Woori the Virgin: Episodes 9-10


Woori the Virgin: Episodes 9-ten

Just when I believed this drama couldn’t get any far more chaotic, our adore story and murder mystery plots converge, and our top lady finds herself in the crosshairs of our story’s most illusive and mysterious antagonist. Will she and her family members make it out safely? And which suitor will be by her side?


Immediately after kissing Raphael and realizing it was, in reality, not a dream, Woori is flustered, and runs household and hides from her embarrassment below her bed covers — a move I located particularly relatable. She confides in Ye-ri, who is eager to reap the secondhand rewards of Woori’s prospective lengthy-term connection with Raphael, but Ye-ri also sets aside her daydreams of totally free spa remedies to be a voice of cause: Raphael has finalized his divorce, ideal?

Reduce to Raphael skipping out of divorce court. Ma-ri annoyingly insists that their connection is not more than, but as Raphael reminds her, the paperwork is filed and there ain’t nothin’ she can do about it. Ma-ri’s mother, nonetheless, has a distinctive opinion. She’s disillusioned into considering Raphael will come crawling back to his eye-catching ex-wife when he begins considering of “Little Raphael” and not his brain — just so lengthy as he does not have a different lady. Uhhhh, who desires to inform them?

Ye-ri tricks Woori into meeting with Raphael, which enables the two of them to clear the air and admit to liking a single a different. Tentatively, they commence dating, but Woori desires to take points slow. Sadly, their budding connection does not stay a secret for lengthy, and everybody has their personal opinion on the new couple. Whilst most of the men and women orbiting Woori and Raphael approve of their romance — even Duk-bae — Eun-ran has reservations. She’s nevertheless a bit biased towards Gang-jae, but she’s mainly worried that Raphael is Woori’s hormone-induced rebound connection.

Aside from Eun-ran, the only other men and women voicing their complaints are Ma-ri and Mi-ja. For some cause, Mi-ja cannot let go of her tenuous connection with the Diamond Health-related Facility, so she ominously suggests that Raphael’s interest in Woori is an extension of his affection for the child. If a thing takes place to the child — *sinister eyebrow wiggles* — then he will naturally drop interest in the child mama.

Ma-ri is uncomfortable with the thought of instigating a miscarriage, but she’s also spineless and does what ever her momma tells her to do. So Ma-ri meets Woori for tea and slips a poison in Woori’s drink, but then Raphael seems. He’s angry that Ma-ri is meddling in his present connection, and his anger causes Ma-ri to waver. She requires Woori’s untouched drink from her hands and throws it in Woori’s face. Raphael and Woori are appalled by her tropey villainous behavior, unaware that Ma-ri in fact underwent some character development and saved them from her personal poor choices.

Mi-ja is displeased, but Ma-ri tearfully explains that she couldn’t kill Raphael’s only likelihood of possessing a biological child. Incredulous, Mi-ja asks, “Do you in fact care for him?” Ma-ri is uncertain about her personal feelings, unable to voice no matter whether her choice was either the outcome of genuine affection or her establishing empathy and a moral compass — two points Mi-ja does not look to possess. In the background, Doo-pal saws away at his shackles applying a nail file he stole from Mi-ja.

Immediately after their encounter with Ma-ri, Raphael — behind the scenes, of course — arranges it so that Ye-ri and Woori accompany the rest of the drama’s crew to the east coast whilst they film on place. Ye-ri and Woori do touristy points for a whilst, and Woori is only passively suspicious that they’re not carrying out any actual function. Sooner or later, Ye-ri ditches Woori so they can “hang out separately,” which Woori hilariously suspects is code for Ye-ri is pooping.

In reality, Raphael is on standby, and he manufactures a likelihood encounter — subsequent to the phallic lighthouse exactly where they shared a kiss all these years ago. They go on a romantic date, and discussion naturally turns to the 1st time they met. Raphael is astonished to find out that he was Woori’s really 1st kiss, but his shock turns to embarrassment when he discovers that Woori caught him smooching a different lady — certainly not his cousin — the subsequent day.

He’s ashamed of his former playboy approaches, and his embarrassment grows when he finds out that Woori — regardless of possessing a vow of chastity — chose to carry the child. In light of these revelations, Raphael feels particularly unworthy of Woori’s affection, and he cannot shake the feeling. Not even Woori’s continual assurances that she’s fine with his previous make him see himself the way she does.

Whilst Woori and Raphael’s connection blossoms, Gang-jae continues his obsessive pursuit of the elusive Chairman Kim. Gang-jae brings in a drug professional to examine the secret space at Diamond Health-related Foundation, and he’s shocked to find out that the space was not ventilated adequate to cook up drugs. He tries to track down the workers involved in the building of the constructing, but following a single of them errors him for an intruder and knocks him unconscious, Gang-jae winds up in the ER.

Coincidentally, whilst he and Na-hee are at the hospital, their boss asks them to investigate a reported gunshot victim who sought remedy at the very same hospital. Turns out, the gunshot victim was the shady man who was lately smuggled into the nation on the shipping container. Mainly because his face was heavily bandaged from current plastic surgery, Gang-jae and Na-hee had been not capable to determine him from the CCTV footage, but fortunately he left a familiar seeking duffle bag and sunglasses behind at the hospital.

The man’s bandaged face, nonetheless, turns out to be a enormous break in Gang-jae’s case, and he realizes that Chairman Kim was performing plastic surgery on criminals and providing them totally new faces! If Chairman Kim has produced a company out of offering criminals with new identities, then he’s bound to have a record of their ahead of and following pictures. And if the police can get a hold of that list, then they can arrest a lot of negative guys who have been hiding in plain sight!

Gang-jae and his group comb via Ma-ri’s dead lover’s expense records, hoping they can obtain a lead now that they are operating with new details. That is when Gang-jae stumbles across the credit card record for Ma-ri’s necklace and realizes that a memory card was hidden inside of it. He rushes to retrieve the necklace from Ma-ri, but she no longer has it in her possession.

Ma-ri and Mi-ja accidentally found the hidden memory card on their personal and realized it would be worth a lot of funds, so they swapped the digital list with a file detailing their ransom demands. They then gave the necklace to Woori, and following announcing — actually more than the PA method — that Woori was in possession of the necklace, it was only a matter of time ahead of Chairman Kim came seeking for it. And if Woori got harmed in the process… whoops?

Gang-jae’s subsequent quit is Woori’s property, but he’s as well late. Woori woke up in the middle of the evening and located (the presumed) Chairman Kim rifling via her belongings. He requires Grandma hostage, and when Gang-jae lowers his weapon, Chairman Kim tosses Grandma aside. She falls to the ground, hits her head, and is knocked unconscious.

Gang-jae is torn amongst following his nemesis and staying behind to take care of Woori and Grandma. Immediately after a slight moment of hesitation, he chooses to carry Grandma to the hospital on his back, which appears like the worst way to transport a sixty-nine-year-old patient who has sustained a head — and attainable neck — injury. But, hey, I’m not a medical doctor.

Grandma’s vitals are shaky, and the medical doctors in the ER are not capable to give Woori and Eun-ran a satisfactory prognosis. Desperate for a miracle, Woori rushes household to obtain her Grandma’s unique rosary, which Grandma told her was blessed and had been passed down for generations.

Of course, the rosary has no actual unique powers. As an alternative Grandma loaned the rosary to Woori anytime she was troubled, and Grandma would eavesdrop on Woori’s prayers. She would then secretly support Woori from behind the scenes. (Ooof! My heart!)

Whilst Grandma is in the hospital, it is Gang-jae — not Raphael — who is there to support Woori and present a shoulder to cry on. And after once more, I located myself swaying to Gang-jae’s side as he attempted to comfort Woori with stories about Grandma preparing meals for him when he was on a stakeout.

I imply, I fully grasp that Raphael couldn’t promptly get to Woori’s side simply because he was stuck in a company meeting. And yeah, after he got there he employed his connections to have Grandma moved to a VIP suite, but moments like these do make it tougher to root for the demise of Gang-jae and Woori’s connection — specifically when you look at that all that harmonious history abruptly ended in the span of a couple of weeks simply because of Woori’s pregnancy. Children are deal breakers in relationships, although, and if Gang-jae is not prepared to be the baby’s daddy, then Group Raphael it is!

Grandma wakes up just in time to overhear Eun-ran swear that she will break up with Hyung-sik so Grandma can preserve dating his father. Grandma is petty adequate to hold Eun-ran to that guarantee — not that it genuinely matters simply because Eun-ran unintentionally produced her priorities clear when she answered Sung-il’s telephone contact but under no circumstances returned Hyung-sik’s.

Meanwhile, Ma-ri’s guilt has grown, and she’s also began to seriously query Mi-ja’s possibilities. It all comes to head when Doo-pal — who sawed via his shackles and escaped — grabs Ma-ri and holds a knife to her neck. He threatens to kill himself and take Ma-ri with him, and Mi-ja begs him not to do it. But then he stabs Ma-ri in the neck! Oh snap! Did… did this show just kill off Ma-ri?

No, no it did not.

Doo-pal stabbed Ma-ri with a retractable knife to prove to Ma-ri that her mother can stroll. The fake-out was a fairly great twist, and I’m curious to see what comes of Ma-ri now that she’s (hopefully) totally free of her mother’s influence.

Whilst Ma-ri has found her mother’s accurate colors, Gang-jae is operating on attempting to figure out Chairman Kim’s accurate identity, and ideal now his best suspect is Raphael. His theory is fueled a bit by his jealousy and protectiveness of Woori, but he has a couple of logical motives to suspect Raphael, as well.

Initial, Raphael has quick access to Diamond Health-related Foundation. Second, Chairman Kim’s criminal hiatus coincides with Raphael’s two-year battle with cancer. Third, when Chairman Kim attacked Woori, he wore a bicycle helmet and employed a voice modulator, implying that Woori most likely knew him and would have been capable to determine him from his voice. And ultimately, Gang-jae received a entirely unsuspicious anonymous tip to verify Raphael’s wall protected.

Gang-jae breaks into Diamond Health-related to take a peek inside the protected. Confident adequate, he finds a lot of dubious products, which includes the necklace that Chairman Kim stole from Woori. He convinces his boss to grant him a search warrant to come back legally the subsequent day, but when he unlocks the protected below Duk-bae’s watchful eye, he discovers that it is been emptied. Gang-jae demands to see Raphael, but he’s not in the workplace. He’s on a date with Woori.

And it is a cheese-tastic date complete of tropes that have a drama writer like Woori rolling her eyes and praying below her breath that Raphael will not be cringey. Not only did a wait employees of ten act as an audience to his adore confession — awk-ward — but then Raphael sat down at the piano. Just as he’s about to belt out his adore ballad and result in Woori to die from embarrassment, Gang-jae bursts into the space and tells Raphael that he is not, below totally no circumstance, permitted to date Woori.

This week’s episodes have left me feeling sort of like the wait employees in the closing shot: operating about with totally know thought of what’s going on. But I in fact adore the chaos and silliness, even if I do not totally approve of our story taking a enormous detour from the core pregnancy plot. It honestly does not really feel like the pregnancy is relevant any longer, and after once more, I lament not seeing other stages of hormonal Woori.

I have to give the writers props for maintaining me guessing, although, simply because all the craziness has muddied the waters so a lot that I cannot confidently predict the secret identity of Chairman Kim. Honestly, provided all the telenovela influences, I wouldn’t place it previous this show to have a dramatic reveal that Raphael is Chairman Kim following all. Consider about it: if Raphael was Chairman Kim, then the entire protected fiasco would have simultaneously discredited his adore rival and shamed the police adequate that they would hesitate to stick to up on any future leads pointing to him. Just sayin’.

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