Shooting Stars: Episodes 15-16 (Final)


Shooting Stars: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

It is time to say goodbye to the characters we’ve spent the final eight weeks with, and watch them march off into happily ever immediately after land with a complete heart, and a healthful dose of smiles and laughter.


As it turns out, Ji-hoon and the PR group have recognized for a though that Tae-sung and Han-byeol are dating, but they pretend to be blissfully unaware of the pretty apparent romance. Meanwhile, to make confident no 1 catches on, Han-byeol bans Tae-sung from coming to see her at perform.

But Tae-sung is not 1 to let a tiny factor like people today acquiring out quit him from seeing the appreciate of his life. And he comes up with a series of excuses to do just that — from bringing PPL snacks for the PR group, to unhelpfully answering their calls and even telling a reporter that his subsequent project is a workplace romance.

Smarty pants Tae-sung also capitalizes on the workplace drama project to kill two birds with 1 stone. He officially gets to come in to perform to practice his “method acting” and he can see Han-byeol at the exact same time.

Regardless of Han-byeol’s misgivings, Tae-sung assures her that it is a foolproof strategy. But aside from producing subsequent morning meetings slightly awkward for the other people, he also does practically nothing to hide his partnership with Han-byeol at perform. He’s so whipped, and I appreciate it for him.

Yet another set of whipped workplace couples are Yoo-sung and Ho-young who occur to be functioning collectively once more on a new project. It is actor Yoo-sung’s unrequited appreciate drama which also stars Da-hye, and somehow, these two give me one more prospective couple vibe.

Back to our principal couple, Tae-sung realizes how tiny he knows about Han-byeol compared to how significantly she knows about him thanks to her numerous years as his PR agent. So he sets out on operation “All about my Oh Han-byeol” and gleams details about her from the PR group in exchange for assisting them with their tasks.

Tae-sung goes overboard with some of the tasks, but his earnestness tends to make up for it. And additional than finding out added tidbits about Han-byeol, Tae-sung also comes to appreciate how significantly work Han-byeol puts in behind the scenes to make her stars – which includes him – shine.

A boyfriend-significantly less Ki-bbeum is left to mope on the sidelines when Han-byeol and Ho-young get into a comparison-of-the-boyfriends, but she does not mope for lengthy as Soo-hyuk quickly expresses his interest in her and asks her out for dinner. Yaaayy!!

And even though they may well have taken eons to get collectively, points progress rather quickly in between them. I imply, Ki-bbeum sleeping more than immediately after their initial date? That was fairly great!

But though our erstwhile prospective couple has gotten collectively, Han-byeol and Ho-young are temporarily pulled apart from their boyfriends thanks to their perform schedule. And this leaves Tae-sung and Yoo-sung to bond more than how significantly they miss their girlfriends. Unwind, guys, it is just 3 days. Lol.

When Han-byeol returns, photos of Tae-sung’s current visits to the agency have spread on line. But in contrast to Tae-sung, Han-byeol is not prepared to go public with their partnership thanks to PTSD from these dating rumors through their university days. And to stay away from obtaining caught, she says they have to be cautious.

Therefore, Tae-sung’s process acting days at the workplace sadly come to an finish. Regardless of this, workplace romance keeps alive with cutie pie Jung-yeol and his girlfriend… Hong Bo-in! I knew it!!

Jae-hyun and Yoo-na, getting the adventurous youngsters they are, get pregnant and choose to get married, sending Dae-soo and Yoo-sung into panic mode. Wait, is this a parody of true-life celebrities obtaining “blessed with a baby” though preparing for marriage? If yes, I’m all for it!

Now that I believe about it, weren’t Jae-hyun and Yoo-na the initial official couple in the drama? They also kissed initial, and got pregnant and married just before the other people! Yes, I hold score.

Their wedding ceremony has all their agency good friends in attendance, and as usual, Han-byeol busies herself with PR duties. Jung-yeol mans the congratulatory income stand, Ji-hoon officiates the wedding, and Dae-soo doubles as the maid man of honor. Heh.

Not to be left out of the entertaining, our principal couple go on a romantic Jeju Island trip. But privacy is nonexistent as they hold operating into the newlyweds who are there on their honeymoon, and the crew of actor Yoo-sung’s drama which is also filming in Jeju. Lol.

But practically nothing can quit Tae-sung from producing the trip a memorable 1 for Han-byeol, and he invites Soo-hyuk and Ki-bbeum more than to Jeju. Collectively with Yoo-sung and Ho-young, the six of them have an incredible couples hangout. And my mouth hurts from smiling broadly like the seventh member of their hangout from behind my screen. This is truly thoughtful and sweet!

Soon after a passionate evening collectively, Han-byeol gets a get in touch with from a reporter on a tip about Tae-sung going on a trip with a non-celebrity. And as the moment of truth dawns on her, Han-byeol requires the bold step to go public with her partnership!

The other people also take methods forward in their respective lives and careers. Ji-hoon retires (and goes on a trip to meet Si-woo?), and Yoo-sung requires more than his position. Ho-young moves up to group leader, and Jung-yeol also moves to senior manager, with a set of rookies beneath him.

Soo-hyuk and Ki-bbeum are carrying out excellent in their partnership, and actor Yoo-sung’s profession blossoms. Fangirl Da-hye gets promoted to handle Tae-sung’s fancafe (lol) and the newlyweds turn into brand ambassadors for child solutions.

It is definitely a content ending, and I couldn’t be happier for all of them. Weekend and loved ones dramas aside, it is uncommon to locate a drama with as numerous as 5 diverse couples! But a excellent factor about ensemble dramas like this is that there is an individual for every person. And for a hardcore romanticist like me, it is a dream come accurate to watch this numerous ships sail.

That getting stated, I believe Shooting Stars is 1 of these dramas that would have benefited from getting 12 episodes. Rather, they had to pile up the drama with the estranged mum subplot and Yoon-woo’s death.

The anti-fan web page is a legit challenge when it comes to celebrities, and without the need of the added baggage of Yoon-woo, it may well have been a good subplot to discover. Even so, seeing how the founder of the anti-fan web page ended up getting a remorseless minor who believed he could get away with it simply because of his age, possibly it was for the finest that the drama didn’t dwell as well significantly on it. Otherwise, we may well have gone off the rails into some Juvenile Justice territory.

Nonetheless, this is 1 drama I enjoyed watching as significantly as I enjoyed getting its weecaptain right here on I will not be re-watching in complete anytime quickly, but I will not say no to a couple of clips right here and there to relieve the entertaining moments.

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