Why Her?: Episodes 3-4


Why Her?: Episodes three-four

Our hero nevertheless remembers our major lady as the type lawyer who held his hand and told him that she believed he was innocent. How will our hero react when a new case has them operating closely, and permits him to get a extra precise glimpse of the lady she has grow to be?


Final week’s introduction to our major lady left me feeling a bit conflicted — but in a very good way. I admired Soo-jae’s capacity to break via the glass ceiling and thrive in a hostile, male-dominated globe, but I also didn’t approve of her procedures and tactics. Personally, I uncover her flawed characterization attractive simply because I suspect her murky motives will preserve us guessing and (hopefully) generate some suspenseful storytelling. Plus, if this week’s episodes are any indication, I believe it is secure to say that we can not think every little thing the drama reveals or implies about Soo-jae’s character either.

Case in point: the conversation we saw final week among Soo-jae and So-young in the hallway of TK Law Firm. Soo-jae’s words have been harsh and totally unnecessary, and it seemed completely probable that the exchange provoked So-young into committing suicide. But — as opposed to what we have been initially led to think — that was not the final time the two girls spoke to every single other.

So-young’s younger sister PARK JI-YOUNG (Park Ji-won) releases a video proving that Soo-jae met with So-young on the rooftop garden at TK Law Firm shortly prior to her death. The video angle is misleading and individuals think Soo-jae pushed So-young off the developing, but — as we currently know — Soo-jae was on the very first floor at the time of So-young’s death. But perhaps she mentioned anything else that prompted So-young to commit suicide?

A flashback to the evening in query reveals that Soo-jae followed So-young up to the roof following discovering a piece of So-young’s shoe in the elevator. So-young claimed that she was on the roof to commit suicide, and she chose the roof of TK Law Firm simply because she wanted the entire globe to know that Soo-jae was the a single who shamed her into performing it.

Soo-jae was doubtful, although. Alternatively, she suspected that a person known as So-young up to the roof for a private meeting. Soo-jae supplied to assist So-young, realizing that the a person most likely had So-young backed into a corner. So-young was understandably distrustful of Soo-jae, and — as far as we know — So-young by no means divulged who she was there to meet.

In the present, Soo-jae utilizes the allegations brought against her as a teachable moment and has her class go over regardless of whether she could be charged with aiding and abetting suicide. The lesson culminates with Chan gallantly standing and insisting that Soo-jae is innocent. It does not matter what conversation she had with So-young prior to she died simply because Soo-jae was on the ground floor at the time of So-young’s death.

At this point, Chan is nevertheless a bit naïve about who Soo-jae has grow to be in the years considering that they final met, but he’s a single of the handful of who can see previous her mask of indifference. He suspects she’s feeling guilty and worn down by the public’s abuse, and he’s determined to comfort her and assure her she’s not accountable. Soon after class, he loans her an umbrella, and when she follows him house — either out of curiosity or to give him a ride in return for the borrowed umbrella — he and his prison hyungs, Jo-gab and Hyung-chil, treat her to comfort meals.

The controversy more than So-young’s death does not die down with time, so Soo-jae has the Group eight students appear into the case. Their investigation yields proof that Ji-young installed a tracking app on So-young’s telephone and was at TK Law Firm at the time of her sister’s death. In spite of her presence at the murder scene, Ji-young lacks the motive to kill So-young. All proof points to the sisters possessing a loving connection, and rather of wanting the case rapidly ruled a suicide and buried — like a correct killer — Ji-young known as extra consideration to her sister’s death when she released the video and accused Soo-jae of murder.

Even although Group eight dismisses Ji-young as a prospective suspect, she’s arrested shortly thereafter without the need of a warrant, and the Group eight students conclude that Soo-jae turned the proof from their group investigation more than to the police in order to shield her personal image. Chan confronts Soo-jae, expressing his disappointment more than her achievable betrayal, and the conversation shifts to his current like confession. Soo-jae puts up boundaries, but Chan assures her that he’s fine with his crush getting a single-sided.

But the wall that Soo-jae was so swift to place up crumbles nearly immediately when she accidentally breaks a glass in her workplace, and Chan comes rushing back into the area to investigate the noise. The tension in the area builds when he gently locations her on her desk so she does not step on the glass with her bare feet, and she stares at him intently as he cleans up the broken pieces. When he finishes, she initiates a kiss. (Woah, that was speedy!)

Despite the fact that they each have lingering thoughts about the kiss, they continue on — company as usual. Soo-jae and Group eight are now in charge of the law school’s legal clinic, and they take on Ji-young as their very first client. The students query Soo-jae’s motives. Why would she turn more than the proof that implicated Ji-young and then take her on as a client? Most importantly, Chan desires to know if Soo-jae believes Ji-young is innocent. She replies that believing in their client’s innocence is not what’s most vital. Alternatively, a very good lawyer ought to think in their capacity to defend their client.

Chan is visibly disappointed in her teaching, as her response additional highlights that she is no longer the lawyer who sat beside him in court all these years ago and promised that she believed he was innocent. His disenchantment — combined with the rumor that Soo-jae is dating the CEO of SP Partners — has Chan wallowing in self pity. He gets drunk and regales the restaurant ajumma with stories of his unrequited crush, and unbeknownst to him, Soo-jae is a handful of tables away listening to each and every word.

He ponders Soo-jae’s situations and admits to understanding that her climb to the major was lengthy and tough. Even if he does not approve, he acknowledges that she most likely had to behave badly in order to fight and get to her existing position. He then concludes his sad conversation with the ajumma by woefully revealing she’s currently in a connection with a man worth 70 trillion won. Chan insists that his heart is worth 70 trillion won — even if his bank account is not.

Whilst the students continue to track down extra leads in Ji-young’s case, Soo-jae digs via the Hansu Bio files and discovers a flash drive that is so password protected and encrypted that her private IT guy is only in a position to open a single file. That a single file, nonetheless, is sufficient for her to fully grasp its value. The flash drive is Gi-tak’s insurance coverage policy for the inevitable day his uncle turned against him.

Soo-jae meets with Gi-tak and provides to hand more than the flash drive in exchange for his answer to 3 inquiries. 1st, how was So-young connected to Sung-beom, In-woo, and Tae-kook? Second, what’s the identity of the particular person who helped Gi-tak squirrel away 27 billion won? And third, who halted the Hansu Bio sale and can push Gi-tak for the sale to be resumed?

At the very same time, the members of Group eight learn CCTV footage of a suspicious man with a exceptional gait breaking into Ji-young’s residence and stealing So-young’s backup telephone. They also find out that So-young was pregnant at the time of her death and sought an overseas paternity test. If So-young was murdered, as they’re all beginning to think, then the unidentified father is now a prospective suspect. The final bit of proof they uncover is video footage recorded by a vlogger with a view of TK Law Firm. The evening of So-young’s death, the vlogger unintentionally filmed a man pushing her off the roof.

It is this video that Soo-young shows to the police, and they promptly release Ji-young, who — it turns out — was willingly arrested as aspect of Soo-jae’s strategy. In order to reopen So-young’s case, Soo-jae necessary to give the police a plausible murder suspect to trigger a reinvestigation. Then, as soon as she located sufficient proof, she promised to get Ji-young released and point the police in the path of the true killer. So, it turns out Soo-jae wasn’t as heartless as her students suspected, and unknown to them, she also paid for Ji-young’s mother’s healthcare bills.

Chan calls Soo-jae to apologize for misunderstanding, and in return she tells him he did a very good job on the case. As a parting present prior to she hangs up, Soo-jae also explains that she is not dating the 7 Trillion Won Man. Chan is, of course, (adorably) embarrassed to recognize that she overheard his drunken, lovesick ramblings, and Jo-gab and Hyung-chil, who are watching him nearby, assume his animated reaction implies he was rejected by a lady.

Soon after hanging up with Chan, Soo-jae arrives at her secret workplace, exactly where she’s been storing the Hansu Bio case files. The lock on the door is broken, and — like each and every lady who dies very first in a horror film — she enters the developing anyway. She at least has the forethought to get in touch with Chan, but as she offers him the address to the developing, she’s attacked by the intruder. Chan runs to her rescue, and we finish on a suspenseful cliffhanger.

A different terrific week for this drama, and I’ve got to commend the writers for bringing our story back about to So-young. The conversation among So-young and Soo-jae in the very first episode was uncomfortable to watch, but it was pivotal in establishing Soo-jae’s characterization and revealing that she’s not, by any implies, a saintly character. Provided the weight of that conversation, it would have been a pity if So-young’s death had been a mere plot device utilized to kick off Soo-jae’s adventures in teaching. So I’m glad the writers chose to have her murder tie to the bigger story.

I nevertheless can not say I’m totally on board for the romance, although. I imply, that scene in her workplace exactly where Chan place her on the desk so she wouldn’t step on the glass? Completely hawt. But they nevertheless do not really feel like they’re very on the very same web page in terms of maturity. They could possibly be receiving there, although, simply because the rose-colored glasses Chan’s been working with to view Soo-jae are slipping, and as soon as he stops placing her up on a pedestal, I could possibly be in a position to see them as a true couple. Till then, that scene in her workplace does practically nothing to dispel my existing belief that a person involved in the production of this drama has been reading as well a lot of X-rated hot-for-teacher webtoons.

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