Love All Play: Episodes 15-16 (Final)


Like All Play: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

As our tiny drama comes to a close, our couple faces some final hurdles. But possibly it is all aspect of a larger program, since somehow — provided some time to heal and a lot more probabilities to forgive — every person finds themselves proper exactly where they want to be.


My cheeks hurt from smiling so considerably — that is the reward this drama gave us in its final week, following pummeling our hearts (and Tae-yang and Tae-joon’s) for so extended now. Happily, the drama took its time to bring almost everything complete circle, and the gentle and organic route this took a lot more than produced up for the swift alterations in Joon-young and Jung-hwan final week. In other words, I’m a delighted camper.

We open up exactly where we left off: Tae-joon’s worked up the courage to ask Tae-yang to be his companion (for now, just in badminton), and it is swoonalicious. She rejects the present, of course, since she’s Tae-yang. But rather than self-flagellation mode, Tae-yang has changed a bit as soon as she’s been forgiven by Joon-young. She appears significantly less burdened her final arc is about understanding not only that she’s permitted to be loved, but that she’s also permitted to be delighted.

Tae-yang tries to do what’s proper and respectful when it comes to Tae-joon and his loved ones, but in her heart she’s dying to play with him. Joon-young, more than the telephone, provides Tae-yang the swift approval she seeks and although I’m nevertheless a tiny miffed at how somebody so cruel could adjust her tune so promptly, I also like what it says about forgiveness. As Joon-young tries to clarify to her nevertheless-terrible mother, as soon as she chose to forgive, it was so considerably much easier than she believed. A lot to my satisfaction, Joon-young will even later act as the crucial that alterations her mother’s heart towards Tae-yang — but we’ll get to that later.

Following finding Joon-young’s okay, Tae-yang agrees to be Tae-joon’s mixed doubles companion following all. And the smiles are coming back, people! There’s a tournament for our couple to prepare for, and cute dinners to have with Jung-hwan and Yoo-min (lol to the two girls saying their companion is cuter).

For Tae-joon, almost everything is riding on this tournament, and he tends to make it clear to Tae-yang that following it is more than, he’s going to confess to her. I like his directness it is the best match for that smile. But I digress.

Basically, so does the drama, since like final week, it provides a bit a lot more interest to our supporting characters, and we get to get pleasure from Seung-woo coming back for a final match (partnered with Tae-joon I like them collectively), and later, his sweet moments with Young-shim. I’m so delighted the drama gave these two a delighted ending they’re excellent collectively. And speaking of excellent collectively, so are Jung-hwan and Yoo-min.

Everyone’s busy coaching for the tournament, but the drama requires the time to provides us cute bonding moments — like our meteor shower thunderstorm. It is also overcast to see the meteor shower, but Tae-joon and Tae-yang share a moment collectively away from the group. She asks Tae-joon what he’ll want for… to win the tournament? Accomplishment? Happiness? But Tae-joon says without having hesitation that his want is to kiss her proper then.

It is storming alternatively of shooting stars in the sky, but Tae-joon boldly says that he’ll make his want come accurate on his personal, and this kiss is one particular of the most romantic moments our couple has shared. Squeeeee. It is also a good metaphor for Tae-joon, who utilised to be on autopilot, but now he’s got issues to fight for.

Tae-yang even notices this adjust in him, and we get a callback to how conveniently he forfeited a game at the opening of the drama. Now, they obtain themselves in the opposite position. Tae-joon intends to play, and had been playing, with his knee barely recovered, and when no one particular is searching, he limps and winces. He continues to play in spite of his doctor’s orders (and prevalent sense), but Jung-hwan’s turned into such a strong pal — we see him taking notice of Tae-joon’s knee and even attempting to quit him ahead of he injures himself.

Tae-joon refuses to forfeit the game, and is prepared to danger his knee, but alternatively an accident decides the fate of the Park twins’ tournament finals for them. The pair is squabbling awfully close to to the leading of a staircase — Tae-yang has discovered out how undesirable his knee is — and certain sufficient, she loses her footing and falls down the flight. The game is forfeited, but she sits with Tae-joon in the back of an ambulance with the greatest smile on her face: I saved your leg, she says gleefully.

I’d say at this point going forward is when the huge grin discovered its way on my face, and just refused to leave till the credits rolled. The Park twins get a silver medal by default (and the ever-adorable Jung-hwan/Yoo-min win gold by default), but the greatest treat is each of them in hospital gowns and crutches, operating about the hospital.

The group goes to pay a visit to them at one particular point, and in a hilarious reveal, Joon-young and Tae-joon each contact out, “Mom!” at the similar time — and just like that, the secret is out. It is all exciting and cuteness when the group realizes the truth, and I’m at the point exactly where I could watch the group interact all day and in no way get bored. How dare you make me care so considerably for all these characters, Show!

Tae-joon’s parents study that it was thanks to Tae-yang that Tae-joon didn’t bust his knee playing, and although it is not sufficient to adjust their tough-as-rock hearts — however — it sows crucial seeds. And here’s exactly where Joon-young assists, outright telling her mother that she’s normally been on her side and it is time she took Tae-joon’s. Preach it!

We jump a month ahead, and Tae-joon’s finishing his rehab and syncs up with every person once more. He’s dying to get back collectively with Tae-yang, but they agree to wait till he has a one hundred% probability for achievement.

And then it is time for a lot more exciting. We meet up with Coach Lee and Tae-yang’s dad drinking collectively once more — this time they’re not complaining bragging about their daughters, but their daughters’ like interests. Hilariously, we replay what the two dads did final time, with the boys rushing to the bar, each attempting to earn approval.

Jung-hwan’s circumstance is a tiny a lot more funny, showering Coach Lee with gifts although the Coach like-hates him, but Tae-joon’s is a lot more earnest — as it wants to be, considering that he’s the hero asking for the extended-suffering heroine’s hand. He kneels ahead of Tae-yang’s father to ask for his permission, and it is so good to see every person wanting Tae-yang delighted for a adjust.

The couple continues to be patient and wait, gradually winning more than the elders as spring turns into summer time. There was anything about the way this played out that I truly loved. Regardless of getting Tae-joon’s loved ones definitely not possible, I understood — and the story crafted it effectively — how considerably Tae-yang required their approval ahead of she could accept Tae-joon’s heart for keeps.

For Tae-yang, her journey was truly understanding that she was worthy of getting delighted, in spite of what had occurred in her previous. Even though considerably of her development was due to her circumstance altering, I liked that we saw her go from guilt and self-punishment to a point exactly where she was prepared to fight for her happiness and claim it.

Specifically touching was that moment for the duration of the tournament when a fan follows the Yunis bus to the stadium. Every person thinks it is a Jung-hwan fangirl, but when Tae-yang sees her… weep! It is her tiny sister (who we saw briefly for the duration of Tae-yang’s pay a visit to to her mother’s shop), and she’s holding up a Park Tae-yang sign and cheering her on — even playing hooky to do so. It is such a touching moment for the drama, and for our heroine, who went from isolated and ostracized, to loved and cheered for.

The Park twins have waited, and all that goodness and patience pays off. Tae-joon’s mother gradually relents, and possibly understands just a tiny bit how considerably bitterness she’s been bleeding onto every person. Our couple meets up and shares some killer smiles and an even a lot more killer embrace. Sigh, I will miss them.

As the drama ends, the Park twins get their second likelihood not only in like, but in badminton, and they’re off to play mixed doubles once more (opposite our other couple) at the tournament the following year. But it is not who wins that is crucial – and the drama knows that. The actual heart of the story is in what occurred to get these characters to that moment on the court, playing their hearts out collectively.

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