Yumi’s Cells two: Episode 1

Yumi’s Cells is back for season two, and you will hear no complaints from me. Our intermission is more than, and it is time to get back to our heroine exactly where we left her: in the aftermath of her breakup, attempting to place the pieces collectively once again.


I will admit I was a teensy bit nervous about how Yumi’s Cells would manage its second season. I dislike seasons, and the completeness of K-dramas is 1 of my favored issues about them. That is why, when Episode 1 opened up and I saw that we had been choosing up appropriate exactly where we left off — all of my worries faded away. I realized (and I do not know why I didn’t sooner) that what we’re genuinely dealing with right here is a 28-episode drama, not two 14-episode seasons. At least that is how I’m going to believe about it.

As such, we choose up appropriate exactly where we left off: the super sad breakup of KIM YUMI (Kim Go-eun) and GOO WOONG (Ahn Bo-hyun). Just like the initial time I saw it, I felt the hurt in the air, as nicely as this slightly cheated feeling. As we stroll by means of the breakup once again with Yumi, the whole scene is faded to black and white about her, and it creates this surreal feeling that is just fantastic for what she’s going by means of in that moment. Yumi turns to watch Woong stroll away, but he does not even appear back. Oof. That hurt even extra the second time about.

I didn’t anticipate to invest as substantially time as we did in the aftermath of Yumi’s breakup, but I’m glad we did. It gave us a closure that we didn’t get final season — and in spite of the sadness and loneliness that Yumi’s experiencing, her cells, as ever, bring it all to life with a delightful — however poignant — lightness.

Yumi’s cells have to withstand the crazy storm of her feelings, and they’re desperate to bring her back to standard. Even though they believe she’s fine when she’s at operate, faking normality, at residence in the evenings she’s listless and cannot sleep.

Every single cell has a diverse thought for a remedy, and they attempt to bring Yumi back to herself with purchasing, which fails, and a late-evening film, which also fails. Their subsequent thought is alcohol, so our depressed heroine chugs back a number of beers. But the cells didn’t study the feasible side impact: singing sad songs haha.

Yumi does just this, acquiring out her guitar and singing her heart out in the middle of the evening. This is the moment exactly where I remembered what this drama does so nicely: creating us laugh with the comedy and wit of the cells and the commentary they deliver, but at the similar time, hitting us in the feels.

Yumi continues to relive her memories with Woong and mope about — stalking him on social and more than-analyzing his caption or facial expression or even status message (#relatable). But although he appears fantastic fine, smiling and sporting a new haircut, we see behind the scenes, and he’s just as broken as Yumi is.

I began season two all mentally ready to move on to a new enjoy interest (Jinyoung train, right here I come!), but all the reminiscing on the romance with Woong produced me genuinely miss them and their story. Is Yumi Are we going to be in a position to move on?

The answer is yes. Simply because just when I was starting to doubt that I could, YOO BOBBY (Jinyoung) pops back into our story and offers Yumi encouragement. And then he lends her a novel. And that is all it requires I have officially joined the Bobby fan club with Yumi’s cells. Bring on the Bobby lightsticks!

I loved his character final season (in spite of getting all for the Yumi+Woong coupling), and the connection he had with Yumi seemed to run deeper than what she had with Woong. I’m excited to see how their story plays out — and surprisingly, the drama does not make us wait lengthy.

Yumi may believe that Bobby is into the cute workplace flake RUBY (Lee Yubi), but we can inform a mile away that he’s into her, and in search of her out in small strategies. And 1 by 1, this builds up their widespread ground and familiarity with every other.

Meanwhile in the cell village, there’s a secret Bobby fan club going on, but it is effortless to miss, what with all the fandoms in Yumi’s previous (such as a hilarious Gong Yoo and SHINee 1 — ah, meta!). The very best portion is that Yumi’s guard cell is the secret president of the tiny Bobby fan club. But it does not keep tiny — or secret — for lengthy, and we even get a onscreen counter as his fan club members boost by the second every time he interacts with Yumi.

They’re each into the similar ska band, and Bobby asks her to join him for their outside functionality. She’s getting all skittish and confused (once again #relatable), and Bobby turns up the swoon. It is just sufficient swoon, also — he’s not pushy, but direct. As he tells her later that evening just after they have a blast at the functionality, she has a terrible poker face and he can study her reactions fairly quickly. That he utilizes this information to make her extra comfy is the factor that I enjoy most about him.

Even so, even figuring out that Yumi is nonetheless all scattered and sad, he ends their evening collectively by asking him to date her. It is a quintessential K-drama cliffhanger. Yumi’s shock is palpable, but it tends to make her all the extra lovable. And Bobby has by no means been extra attractive IMHO. It is a bit rapid, but we know he’s liked her for a lengthy time, sooo… time will inform. Or the subsequent episode, at any price.

All in all, beginning season two was like choosing up a favored book and remembering all of the issues you loved about it. I’m super content with the continuity in the storytelling, which removes any of my reservations, and if the story continues the way it is begun, I’m going to love this all the way by means of.

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