Showtime Begins!: Episodes 15-16 (Final)


Showtime Starts!: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

As the time for goodbyes draws close to, our characters prepare to take their final bows. But when each and every ending leads to a new starting, is it ever truly the finish?


With two out of 3 ghosts’ final wishes happy, there’s only one particular employee’s story left to resolve: Sang-goon’s. We currently know he left behind a wife and a piano-playing daughter, and as we’d anticipate, they’re what tie him to this globe.

Sang-goon’s daughter has taken piano lessons considering the fact that she was incredibly compact, delighting each parents with her talent. Although Sang-goon was nevertheless alive, she’d promised to come to be proficient adequate to play a specific piece for him, and he’d taken on additional function as a replacement driver to get her a piano. 1 evening, his incredibly drunk consumer had grabbed the steering wheel, sending them swerving into oncoming site visitors – and that is how Sang-goon died.

Now his daughter believes she’s accountable for his death, considering the fact that he took the job to spend for her piano. Overcome with guilt, she swears off the instrument, regardless of getting a competitors the subsequent day. With Cha-woong’s assistance, nevertheless, Sang-goon is in a position to pay a visit to her in a dream, absolve her of guilty feelings, and encourage her to preserve playing.

But, in all honesty, this storyline fell a tiny flat for me. It came out of nowhere, resolved itself as well effortlessly for its personal emotional weight, and left me confused about its message. Is she carrying on with piano due to the fact she loves it and required to have that really like restored, or out of obligation to do it for him? And why need to we care?

On the other hand, Sang-goon’s final want does give Cha-woong the possibility to prove how a lot he’s changed, due to the fact for the dream pay a visit to to function, they require a talisman written in blood, and Cha-woong does not even hesitate a moment to present his, even although it indicates several finger pricks.

With that taken care of, it is time for the ghosts to say goodbye. All through Dong-chul and Mi-young’s posthumous wedding and the ghosts’ actual departure, Seul-hae is the one particular who appears the most heartbroken.

Cha-woong, on the other hand, remains upbeat, maintaining it with each other till absolutely everyone is gone. Then, in arguably one particular of the most touching moments of this complete finale week, he sits in his dark, empty property and breaks down in sobs.

That leaves us with just the challenge of Cheon-moo to deal with, and somehow it each plays out predictably and goes entirely off the rails. For starters, when the shamans and Choi Geom lastly comprehend Cheon-moo is nevertheless at huge, they figure out that Choi Geom is not powerful adequate to take him on alone, so Cha-woong volunteers to let Choi Geom possess him and combine their strength.

However, he decides to un-understand a lot of the lessons he and Seul-hae have discovered about partnership and breaks up with her without the need of explanation, hoping to guard her from harm. She’s unwilling to give up on him, nevertheless, which fuels Cheon-moo’s impatience.

Just after Seul-hae unsuccessfully tries to speak sense in to Cha-woong, Cheon-moo provides her an ultimatum: decide on him or die. Hee-soo, trapped deep inside, fights to quit him, throwing himself in front of a moving truck in a final-ditch work. Seul-hae leaps to save him, and they each finish up in the hospital, banged up but alive.

In an additional show, that could possibly have been the finish: Hee-soo sacrifices himself to save Seul-hae, taking out the evil spirit, and we move on to the happily-ever-afters. Not so with Showtime! Rather, Cheon-moo leaves Hee-soo in the hospital and possesses his father, the police chief. Then he kills the elder lady shaman and frames Cha-woong for the crime.

Cha-woong flees to his childhood residence, exactly where Ye-ji performs the ritual to meld his and Choi-geom’s souls. They’re prepared to face Cheon-moo now, but Cheon-moo has currently captured Seul-hae. And just prior to Cha-woong reaches her, Cheon-moo possesses her physique.

He causes Seul-hae to attack Cha-woong, and although Cha-woong overpowers her, he can not bring himself to hurt her. Rather, he provides himself to Cheon-moo for a new vessel. Cheon-moo agrees, forcing Choi-geom out, and Cha-woong impales himself on Choi Geom’s sword.

At final, Cheon-moo is destroyed. Strength fading, Cha-woong declares Choi Geom’s treachery atoned for and releases him.

But then Cha-woong’s soul seems to leave his physique and travels back in time to Princess Cheon-hwa’s chamber the evening prior to she and Poong Baek died. She provides the heavens her life if it will get Poong Baek’s innocence, asking that in her subsequent life, she be permitted to serve her people today as one particular of them and to really like with complete measure.

Seeing Cha-woong, she realizes he will have to be Poong Baek’s reincarnation. Although she understands from what he says that she and Poong Baek will die the subsequent day, she does not waver from her determination to go right after him, trusting that her prayers for their subsequent lives have been answered.

Cha-woong’s soul is returned to his physique, just as Seul-hae wakes and fears him to be dead. They hold every single other tightly, and then we head into the epilogue.

Hee-soo recovers, and Seul-hae urges him to rejoin the police force when he’s prepared. His father, meanwhile, pays for his crimes in jail, as Ye-ji’s cop boyfriend has worked behind the scenes to uncover the truth.

Speaking of Ye-ji, these episodes in particular produced me want she’d had a a lot far better arc. There’s so a lot that could have been accomplished with the contrast amongst Cha-woong, the naturally gifted shaman who refuses his part, and Ye-ji, the much less-talented shaman who actually loves the profession and desires to proudly personal her family’s legacy. Rather, her scenes had been nearly completely annoying filler.

Anyway, back to the epilogue. Choi Geom reaches the throne of the Jade Emperor, only to be scolded for exploiting the Cha loved ones and posing as their common spirit – and is ordered back to earth to atone for that sin.

Cha-woong keeps performing, with a new trio of assistants. (Are they additional ghosts? It is unclear.) He and Seul-hae get married (offscreen, sadly), and 5 years later, their son’s close friends have some incredibly familiar mannerisms and styling. Appears like our ghosts have been reincarnated. And I guess Choi Geom wasn’t sent back as a spirit this time… but as the newest member of the Cha loved ones.

Cha-woong begins to comprehend his son reminds him of a person, but decides not to feel as well a lot about it. And I can not blame him, due to the fact that is type of the very best way to take pleasure in this finale: do not feel as well tough or appear as well closely.

General, I feel I appreciate what Showtime’s ending was attempting to do additional than what it really did. Lots of components that I loved – like Cha-woong becoming spared for Cheon-hwa’s sake – weren’t provided the time or buildup they required to totally land.

Other individuals – like the 3 elderly siblings who may possibly or may possibly not have been our ghosts assisting Cha-woong in his greatest require – had been enjoyable and sweet, I guess, but didn’t truly imply something.

That stated, does the much less-than-stellar conclusion ruin my enjoyment of the complete? Not truly, but it does make me a tiny sad for what could have been and now will under no circumstances be.

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