Park Eun-bin takes the case in ENA

June ten, 2022June 9, 2022

Park Eun-bin requires the case in ENA’s Extraordinary Lawyer Woo
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In our bustling month of premieres, we can not overlook ENA’s Extraordinary Lawyer Woo which stars the ever-adorable Park Eun-bin (The King’s Affection), along with Kang Tae-oh (Doom at Your Service) and Kang Ki-young (A Moment at Eighteen).

Park Eun-bin plays the central character, Woo Young-woo. Intelligent, vibrant, and curious in character, her point of view on the planet can from time to time be a small various, due to possessing autism spectrum disorder. The story follows her development as she begins operating as an intern at a significant law firm and encounters new challenges by means of each and every case she requires on.
Kang Tae-oh will be playing a law firm employee named Lee Joon-ho, whose job mostly includes assisting lawyers with their casework and giving help. Owing to his warm and affectionate character, he gets along nicely with other folks at operate and rapidly becomes friendly with Park Eun-bin as nicely.
Kang Ki-young requires on the character Jung Myung-seok, a senior lawyer at the law firm. He place his nose to the grind in order to succeed in his profession and requires a lot of pride in his operate. Becoming hugely devoted and accountable, Park Eun-bin gets placed below Kang’s management when she is hired.
Supporting cast contains Park Eun-bin’s father Jeon Bae-soo (Really like All Play), the head of the law firm Baek Ji-won (Snowdrop) as nicely as competing law firm companion Jin Kyung (Melancholia).
We also have Park Eun-bin’s bestie Joo Hyun-young (SNL Korea), Park’s college and operate colleague Ha Yoon-kyung (Hospital Playlist two), and Park’s fellow intern Joo Jong-hyuk (Happiness).
On the production side, directing is helmed by PD Yoo In-shik (Romantic Medical doctor Teacher Kim two) with scripts penned by Moon Ji-won (Innocent Witness). Extraordinary Lawyer Woo premieres June 29 on each ENA and Netflix.

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