suk crosses path with the oldest stepson who barely acknowledges his existence. Irked by the dismissal, Dong-suk whirls about and joins the memorial out of spite. Through dinner, the wife attempts some modest speak, but Dong-suk mocks the stepson for losing all his dad’s fortune. Throwing meals in Dong-suk’s face, the stepson accuses him of stealing from his family members and causing his dad’s death.

Ok-dong holds Dong-suk back, but when the stepson calls him pitiful, she glares at the stepson and chucks meals at him. She defends Dong-suk for becoming a patient son and scolds the stepson for twisting the truth considering the fact that his dad died simply because of him.

Following hearing Ok-dong’s outburst, Dong-suk realizes that she was conscious of every thing and asks her that evening if she feels apologetic towards him. She stares back at him in confusion and asks why she should really be. Devoid of a word, he leaves the motel area and goes to sleep in his truck.

Prior to going back to Jeju, Dong-suk appears about for Ok-dong’s hometown at her behest, but the neighborhood has been torn down and turned into a reservoir. She insists on going nonetheless, and when they arrive, the landscape is unrecognizable. Dong-suk wonders if she has any family members left at least, and Ok-dong tells him that they all passed away.

Hiking back, Dong-suk notices Ok-dong limping and presents to carry her the rest of the way. When they attain the truck, he confronts his mom when far more about abandoning him, and she tells him that a crazy lady can’t really feel apologetic. She blames herself for her daughter’s death as nicely as misunderstanding the desires of her young son. She tells Dong-suk to not mourn for her when she dies, and he wipes away his tears, unable to respond.

Although Ok-dong’s situation worsens, she wishes to go property, so Dong-suk books tickets for the subsequent ferry. With a handful of hours to spare, he asks if she desires to go anyplace else, and Ok-dong mentions the town exactly where she met her husband. Regardless of his grumblings, he requires her there, and Ok-dong stares at the old restaurant exactly where she utilized to function as a young teenager.

On the ferry, Ok-dong asks Dong-suk how to spell her mom’s name, so he writes it on the window. Seeing her light up, he writes down every thing else she desires to know like Mount Halla. Hearing the final request, he asks if she has ever been there, and she shakes her head. He talks about the beautiful lake on leading, and Ok-dong appears longingly out the window.

By the time Ok-dong wakes up, she finds herself seated in Dong-suk’s truck surrounded by morning snow. Whilst she was sleeping, he drove them halfway up Mount Halla considering the fact that she has in no way noticed it. She muses about the lake on leading, and against his much better judgment, he provides in to her wishes and grabs a pair of boots from his truck.

Through their hike, Dong-suk asks his mom if she desires to be reincarnated, and wonders if she would want to be his mom once again. Ok-dong declines at initial, but when Dong-suk promises to be kinder in the subsequent life, she alterations her thoughts. Whilst taking a break, Dong-suk brings up his sister and tells his mom to not blame herself for what occurred. He then asks when she was the happiest, and to his bafflement, Ok-dong answers, “Right now.”

Noticing Ok-dong struggle, Dong-suk coaxes her to go back down and promises to finish the trek by himself and send her photos. He requires off at a brisk pace, but the path comes to an abrupt finish considering the fact that the leading is restricted due to inclement climate. Dong-suk films a video alternatively, explaining his predicament to Ok-dong, and choking back his tears, he presents to take her in particular person when the flowers bloom.

They attain Ok-dong’s property by nightfall, but as Dong-suk watches his mom leave, he calls out to her, not wanting to separate just however. He requires her to his property for the initial time, and there, they meet Sun-ah and her son who have come to pay a visit to for the weekend. Whilst Dong-suk bonds with Sun-ah’s son, Ok-dong talks with Sun-ah and realizes that Dong-suk has discovered a person who sees his type heart.

Regardless of Sun-ah’s invitation to remain the evening, Ok-dong returns property and sends Dong-suk away as nicely. Prior to he leaves, he asks for breakfast tomorrow, and Ok-dong happily agrees. She gets up early the subsequent morning to prepare the meals and feed her pets, but when Dong-suk arrives, he finds her sleeping beside the set table. He tries waking her up, but an uneasy feeling passes more than him when she does not respond.

Dong-suk goes more than to verify and realizes that Ok-dong has passed. He grabs her in a hug and cries uncontrollably into her shoulder. In voiceover, Dong-suk says that his mom in no way told him that she loved him nor she did apologize, but none of that mattered now. Holding her in his arms, he realized for the initial time that he in no way resented her simply because all he ever wanted was reconciliation.

The show in no way condones Ok-dong’s mistreatment of Dong-suk, and they produced it clear that she failed him as a mom. Nonetheless, like every person else, Ok-dong is a complicated character, and the conflict among her and Dong-suk is about far more than her previous wrongdoings. Via their final trip and her death, Dong-suk learns that his anger stemmed from longing rather than resentment, and we see from Ok-dong’s point of view that her silence was fueled by guilt and self-loathing.

Mainly because she did not have the signifies to deliver for him, she believed a roof more than his head and warm meals took precedent more than every thing else — like motherly enjoy. Nonetheless, she discovered her error as well late, and a mixture of stubbornness and guilt brought on her to in no way attain out initial.

In some approaches, Ok-dong dealt with her previous by avoiding it, which is a thing Dong-suk struggled with as nicely. In the finish, mother and son had far more in popular than either realized, and simply because of their shared practical experience of loneliness, Dong-suk was in a position to see Ok-dong outdoors of her part as his mom and have sympathy for her as a particular person.

Forgiveness is messy, and goodbyes are seldom clean-reduce. There is a nonetheless a lot of remorse and unspoken words among Ok-dong and Dong-suk, but in spite of all that, I think they each got the closure they required. Dong-suk was in a position to release his anger, and as a outcome, he can now move on with his life and construct meaningful relationships.

As for Ok-dong, she died following experiencing her happiest day, and she got to commit time with her son and leave him behind figuring out that he will not be alone like she was. Whilst her life may perhaps have been a tragedy for the most component, her final moments have been filled with happiness, permitting her to pass on with no any lingering regrets.

A single month has passed considering the fact that Ok-dong’s death, and the most recent occasion for our villagers is the upcoming athletic meet against the neighboring town. Every person is energized to win considering the fact that they have lost two years in a row, and a handful of familiar faces have returned to Jeju like Han-soo, Mi-ran, Young-hee, and Eun-ki.

Providing a fast roundup of the characters, Han-soo has a new position at a bank, and Eun-hee remains most effective pals with Mi-ran. Young-ok’s partnership with Jung-joon is even stronger following meeting his parents who accept her in their personal stoic way, Young-hee is going to Jeju far more often, and Jung-joon’s younger brother is dating Byul-yi. Young-joo gave birth early to a wholesome child girl, and Hyun is now a all-natural at In-kwon’s stand. Even Sun-ah is at the occasion to cheer for Dong-suk, and every person welcomes her with open arms.

The athletic meet ends with a group “chicken fight” and as the two sides charge into each and every other, the camera cuts to all the several characters. The show ends with the following message: “There is a single mission we need to in no way neglect. We weren’t born into this planet to endure or really feel miserable. We have been born to be pleased. We want every person happiness!”

With that, the show concludes with a montage of its cast and crew. An suitable ending for a story that was about men and women who are frequently overlooked. Although the drama was met with mixed critiques, I believed that all round Our Blues was an fascinating watch with memorable moments and a phenomenal cast. The drama highlighted men and women in society who are not generally the protagonist, and with the omnibus format on leading of that, the show supplied a thing slightly unique from the usual fare. Its message of hope was also suitable for the existing occasions. Whilst the story in no way shied away from suffering, the creators produced it clear that every person — in spite of their flaws and hardships — deserves happiness.

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