Yumi’s Cells two: Episode two

In the wake of a sudden confession, our heroine experiences an unprecedented higher following her post-breakup doldrums. As she rides the ups and downs of her feelings, some new feelings get started to develop.


If you do not thoughts providing me a moment to get this out of my program: I enjoy Jinyoung! I’m not normally so gung ho on idol actors, but I have loved all of his performances straight from Beloved Eun-dong and on. Right here, as Bobby, he’s bringing such a naturalness to the part, and the script tends to make so a lot out of his subtle scenes with Yumi. I am loving it.

Okay, with that out of the way, Episode two picks up with Bobby’s very sudden confession to Yumi — except her cells are confused, prompting her to ask for clarification. Yes, this a confession. Yes, he’s asking to date her.

Yumi is dumbfounded, this getting her initially-ever confession. All of her cells are prepared to shout “Yes!” at the major of their lungs, but it is decided they can not say yes just but: they haven’t heard from the enjoy cell. And that is due to the fact she’s down for the count following her heartbreak. Essentially, scratch that, she’s in a coma. Lol!

Yumi rejects Bobby with a easy “I’m sorry…” but the consequences are unique than we may possibly count on. Her self-esteem, which was generally in the toilet the final couple of weeks, skyrockets. The cells are worried, but her well being cell says it is fine. Except the self-esteem meter keeps climbing, and it is now at harmful levels.

In the true globe, we see Yumi in her ego-boosted haze of getting such a desirable guy confess to her like that. She is hyper-conscious of his just about every move at operate, and half expects his continued interest, but as an alternative is met with a skilled and distant Bobby.

But is he uncomfortable? Or is Yumi uncomfortable? They share a lot of awkward moments at the workplace, the pinnacle of which when they accidentally wind up with coworkers at the identical bar. Yumi flexes her menu genius abilities (hah, this was funny!) though Bobby is forced to answer the probing concerns of his coworkers about why he does not want to go on a blind date.

The way Yumi is all in a jumble about Bobby feels so incredibly correct, from the way she enjoys his interest, to how she simultaneously does not want to encourage him. Or the way she appears to each keep away from him and seek him out at the identical time (lol to her trendy operating clothing). In reality, she’s beginning to assume about him differently. In her words, “Things that I didn’t see are now appearing to me.”

She secretly observes him through a operate meeting, from the way he cracks his knuckles, to how he wears his dress shirt, to his scent as he walks previous her. Gah, there was so a lot packed into this tiny scene. The drama is capable to show what’s taking place inside of its characters in such a poignant way, though carrying out so tiny on screen. It is excellent.

In reality, this episode was enjoyable from get started to finish, just watching these two dance about each and every other — with Yumi awkwardly attempting to figure out what she’s feeling and why it is altering, and Bobby, frequently (and accurately) sussing out her receptiveness and comfort level.

He’s concerned that his confession has produced her uncomfortable and desires to make positive they can nonetheless be buddies, but when Yumi sees him one particular morning with his ex-girlfriend (of the cruel breakup we witnessed final season), she’s even additional confused.

Considering that the two reside in the identical neighborhood, they locate themselves waiting for the identical bus property following the awkward drinks with their coworkers. Bobby lets Yumi sit, and stands in front of her — which is romantic sufficient due to all the chemistry in the air — but then, when he realizes she’s uncomfortable, he gets off at the subsequent cease to wait for the following bus. The appear they share from bus cease to bus window!

Yumi texts him, and the two have an open communication about his ex, and Bobby asks Yumi if she’ll wait for him at the subsequent cease. She does, and when he shows up they sit collectively and speak at the unfamiliar bus cease. (What is it with this show and bus stops? The finest and most affecting scenes constantly look to come about there.)

Bobby may possibly bust out his swoony line that it feels fantastic to have her waiting for him, but beyond the sweet flirtation, I just enjoy how the show builds their connection and emotional closeness. I’m enjoying this phase of Yumi and Bobby’s romance sooo a lot, and I want to appreciate it additional, so I’m hoping the drama does not rush them to coupledom subsequent week, now that we (and Yumi) know she’s establishing feelings for him. Oh, to have a Bobby to run into at the grocery retailer!

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