Doctor Lawyer: Episodes 3-4


Medical professional Lawyer: Episodes three-four

A captivatingly unpredictable businessman arrives to shake items up, whilst our eponymous hero continues digging deeper into the Banseok conspiracy. Some nuggets of data might not come as a surprise, but other folks might lead him on the path to striking gold.



We rewind prior to Yi-han’s dramatic reappearance at court. Yi-han pays Ki-tae a take a look at at the detention center, introducing himself as a healthcare malpractice lawyer. Wracked with guilt more than the perjury he committed at Yi-han’s trial, Ki-tae grovels and apologizes profusely, but Yi-han is not moved.

He knows selfish opportunist Ki-tae is merely placing on an act, so he cuts to the chase — if Ki-tae admits to his perjury and Chairman Gu’s bribery, Yi-han will prove his innocence.

And so, Ki-tae obtains amoxicillin from the prison medical professional to treat an (intentional) injury, in order to induce the anaphylactic shock we saw in final week’s opening scene.

Operating his healthcare magic, Yi-han pulls Ki-tae out of the life-threatening crisis and sends him off in an ambulance. The interruption offers Yi-han the likelihood to request for yet another trial, given that he claims that he has an added witness to present.

Seok-young’s incensed that Yi-han could defend a medical professional from Banseok, and his cold rebuke to maintain items qualified has her drinking herself into a stupor post-trial. Fellow prosecutor BAEK KANG-HO (Choi Jae-woong) joins her at the bar for emotional help, and she vents that Yi-han does not look to really feel any remorse for the malpractice that killed her brother.

At Ki-tae’s subsequent trial, Yi-han calls the victim’s father, LEE KI-YOON (Seo Jin-won), to the witness stand. Ki-yoon claims that Ki-tae brought on his son’s death by offering insufficient therapy, but Yi-han reveals that the origin of the victim’s ailment lies in Ki-yoon’s physical abuse of his son.

Of course, Yi-han’s presence at the trial does not go unnoticed by Chairman Gu and Hyun-sung. Predictably, Ki-tae ends up dead that pretty evening, leaving Yi-han shaken but determined to continue his crusade against Chairman Gu.

Seok-young asks Yi-han for a private conversation, exactly where she thanks him for revealing the truth at the trial, and asks him his motives behind becoming a lawyer. Yi-han offers a blasé response about the very good spend, and then redirects Seok-young’s interest to Ki-tae’s case — the inmate that murdered him is the ex-husband of the nurse that assisted in Seok-joo’s surgery.

That is clearly foul play on Banseok’s component, and Yi-han announces that he’ll represent malpractice victims of Banseok pro bono. It is an work to place stress on Banseok, and amongst the flood of trivial complaints lies a severe case.

Higher college student and aspiring singer GIL SO-YEON (Jang Seo-yeon) has partially lost her voice ever given that a complex heart surgery, and she asserts that the anesthesia had worn off mid-surgery, leaving her traumatized. The surgery was helmed by Hyun-sung, which indicates it is a great opening to knock Banseok down a peg.

We’re (ultimately!) introduced to JAYDEN LEE (Shin Sung-rok), who saves a cardiac arrest patient onboard his flight by snatching a passenger’s headphones and utilizing its magnet to reactivate the patient’s pacemaker. An impressed flight attendant asks him which hospital he performs at, but Jayden nonchalantly replies in English, “I’m not a medical professional just a businessman.”

At a prestigious healthcare forum, a surgery is becoming broadcast reside to demonstrate the newly-invented V-Rock machine, which permits for minimally-invasive heart surgeries. As usual, Hyun-sung tends to make a error, but he recovers immediately with the enable of the machine.

Jayden shows up at the forum as well, as 1 of the investors in the up-and-coming technologies. There’s a charged moment amongst him and IM YOO-NA (Lee Joo-bin), Hyun-sung’s matchmade sweetheart — ooh, I’m enjoying this tension. Her interest has been piqued by Jayden’s self-confidence and lack of subservience to the energy-hungry elders, considerably to the chagrin of Hyun-sung.

Hyun-sung’s fears are not unfounded, although ahead of lengthy, Jayden and Yoo-na are swept up in a secret tryst, and he provides her an unknown pill that he claims will give her freedom. She requires it, sick of playing the image-great politician’s daughter.

That evening, Yi-han gets a contact from Jayden’s aide, requesting a meeting. (Jayden had taken note of Yi-han due to Ki-tae’s trial, as nicely as a coincidental run-in at Banseok Hospital.) Yi-han shows up, intrigued, only to discover Yoo-na bleeding from a head wound and seemingly drug-addled.

An off-kilter Jayden stands more than her, delightedly welcoming Yi-han with a crazed grin. He grabs Yi-han’s shoulders with bloodied hands, and Yi-han realizes that what Jayden requires is not a lawyer, but a medical professional — 1 that will by no means speak of this incident to anybody.

For all that this show is predictable, it is good at leaving me wanting to tune in once more. You cannot give me just two minutes of completely electric tension amongst Shin Sung-rok and So Ji-sub, and not count on me to demand a lot more!

I have a feeling Jayden and Yi-han’s partnership might nicely extend beyond just this cover-up, specifically given that the beginnings of a conflict amongst Jayden and Chairman Gu are beginning to stir. With Chairman Gu attempting to weasel his way out of fulfilling his finish of their investment contract, Jayden appears like he’s arranging to make Banseok’s stock rates plummet to reap the maximum reward.

And what far better way to do that than to group up with Yi-han, the 1 particular person who has each the indicates and the motivation to take Banseok down? The dynamic of a stoic medical professional-lawyer and a cunning businessman is surely going to be entertaining to watch.

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