Kiss Sixth Sense: Episodes 5-6


Kiss Sixth Sense: Episodes five-six

We’ve reached the half-way point of our story and the theme of fate versus absolutely free will is having far more difficult. Although new backstory aids us have an understanding of our leads in the present, new kiss premonitions commence to guide not only their lips — but also their hearts.


We left off final week with a cliffhanger of Min-hu telling Ye-sool he has “one condition” that must be met ahead of they sleep with each other. This week starts in the identical scene, but we nevertheless do not understand what that situation is suitable away. The conversation is interrupted by Ji-young and then, even just after Min-hu shuttles her out of the constructing, it appears he loses his nerve to go over it.

Back at residence, this leads Ye-sool and Ho-woo to attempt to guess what the 1 situation is. Ho-woo thinks Min-hu could have an S&ampM fetish, which causes Ye-sool to have a drawn-out fantasy about Min-hu asking her to function-play and sign a slave contract (lol I’m crying).

At perform the subsequent day, Ye-sool tells Min-hu that the only explanation she desires to sleep with him is for the reason that she saw it taking place in the future. Now, anytime she sees him, she cannot concentrate. She thinks that when they get it out of the way, she will really feel far more at ease. Min-hu provides once more to do it that evening at his home so they can get back to feeling comfy about every other (uh, yeah, no challenges with this strategy).

That evening, even though, rather than really having to it, they do a staged run-by means of of the massive occasion, with Min-hu asking for a play-by-play of the moves. Min-hu is in disbelief that he would act the way Ye-sool is describing. For instance, there is no way he would ignore it and retain kissing her just after they break his potted plant — affectionately named Jackson, haha.

Additional, Min-hu says he does not sleep with girls he’s not dating, and so, if Ye-sool desires to sleep with him, she must date him. That, it turns out, is his 1 situation. Huh? What the manipulation is going on suitable now? And why all the want to attempt to construct a future that is supposedly pre-determined? Difficult logic aside, just after placing the thought of dating out there, it is the thread that ties all the action with each other for the remainder of the episodes.

Ye-sool is not initially keen on dating Min-hu. To express this, she accepts Pil-yo’s 3-date present — although Min-hu is standing there to hear it. This escalates the creating rivalry involving Min-hu and Pil-yo, and also permits us to get far more insight into the Ye-sool/Pil-yo backstory.

On the very first of their 3 dates, Ye-sool and Pil-yo go camping and, in a romantic setup, he shows her his lauded film. Although he points out scenes primarily based on their history with each other, it is clear that he nevertheless has genuine feelings for her and desires to know why they broke up back in college. In flashback, we uncover out that each and every time Ye-sool and Pil-yo kissed, she saw him in a future connection with 1 of their classmates (getting a child and all). This led Ye-sool to pull away from him although simultaneously wanting to kiss him usually in order to confirm whether or not or not the future had changed.

From Pil-yo’s viewpoint, Ye-sool’s actions have been each hurtful and confusing (a quote from his film poster reads, “I shed tears each and every time I kiss you.”) For me, this complete sequence is producing Pil-yo really endearing just after a flat commence final week. It also explains Ye-sool’s encounter a great deal superior. Even even though Ye-sool thinks to herself that they broke up for the reason that they had a “miserable future with each other,” the reality is that her visions have been causing them to endure in the present. In that sense, her decision to break up is a sensible challenge, far more than a matter of avoiding the future. With horrible visions disrupting intimacy, there was no way for her to be pleased in their day-to-day life.

This backstory paints a potent contrast to the visions she sees when she kisses Min-hu. When Ye-sool all of a sudden remembers the visions she had the evening she drunkenly kissed Min-hu in the vehicle, the scenes are filled with laughter and kisses. The two are clearly in a connection — it is not just a 1-evening stand, as she had assumed from her prior premonition. Ye-sool promptly realizes that it is the very first time she’s noticed herself pleased.

The query of happiness becomes central as each and every time Min-hu asks about Ye-sool’s visions of their future with each other he desires to know, “Are we pleased?” Although we know the answer, Ye-sool is not prepared to admit it but. She gets closer to her feelings, even though, when her home is burglarized and Min-hu comes to the rescue. Afterward, he brings a crew to set up surveillance cameras and it lastly clicks for Ye-sool that he has regularly been attempting to take care of her.

Although Min-hu is explaining a thing technical about the surveillance program, Ye-sool asks if he likes her. He says, yes, and continues speaking tech. It is a sweet moment that appears to stun them each and they meet outdoors exactly where Ye-sool has a million queries. When did he commence liking her? And how could he yell at her at perform if he likes her? (lol, this show does not miss a beat with the jokes). He answers all of her queries matter-of-factly and asks when she is going to answer his.

But Pil-yo is there to hear all the things and quit her from answering. The two males then have a showdown for Ye-sool’s feelings at a bar, exactly where they trash-speak by utilizing adverse details they’ve heard about every other from Ye-sool more than the years. It turns out neither holds their liquor nicely and each pass out attempting to outdrink every other. With no 1 to drive Min-hu residence, Ye-sool requires him to her location and dumps him on the couch (Piggyback Counter: three).

When Min-hu wakes up drunk and flirty, lots of kisses take place and we get a shower of pleased visions of their future with each other. The subsequent evening, he asks her once more: are we pleased? And she responds: must we date? (Yessss! Will these two get on with it currently?! I’m biting my nails the tension is so higher.)

Apart from the expanding feelings involving Min-hu and Ye-sool (which are oh-so-beautiful to watch), 1 of the highlights this week is Pil-yo’s improvement as a character. I can really feel how a great deal he nevertheless cares about Ye-sool and how a great deal discomfort he is holding in. I do not want to see him and Ye-sool get back with each other, but I do want to see him heal and move on.

Also, providing him not 1, but two rivalries this week adds depth to his storyline. His contentious moments with Min-hu are laugh-out-loud funny, but he also gets positioned opposite Ji-young. She goes out of her way to get the aspect in the new Mopix vehicle industrial he’s directing (to be close to Min-hu), but she’s all incorrect for the idea he sketched of a 70-year-old man (ahaha). Considering that I uncover her so unpleasant, I’m hoping their rivalry will be satisfying to watch.

The other highlight is lastly having some queries answered about Min-hu’s previous. He goes to check out his extended-time physician to go over his altering symptoms — and the physician is Ji-young’s dad. This explains how Ji-young knows all about his skills (and can use that information to blackmail him into not cutting her off fully). We uncover out that Min-hu was in an accident as a kid and when he woke up his 5 senses have been heightened. Ji-young’s dad helped him understand to deal with the discomfort it causes him.

Having said that, the physician tells him that he cannot take the drugs he’s on forever or it will trigger brain dysfunction. He requirements to attempt to get manage more than his senses on his personal. Considering that his hearing is the strongest sense, he must aim to listen to sounds he desires to hear. We see this place into practice when Ye-sool gets switched to a distinct organizing group just after a photo of the new Mopix model is “accidentally” leaked. An individual has to take duty, and Ye-sool finds herself downstairs with Organizing Group two. Via the floor, Min-hu listens to Ye-sool crying and consoling herself.

An addendum on my favourite side couple: Ho-woo breaks up with Seung-taek when their seven days of dating are up. Each admit they like every other a lot, but that is precisely the explanation Ho-woo desires to break up — to finish it on a higher note.

Having said that, they meet once more when Seung-taek is greeting a new batch of healthcare students and Ho-woo is amongst them. (Was I not paying interest? When did they allude to her getting a healthcare student?) Regrettably for Seung-taek (who is beyond smitten), Ho-woo prefers if they act like they do not know every other so she can concentrate on checking “doctor” off her bucket list. Effectively, I gotta appreciate her for getting massive plans, but I also doubt she can resist Tae In-ho’s babyface for extended.

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