Lee Yuri plots Jung Sang-hoon

June 13, 2022June 13, 2022

Lee Yuri plots Jung Sang-hoon’s doom in new promos for The Witch is Alive
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A lot more promos have been released for Television Chosun’s upcoming black comedy The Witch is Alive, like fantastically colored posters as nicely as a quirky video teaser.

In an ensemble cast, Lee Yuri (Lies of Lies), Lee Min-young (Adore ft. Marriage and Divorce three), and Yoon So-yi (Get Revenge) star as 3 ordinary girls who grow to be “witches” with each other, bonding more than their shared dream of ending marriage and obtaining rid of a particular an individual in their lives.
Their respective husbands are played by the cheating Jung Sang-hoon (Once again My Life), the absent Kim Young-jae (Artificial City), and the supposedly deceased Ryu Yeon-seok (The Killer’s Buying List).

The newly released teaser begins with Jung Sang-hoon obtaining greeted by the press as Lee Min-young explains in voiceover, “You know, proper? Her husband is on tv. The nation’s announcer, Lee Nak-goo.” We then jump to a sequence of Lee Yuri’s quite a few faces, struggling in her marriage, although Yeh Soo-jung (Hyperlink: Consume, Adore, Kill) remarks, “Being nevertheless alive and not dead, we get to see each and every other once again like this.”
Following Lee Yuri blows out her birthday cake candles, her mates ask what she wished for and Lee nonchalantly responds, “For an individual to get killed.” The smart Yeh notes that, “In your thoughts, you have currently killed and revived him a thousand occasions every single day. People today all reside like that, no?” But Lee’s anger against Jung Sang-hoon is not very easily abated and she screams, “Dog Nak-goo!”
The appearing text screens reveal Lee Yuri’s internal dilemma, “To die or to kill.” Meanwhile, Jung Sang-hoon puts on a public show of tears and Lee coolly observes, “So this is how you are going to play this game?” Yoon So-yi is shocked when she hears Lee’s strategy, “Are you crazy? You are truly going to do that!?” But Lee is determined, and the teaser closes on her vow: “All proper, let’s do this. Let’s go all the way to the bottom of hell.”
Written by Park Pa-ran with PD Kim Yoon-chul (Lady of Dignity) at the helm, Television Chosun’s The Witch is Alive premieres June 25. Element 1 (episodes 1-six) of the drama will be airing two episodes a week in the Saturday-Sunday slot, with component 2’s episodes becoming broadcast after a week.

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