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So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for additional (or agonizing when there was no additional), and what created you want to throw your remote by means of the screen? Time to weigh in…



Presently covering: Yumi’s Cells two

Kiss Sixth Sense: This show is so significantly additional exciting than it ought to be — not only is it shot super fairly, but it has a great sense of humor, delivers the requisite squees, and the principal cast is more than 35! I didn’t recognize how significantly I required a story about characters not in theirs 20s till I got sucked into this 1. The premise is silly but it does not take away from the powerful characters and the exciting of the destined-to-fall-in-enjoy-with-grumpy-boss plot line that dramas enjoy so significantly.

Eve: If I continued to watch it would be to see what’s up with Lee Sang-yub’s character, and how deep he gets pulled into the mire, but sadly Eve didn’t give me the feels I was hunting for in the tortured/yearning/melo division.



Presently covering: Woori the Virgin, Why Her?

Kiss Sixth Sense: Discovered my new favored at the moment airing drama! I’ve been which means to get about to this 1, but I’ve been prioritizing the dramas I’d currently began. Effectively, not this week! I’m not caught up on Showtime Starts! mainly because I binged the 1st six episodes of Kiss Sixth Sense, and then — mainly because I wanted additional — I study all the out there chapters of the webtoon. Gotta say, I like the drama’s portrayal of the characters and story way much better. The female lead in the webtoon is also cutesy for my taste, and I favor Seo Ji-hye’s additional mature and sophisticated version of the character. I’m eagerly awaiting subsequent week’s episodes. Like, Business enterprise Proposal level eagerness.

Shooting Stars: I do not truly have significantly to say about this week’s episodes. I nonetheless want additional Ki-bbeum and Soo-hyuk (Please, please let us get a scene exactly where she’s his date to his brother’s wedding!), and I’m hoping our major couple’s connection goes public in the finale.

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